women polo sneakers Designer Tips for All Shapes and Sizes

polo sandals Designer Tips for All Shapes and Sizes

Even a 5 lb weight loss can change the way you look in your clothes. It’s enough to make you wish there was a personal stylist living in your closet. We can’t help you there, but we can offer the next best thing: Award winning designer and TV host Isaac Mizrahi digs into his fashion bag of tricks and dishes out his secrets for looking stylish when you’re shedding pounds.

Q: What works for different body types?

A: Well, pear shaped women look great in soft shapes like empire line dresses or waist emphasizing looks.

Curvy women should stick to clothes that are well fitted. Excess fabric just doesn’t seem to work. Think form fitting sweaters and jeans, even if you have a few extra pounds.

Busty women should also stick to clothes that are form fitting. I always think busts are there to flaunt. I love busty women in dcolletage emphasizing ensembles! Be confident, and see that feature as an asset.

If you’re petite, it’s best not to have too much going on. Either a mid calf or longer skirt, or a shorter skirt to the mid thigh (or shorter!) will give length to the figure. And high heels, of course the higher, the better.

Women with boyish figures have an edge because they can get away with wearing anything. I think man tailored clothes are great for those women. Also, shift dresses without waists or dropped waist dresses look great on them.

Q: What are some universally flattering style tips?

A: I always think high heels are great; they add so much to a woman’s confidence, height and stature.

I like dark colors on people who are trying to look thinner.

Stay well groomed at all times: hair done,
women polo sneakers Designer Tips for All Shapes and Sizes
even if it just means getting it colored regularly; nails considered, if not manicured; and good underwear, even though no one will see you in it (or will they?). It sets the tone for the rest of your ensemble and can go a long way in creating a flattering silhouette.

Q: What should women do with clothes that no longer fit?

A: I think a major privilege a person who has lost significant amount of weight has is to ditch the fat clothes. It’s a new you, you’ve worked hard and you deserve new clothes! So, discard the “before” clothes! Recycle them! If you get a new pair of shoes and a new bag or two, those things can make the few new purchases go a long way.

Q: Any tips for how to stay stylish while dropping a substantial amount of weight?

A: I don’t think people should buy clothes while they’re losing weight. Only buy things that you know you’ll have no problem discarding at the end of the weight loss process.

Not too long ago, I went on a serious (Weight Watchers) diet with the intention of regaining the figure I lost when I gave up smoking four years ago. When I started the process, I was desperately in need of a few things, but I deliberately only bought two pairs of pants a black and a khaki pair three white polo shirts and three black ones in the bigger sizes. I relied on the few jackets that I already owned that fit me,
women polo sneakers Designer Tips for All Shapes and Sizes
until I hit my goal weight. Then I ripped those stores apart!