souderton water polo but no sound device

red polo dress but no sound device

i just recently reformatted my hard drive and i i just installed the sound card (Crystal WDM Audio Codec). But im still not getting any sound and it says it is working properly and. im confused. volume control doesn’ load with my computer, and when i select it from the start menu it doens’t open. when i open sound recorder i get this message, “Sound recorder cannot record or play back because a sound device is not installed. To install device.” blah blah.

so if you guys could help me. yeah would gladly recieve a thanks as a reward

take a clean hard drive, do a clean install of the O/S and driver (now the device works) and exporting the associated registry entries, then reattaching the old system and merging in the correct keys.

For any non WDM driver, one of the steps above would work. If the manufacturer makes a non WDM driver, Install that and the device will usually work properly. Do not let Windows Update try to install a newer driver or else it will break it.

I first saw this symptom when VIA Audio devices started showing up. If the WDM driver did not go in cleanly the first time, there was no way to make it work (short of wiping and doing a clean load of the O/S).

We had to install the PCI (non WDM) driver or use another sound card to get sound.

I have searched for a solution on the web to no avail, and would welcome any suggestions from people who have had this problem and made the WDM work. Lots of people want to give advice without actually experiencing the problem. None of their advice ever helps. So if you have a solution that has worked for you in the past to fix this, I would welcome your input.

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Diagnosis is some times a process of elimination, (twice), another person, I gave simple well know basic steps for trouble shooting installing new hardware, and you butt in argumentatively,
souderton water polo but no sound device
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You have a grand total of three posts, and so far you have not got off to a good start, you need to close your mouth, open your ears, shut the fk up, then maybe you will get a chance to learn something

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1) Standard Hardware Troubleshooting does not work for this specific problem.

2) I offered no theories but if you want one now, I think there is a fundamental deign problem with WDM driver installation mechanisms (usually manifesting itself in cases where there was other different hardware present, prior to the driver install. In some cases the existence of A PCI driver getting replaced by a WDM driver is sufficient.

3) I indicated things that have been tried in the past and failed, to hopefully gain some valid information (instead of posts where respondents just guess at the problem with a try this or a try that)

4) There are thousands of people who have this problem. A simple internet search will verify that. I have personally seen it on VIA audio, ATR Rage Theater Audio, some Crystal Sound Cards. To date, there have been no posts that provide a solution (other than wipe and reload).
souderton water polo but no sound device