ralph lauren polo shoes for women Burlington Coat Factory faces storm over Ivanka Trump products

polo outlet monroe Burlington Coat Factory faces storm over Ivanka Trump products

Ivanka Trump products have disappeared from the website of Burlington Coat Factory, a South Jersey based retailer facing calls for a boycott from critics of President Donald Trump.

But an online boycott campaign, grabyourwallet, said it will continue to target the Burlington Township based firm.

“Burlington Coat Factory has removed all Trump brand goods from its site but has made no public statement about brick and mortar locations, so it too remains on the (boycott) list,” the campaign said in a statement at its website.

A search of the retailer’s website resulted in the message, “We were unable to find results for ‘Ivanka Trump.'”

A representative of the chain’s parent company, Burlington Stores, did not respond to requests for comment.

But customers had plenty to say on the company’s Facebook page, which on Monday night had more than 40 posts about the issue.

Most were sharply critical of Burlington Coat Factory, contending the retailer had acted for political reasons and predicting dire consequences.

“This Deplorable will never shop in your store again,” wrote Doug Burdette, whose Facebook page identifies him as an Aberdeen, Maryland, resident. “I just wish the $400 plus I spent there for Christmas could be returned. Ivanka Trump is a good person.”

“Won’t be shopping at Burlington again,” wrote Theresa Fowler of Fort Worth, Texas. “Love Ivanka. Too bad you cast your lot in with the unbalanced liberals.”

Other people offered praise, and the two sides sometimes engaged in insult tinged exchanges.

“Love, love Burlington,” wrote Christina Aracelys Rojas Guzman of Yonkers, New York.

“If it didn’t sell, why keep it?” asked Taylor Harrell of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. “Geez people these days need to grow up.”

Burlington Stores, a Fortune 500 company, has 570 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico, according to its website.

The company’s stock closed Monday at $86.02 per share, down 59 cents.

The boycott effort targets more than 60 firms that are affiliated with the Trump family or sell products under the Trump brand name.

The campaign drew increased attention this month when Nordstrom said it would not carry the first daughter’s spring collection in its 349 stores.

That pleased boycott advocates, but angered Trump supporters.

The president criticized Seattle based Nordstrom in a tweet, saying his daughter had been “treated so unfairly.” A top aide, Kellyanne Conway, raised ethics concerns when she promoted Ivanka Trump products during a televised interview at the White House.

Nordstrom said it acted after sales declined for Ivanka Trump products.

“This decision was based entirely on business results,” a company representative told an irate customer in a recent post at Nordstrom’s Facebook page. “It was not a political decision.”

The Wall Street Journal, citing internal documents, said sales of Ivanka Trump clothing and shoes dropped by nearly a third at Nordstrom stores in the past fiscal year.
ralph lauren polo shoes for women Burlington Coat Factory faces storm over Ivanka Trump products

ralph lauren polo shoes for women DNC host Kevin Washo nails just the right look

polo diaper bag DNC host Kevin Washo nails just the right look

But the dandiness for which Washo is becoming known around town is in the details. His navy blazer is tailored, not the uber stylish shrunken look. The slim fit trousers were plaid, flat fronted, and with a watch pocket. (How is that for sharp?) And the brown dress shoes? They were of the double monk strap variety, courtesy of Italian luxury brand Santoni.

“Here is the thing, I never want to look like I’m wearing a uniform,” Washo told me, sitting in his fourth floor office in DNC headquarters at 1900 Market St. “At first glance, you might not see anything too distinguishing. But when you peel back the onion, the pants are a little edgy, the shoes are a little edgy. That’s what I try to go for.”

This kind of effortless style takes a plan, and Washo has been working on his for about a month. In addition to getting his hair cut this week (to give it time to grow out) and splashing on a little Acqua di Parma, (the Democratic appropriate unisex cologne in the blue bottle), he’s done some prep shopping.

Washo bought three suits one Trussini and two Eidos off the rack from Boyds Philadelphia. He’s not a fan of custom suits or, for that matter, monogrammed shirts because, he says, that’s trying too hard.

But “Sergio,” one of the menswear specialty store’s in demand tailors, is in the midst of making sure Washo’s summer weight ensembles in brown, khaki, and blue fit to a T.

“It’s about being tailored, not shrunken,” Washo said, turning up his nose at the too tiny Thom Browne esque suits made popular by the Allentown bred designer.

“If it’s not tailored properly, it’s big trouble.”

It appears natty Philadelphia men likely headed to the convention are also following the tailored not tiny trend.

Alex Gushner, 26, is a buyer for men’s tailored pieces at Boyds, and son of co owner Kent Gushner. He said that despite the traditional July sales slowdown, he’d seen an uptick in suit sales this year that he’s pretty sure can be credited to the convention.

“We’ve been selling a lot of suits, jackets, shirts, and ties that incorporate patriotic colors,” Gushner said.

“And it’s been all about the high performance fabrics . . . that can easily go from day to night.”

Washo will likely move most of next week’s day to night wardrobe (he’s thinking he’ll average two outfits a day) into the walk in closet in his office this weekend.

The purchased at Boyds pieces will join a handful of other Eidos suits. He owns a half dozen suits made by the GQ worthy Italian brand. They generally average $700 to $1,200 retail, but Washo stressed that he does most of his shopping on sale.

Washo’s dress shirt of choice is Eton. Scattered on the floor of the closet next to his Muay Thai gym bag are a pair of Santoni shoes, white on white Vince sneakers (Washo is a bit of a self described sneaker fiend), and short black To Boots.

Tucked in the back of the closet is a coat hanger filled with solid knit ties, not the skinny ones from the 1980s, but the up to date wider stitched cousins. Pocket squares are mostly white, although Julie Coker, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, bought him a mint green one he keeps with his office stash.

Washo credits his grandmother who he says was always dressed to the nines in shirtwaist dresses and cardigans for instilling a fashion foundation reminiscent of Hollywood’s leading men: Cary Grant, Robert Redford, and, especially, Paul Newman.

“The guy could pull off anything,” Washo said. “He would pull things off the rack and look just as great in a T shirt as he did in a tuxedo.”

When Washo was a teenager, his style was neither grunge nor pocket protector nerdy, but more baggy jeans, Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210 appropriate. As he moved into his 30s, his professional look became tailored, with a dash of Theory’s soft simplicity.

Over the years, Washo has developed a few style rules designed to keep his look dapper. Chief among them: Belts and shoes must match. Ostentatious logoed belts are a no no, as is a popped collar on a Polo shirt.

And the only thing he wears every day is a yogi esque beaded bracelet. In the last few months, Washo’s 3 year old daughter, Gracie, has made him about six or seven, so they are heavy in the proud dad’s accessory rotation.
ralph lauren polo shoes for women DNC host Kevin Washo nails just the right look