polo jackets for girls New UH football head coach Nick Rolovich wants team to ‘live

us polo assn boots New UH football head coach Nick Rolovich wants team to ‘live

Can new UH coach change the culture?

Nick Rolovich named new UH head.

New University of Hawaii head football coach Nick Rolovich, 36, used the example of the many times he’s watched a Disney movie with his children to make a point of where he wants to lead the Rainbow Warrior football program back to a winning tradition.

Speaking at his introductory press conference Monday, he likened the team and program to “The Lion King’s” Pride Rock. “We were great once, we can be great again. We are all Simba.”

Rolovich was greeted with warm applause when he entered the room to meet staff and press for the first time as the school’s head football coach. He thanked his former UH teammates for reminding him that he “was meant to be a Warrior and made me want to be here today.” He thanked coach Brian Polian of Nevada, and former UH head football coaches June Jones, Greg McMackin and Norm Chow for their help and guidance.

Rolovich saved his final thanks to his family who helped him learn what “aloha” was when he first arrived in Hawaii back in 2000 “to treat people right, care about people, and respect the place where I am at the moment.”

He remembered walking out of Aloha Stadium on Senior Night and said he wants his players to experience what he did that night. “It’s a special place when it’s rocking,” he said, and emphasized he wants “the kids in the program to make the community better living aloha and playing Warrior and get back to our winning tradition.”

When asked how he was different compared to when he left the islands, Rolovich stated that “I never left in my heart. I learned a lot about recruiting and a different offensive scheme” but more importantly that “aloha works here and everywhere. You treat people right and being from Hawaii helped me on the mainland.

“I believe I would be back. I belonged here,” he said, and added that he feels “there’s a want to be great again and it’s my job to get that done.”

Rolovich’s plan for the UH football programAs for the particulars of the job, local recruitment starts this week and he said he’ll put together his coaching staff in due time. “It’sbetter to get right guys than quick guys,” wanting them to be “men of aloha” and becounselors and role models for the players.

As an offensive coordinator for Nevada, Rolovich often visited Hawaii to recruit players. “There’s good talent in the state,” he told KHON2. “The best part about a local player is their mindset, is their toughness, is their ability to be unselfish. It’s how they’re raised and the Polynesian explosion of players is all over the country. It’s not just their physical tools, it’s their values that make them a positive impact on teams.”

Rolovich says he will search for those intangibles in his own players.

Rolovich says the most pertinent task is building a culture among the current ‘Bows, then bring in a new crop in the class of 2016. He will stay in Hawaii through the week before hitting the road to recruit.

“There’s a lot to do. I’m excited for it, I’m ready for it. I’m ready to roll,” he said.

As for decision making, Rolovich says he’d like to be aggressive. “I want to be able to evaluate the talent we have. I want to give this team the best chance they canto win. I think going to Nevada gave me a much wider range of offensive ability.

But in the end, Matlin said,
polo jackets for girls New UH football head coach Nick Rolovich wants team to 'live
“We got the guy. Dick Tomey told me, I spoke to him a few times in the last month, and he said ‘When you know, you’ll know.’ After I met with him in person, the second time after the interview, I knew.”

Matlin calledRolovich’s plan impressive: “You don’t put that plan together in a week. You put that together in years and years of preparation.”

Matlin said when he broke the news to the team last week,”You saw a lift in everyone. They seemed excited. I’m excited for our staff and our department,” he said. “People like Nick and respect Nick and people are happy he’s back here. People are going to support him in our department. You can see it already. That’s so incredible.”

Contract and salary detailsMatlin says Rolovich will be making $400,008 for the first two years of his contract, then $425,004 for the next two years, with a fifth year trigger at approximately $450,000 if he leads the team to a bowl game.

In comparison, former Rainbow Warriors coach Norm Chow had a base salary of $550,000, whileGreg McMackin was paid $1.1 million a year.

“I think it’s a very good compensation plan that makes sense,” Matlin said. “A lot of his compensation upside is for goal aligned incentives. So yeah, you can see that’s a modest payout in terms of the NCAA Division I head football coaches.”

That includes up to $80,000 if his team wins the conference championship game, and up to $1 million if they win the national championship.

Conversely, a buyout by the university in the fourth year would cost $150,000.

The university has had a string of costly buyouts and settlements, including Chow, McMackin and former men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold. Matlin says Rolovich’scontract was vetted by the university’s legal counsel.

“Athletics is an important part of the University of Hawaii’s core mission of education, and the University is pleased that Coach Rolovich agreed to bring his talents, background and reputation to the Manoa campus. Coach Rolovich appreciates the University maintaining his personal privacy and the general public’s understanding. Coach Rolovich has therefore decided to disclose the exact amount of his salary under his current employment agreement with the University of Hawaii at Manoa.”State Sen. Sam Slom says UH officials are moving in the right direction by sharing the contract details.
polo jackets for girls New UH football head coach Nick Rolovich wants team to 'live

hotel marco polo venice New federal regs worry truckers

polo collar New federal regs worry truckers

New federal safety regulations requiring truckers to install Electronic Logging Devices in their rigs by Dec.

The new regulations taking effect later this year require truckers to install the ELDs, as they are commonly known in the industry, in an effort to track hours truckers spend on the road and improve highway safety. The electronic devices would replace the long used and frequently abused paper logbooks truckers have relied on for decades.

But local independent truckers, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association and the South Dakota Truckers Association say they are opposed to the new regulations based on cost, extreme distances truckers face doing their jobs in rural America and, for livestock haulers, the perishable nature of their cargo.

Myron Rau, president of the 80 year old South Dakota Trucking Association, which represents 560 member companies in the state, said his organization opposed the new federal mandate passed two years ago.

“We were against it because we hate mandates,” Rau said from his Sioux Falls office.

While not opposed to measures designed to improve highway safety, at its annual meeting last month in Rapid City, the South Dakota Stockgrowers adopted a policy asking the state’s congressional delegation to help exempt livestock haulers from the new federal regulation.

“This rule is unrealistic for livestock haulers; these truckers for whom the clock starts ticking as soon as they get in the truck,” Stockgrowers Executive Director Sylvia Christen told the Journal. “They have to get there to the site, wait for loading to occur, and in western South Dakota, it’s a long way to anywhere.”

Federal transport regulations limit truck drivers to 14 hour days, with a maximum 11 hours of driving, and 10 hours of rest. When electronic devices signal a driver that it’s time to stop, doing so could put livestock in jeopardy, Christen explained.

“Hauling livestock is a different situation than what occurs with some other types of trucking,” she said. “When you’re hauling livestock, you’re not hauling boxes that can sit by the side of the road. When you have cattle on, they are a perishable item and those drivers need to be able to travel for long enough periods, sometimes unpredictably, in order to get those animals somewhere safe where they can be cared for.”

‘When I need a nap, I take a nap’

Larry Phillips of Phillips Trucking in Owanka has been making a living in his family trucking business since he joined his father shortly after graduating from high school. Today, eight family members, including his wife, two brothers, a nephew, and a sister in law, stay busy year round hauling cattle, hay, equipment, gravel and asphalt throughout the region.

“I think there will be an exemption for livestock haulers, but I don’t know how it will affect us,” he said. “When I need a nap, I take a nap no matter what the feds say.”

Phillips noted that “one size doesn’t fit all” in the trucking industry and that the realities of livestock hauling aren’t taken into account by federal regulators.

“This time of year, we’ll send a truck to Montana, meet a buyer at a certain truck stop, go out in the country and load calves,” he explained. “When we get to a ranch, they’re never ready, and we may sit there for three or four hours while they sort cattle, and the clock is running.”

Once loaded, a trucker may then have to drive his on the hoof cargo hundreds of miles to a packing plant, a feed lot, or the new owner’s pasture.

“You have to consider that you don’t want livestock on the trailer any longer than they need to be,” Phillips said. “And I have to do all that work in 14 hours. So if I start at 6 in the morning, I have to be done by 8 at night.”

Phillips said he hoped that President Donald Trump, a man known for his distaste of federal mandates, would work to quash the new ELD regulation when he learned of its potential negative impact on independent truckers.

“I’m hoping they just throw it all out,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rapid City’s Tom Sires of Tom Sires Trucking said he wasn’t as optimistic as Phillips that the federal mandate would be abolished.

“Everybody said this was a problem two years ago when they passed it, but they kicked the can down the road,” Sires said of industry response to the measure. “Now, they’re clamping down. “For us, I’m afraid it’s too little too late.”

Sires agreed that the requirements, which will be documented by the ELDs, aren’t realistic in the nation’s rural areas, where lengthy windshield time is the norm.

As a case in point, he noted that on Tuesday, the Phillip Sale Barn had 8,000 head of cattle on the block. When he arrived about 4 in the afternoon, there were 30 semis sitting in the lot, waiting for their consignments.

“You show up at the sales barn at 4 or 5 in the evening, wait for the sale to conclude, then you wait for the buyer to pay, you wait for brand papers to be processed, and then you wait in line to load up,” he explained. “You may not leave that sale barn until 1 or 2 in the morning, and sleeping is not an option, because you’re always waiting in line.

“Then, once you’re loaded, you actually have to go to work and drive 300 to 1,000 miles to Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma or Texas,” Sires added. “If you buy a $100,000 load of cattle, you don’t want them sitting by the side of the road. If you stop and sleep for 10 hours as required by law, you’ll have a bunch of dead calves in your trailer.

“Today a calf can run $850. If you lose a couple, you’ve worked that day for free because you’re going to be held responsible for them.”

Sires, who has a wife and child at home and another baby on the way, worries that the ELD mandate and increased enforcement may signal a career change in his future.
hotel marco polo venice New federal regs worry truckers

mikasa water polo ball nessus’s diary

us polo assn shoes store nessus’s diary

The opening is awful and unfocused. It spends almost half the movie introducing the squad. Some stuff with Deadshot working out. Shots of Harley Quinn doing weird gymnastics. And the entire aesthetic is awful, the pinks and greens, the “edgy” style. And goddamn, the music. They’re trying to ape the Guardians Of The Galaxy dysfunctional team of misfits thing, and then they go right ahead and use the exact same fucking song from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

So right off the bat, Harley Quinn should have had a Brooklyn accent. This seems obvious. I don’t know why they’d pick an actress who apparently can’t do one, or why they instructed her not to. It’s like one of her defining characteristics and it felt wrong hearing her without it. It wasn’t her.

This next point speaks more to a missed opportunity with the character in general, in all her appearances, but why the hell doesn’t she ever use her psychiatry skills? She’s a clinical psychiatrist. She has a doctorate. 8 years of her life. How did she go from that to little more than sex kitten? She’s insane, not stupid. She should be observing everyone, picking them apart, exploiting their weaknesses. I hate the overt sexualization of her character over the last decade but if you could maybe comment on that by having her strategically use it to her advantage and then suddenly drop the pretense, become stony faced, cold, efficient, ruthless, scary. I would have had her wear her Batman: The Animated Series jester outfit. It’s still sexy without showing any skin.

Will Smith’s nice guy Deadshot really didn’t work for me. I like him as an actor, but I don’t know if he can play a villain. And that’s what Deadshot is, he’s a remorseless contract killer who never misses. I would have gone with his classic origin story, where his abusive father was beating his mother when he was a child and he went and found a gun and tried to shoot his father but missed and ended up killing his brother.

Maybe also include his death wish tendencies, over the guilt.

Distill his “powers” down to the fact that he simply never misses. Make it almost preternatural. His costume usually ends up looking really stupid, so I’d base his wrist guns on the actual WWII Sedgley glove gun, and have his mask just be a plain black military ballistic mask. Make his outfit more or less practical military/special forces.

Despite it being a fairly major departure from the comics, I think I’d actually keep the Ringu esque version of Enchantress. I liked the creepiness and the weight it brought to her early scenes. I’d go almost full on horror for the character. Play up how ancient the entity is, describe it as being a demigod driven underground during the last ice age. The whole “The Enchantress” magic word bit could be June Moone translating an inscription in the tomb which awakens the goddess.

I’d have the movie cold open with the boardroom scene where Waller demonstrates the power of Enchantress. Make it seem mundane and grounded at first, a meeting at a government agency,
mikasa water polo ball nessus's diary
low pile grey commercial carpet and conservative shoes, someone pouring coffee, lots of ums and uhs as they go over reports. Then the appropriations committee guy is all rightfully skeptical, talking about slashing Waller’s budget. Then Waller has Enchantress do her thing (though I don’t think I’d include the Enchantress’ heart McGuffin; it muddies the waters, especially when it inexplicably ends up not working later on in the existing film). THEN Kubrick esque cut to bold title and credits sequence with the jail and find a way to introduce all the other characters more organically instead of the “zany” title cards.

I think I’d have Enchantress serve the same role that Katana does in the existing film, to keep the criminals in line during the mission. Then she turns on them when June Moone loses control of the entity.

Keep Incubus as the apparent villain before Enchantress betrays them and teams up with him. Definitely keep the shot where Incubus is standing on the tracks in the subway when the train pulls into the station and he bisects it and you see from his point of view the inside of the train cars as they rush past.

Keep the villains’ plan involving these ancient demigods reshaping the world, combining their magic with modern technology, but make it look way cooler, not just dumb boring blue glowy light. It should be all creepy and Giger and Akira style, and clockwork and intricate moving parts.

I wouldn’t have the Joker at all, pretty much. Just a rictus grin in the shadows of his Arkham Asylum cell in flashbacks explaining Harley Quinn’s origin, but that’s it. Show how she became obsessed with the way his mind worked.

Yeah, could have been a good movie if DC didn’t so consistently display incompetence with their cinematic universe. 2017 01 08

I’ve noticed a dismissive attitude towards nostalgia and any media that taps into it. As though it were inherently superficial or shallow.

Similarly baby boomers like to bemoan the “extended adolescence” of generation x and millennials.

Memories are like stones in a rock tumbler. Every time you access a memory your brain edits it. Over time the rough edges are smoothed away and even negative experiences often acquire a sheen of poetic tragic significance.

I think a lot of us start to miss that as we get older, as we are confronted with harsh realities. We crave simpler times (however unreliable our memories might be), before we were weighed down by responsibilities. It might even account for the slide into conservatism many people undergo later in life. Romanticizing the past, yearning for it. Fearing the future.

Our past becomes a series of iconic images, places we can retreat to, where we can smell the dust, feel the grass beneath our feet, moments crystallized.

Earlier today as I was listening to Tegan And Sara So Jealous I thought it could be neat to make a post where everyone picks a handful of their favorite albums, and then describes the memories most closely associated with them.

So Jealous is experiencing that album for the first time at the listening station at the downtown a Sound, with its massive pillars and gilded ceilings. Another time sitting alone in the airport in San Jose, California listening to that album on my expensive Discman that had ridiculously good battery life, in the army surplus medic pouch I bought from the Ribtor Warehouse for a couple dollars.

I think there’s immense value in nostalgia. Nostalgia can bring joy (and the world desperately needs more joy). Stranger Things’ appeal is based almost entirely around it and it’s currently one of the most popular shows on television. For previous generations it was stuff like The Wonder Years.

As for the charge of “extended adolescence”, I find the notion that people are supposed to stop having fun when they get older positively horrific. What is the point of life if you can’t enjoy it?
mikasa water polo ball nessus's diary

black polos New report details Reno ties to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

us polo association watch New report details Reno ties to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

The noise vibrated like a drill, coming from inside a corner hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. At that moment, security guard Jesus Campos was on the floor to check a blocked fire escape door, and he heard that strange sound. Unbeknownst to him, it wasnt drilling, but the rattle of a gun.

Campos said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in an episode airing Wednesday “As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire. And at first I took cover, I felt a burning sensation. 2, 2017. Paddock owned the home on Del Webb Parkway in Reno’s Somersett neighborhood.(Photo: Andy Barron/RGJ)Buy PhotoThe Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released an 81 page report on Friday detailing information on gunman Stephen Paddock, who opened fire from his high rise hotel suite, killing 58 people and injuring 700 during an Oct. 1 music festival in Las Vegas.

More on Las Vegas shooting: Sheriff says no motive found; no charges expected against Paddock’s girlfriend

The report includes information on what investigators found when they searched Paddock’s various properties, including his Reno home.


1 October FIT Report 01 18 2018 Footnoted Las Vegas Nevada

Here’s a look at what we learned Friday about Paddock’s connection to Reno:

At the time of the incident Paddock was 64 years old. He owned residences in Mesquite and Reno and lived with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Paddock had limited law enforcement contact and no criminal history.

He worked alone when he decided to shoot at a crowd of concert goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival held at the Las Vegas Village concert along South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Danley, Paddock’s girlfriend, stayed with him in Las Vegas for a short time in early September. But during the time of the shooting, she was in the Philippines.

Danley had been described as a person of interest in the investigation but not a suspect. Shewas questioned shortly after the shooting by the FBI when she arrived in Los Angeles from overseas.

A document filed Oct. 6 and unsealed Jan. 12 by a federal judge in Las Vegas said the FBI considered Danley “the most likely person who aided or abetted Stephen Paddock.”

The sheriff said on Friday that no charges are expected against Danley.

While Danley was in the Philippines, Paddock transferred$10,000just days before the shooting.

FBI warrant documents also showed that Danley told investigators that they would find her fingerprints on bullets used during the attack because she would sometimes help Paddock load high volume ammunition magazines. after a mass shooting at a country music festival nearby on October 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A gunman has opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas, leaving at least 50 people dead and more than 200 injured. Police have confirmed that one suspect, Stephen Paddock, has been shot and killed. The investigation is ongoing. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
black polos New report details Reno ties to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

viano marco polo New Charlottetown location for non

marco polo loreena mckennitt New Charlottetown location for non

When Karrie MacDougall clients first walk into her store, their heads are often hanging down, but they always leave with their heads held high.

MacDougall is the founder of First Impressions, a non profit organization that provides women in need with quality clothing, footwear and accessories, at no cost.

MacDougall, a youth worker, recently moved First Impressions from Brackley Point Road to the Hillsborough Hospital on Deacon Grove Lane in Charlottetown.

It is now in partnership with mental health and addictions and is staffed by seven volunteers.

MacDougall first opened First Impressions in 2015 following the death of her long time friend, Susie Coyle Warren.

was such a big helper of women and support of women, said MacDougall.

Warren was a legal aid lawyer and had a closet full of really nice clothes.

was a lover of clothes and accessories, said MacDougall, adding that her friend had about 137 pairs of shoes.

Instead of donating the clothes to a thrift store, MacDougall decided to do something meaningful help local women in need to dress for success with nice, gently used, free clothing.

MacDougall said she is selective in the clothing that is displayed at the store because deserve the best of the best. MacDougall first opened the store, it was to provide clothing for women looking to go for job interviews, back to work or school.

But since then, she has widened it to include a variety of low income situations.

had a bigger need, said MacDougall. long as they are trying to better themselves, we will help them out. said they also donate clothes to schools, nursing homes and the Hillsborough Hospital.
viano marco polo New Charlottetown location for non

polo puffer jacket New upscale outlet mall planned for west Tulsa

venice marco polo New upscale outlet mall planned for west Tulsa

John Stancavage: Tulsa retail real estate at a premium

OKLAHOMA CITY Woodland Hills Mall owner Simon Property Group is planning to a build a new upscale outlet mall in west Tulsa, a company official said Tuesday.

Simon Properties’ mall portfolio announced the project during the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Oklahoma Idea Exchange at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. 75 and 61st street, said Robert Alexander, senior vice president of leasing for the mall portfolio of Simon. The site has already been leased, though construction has yet to begin.

“We think the outlet mall will be great for the city of Tulsa,” he said. “The local government and chamber of commerce have been great to work with.”

Alexander said the design and size of the outlet mall hasn’t yet been finalized, though he expects it to be similar to Allen Premium Outlets in Allen Texas, near Dallas, only somewhat smaller.

Allen premium outlets has 100 stores, including Neiman Marcus Last Call, Adidas, Ann Taylor, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Coach, Gap Outlet,
polo puffer jacket New upscale outlet mall planned for west Tulsa
J. Crew, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, True Religion and others.

Alexander said he didn’t have any further information on the project, which is being undertaken by Simon’s premium outlet division. 75 and 61st Street.

Simon Properties, owners of enclosed malls and outlet malls throughout the country, also owns and operates Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa and Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.

Though Alexander said Simon is committed to its enclosed mall, the overwhelming majority of its current $1.7 billion development of new shopping centers internationally is focused on outlet malls.

“Our outlet group is bullish on the market,” he said.

Alexander said that while other malls have declined or remained flat during the recession and its aftermath, Oklahoma’s malls have performed well.

“I can tell you that year after year, the way we make our growth in the company is through Oklahoma,” he said.

Earlier this year, Simon completed the first major mall wide renovations at Woodland Hills Mall in nearly 20 years. The project included new mall entrances, updated restaurants and a new food court. Alexander said removing a small island of shops and restaurants between the food court and the rest of the mall was difficult, as it involved relocating tenants who had long term leases.

But he said opening up the space was worth it.

“We’ve had some Simon executives touring the space, and they were impressed,” Alexander said.

There are never,
polo puffer jacket New upscale outlet mall planned for west Tulsa
EVER any deals at these “outlet” malls. This is such a scam that Branson first cashed in on and now everyone follows. You really think these stores are going to pay to ship items they can’t sell in their main stores to “outlet” stores just so they can mark them down further?

The last real “outlet” that we had here in Tulsa was the Dillard’s one out in Eastland mall. You knew it was a real outlet because that place was a DUMP. zero overhead because they were really dumping old clothes that didn’t sell there. Another place that is a real “outlet” is Name Brand Clothing 1/2 of 1/2. But shopping addicts demand the stores look just as nice as the ones in the main malls so these paved over monstrosities were created. Tulsa should demand that half of the parking is a garage to maximize land use. But they won’t because they Wore themselves out to the almighty dollar.

how much are polo boots New Ford Fiesta 2017 review

tan polo shirts New Ford Fiesta 2017 review

Despite its age the old Ford Fiesta was still a formidable force in the supermini class, so by addressing all that car’s weaknesses Ford has delivered a car that’s in strong contention for class honours. The biggest improvements revolve around the cabin, which now boasts genuine premium appeal and all the technology and connectivity you’ll need. It’s also roomier than before and, crucially for a family car, safer. The fact that it’s as good to drive as ever is the icing on the cake.We’ve seen it on the motorshow stands and been up close and personal during static photo shoots, but after months of waiting we’re finally going to get behind the wheel of one of the most eagerly awaited cars of 2017 the all new Ford Fiesta.The newcomer certainly has some big shoes to fill because, even after eight years on sale, its predecessor still had a firm hold on the top of the sales charts, plus it continues to set the class standard for driving fun. Best superminis on sale right nowHowever, Ford bosses are acutely aware that upmarket models such as the VW Polo and new SEAT Ibiza have edged well ahead of the Ford when it comes to quality, refinement and infotainment features that supermini buyers are increasingly placing at the top of their shopping lists.So in an effort to maintain its place at the cutting edge of this cutthroat class, Ford has left no stone unturned in pursuit of small car success. Now in its eighth generation, the Fiesta has been treated to a welcome dose of upmarket appeal, a raft of hi tech additions and a much needed boost in practicality.There’s also the addition of high riding Active version and a luxurious Vignale flagship, plus the familiar Zetec and Titanium guises. However, it’s the popular five door ST Line trim we sample here, with the most powerful 138bhp version of the familiar 1.0 litre three cylinder EcoBoost petrol the same unit is also offered in 99bhp and 123bhp states of tune. Later in the year sees the arrival of a new naturally aspirated 1.1 litre triple, while diesel fans have the option of a 118bhp 1.5 litre TDCi. Finally, there will be an all new 197bhp three cylinder 1.5 litre turbocharged petrol for the scorching ST.At a glance, the new Ford Fiesta looks very similar to its predecessor (which is no surprise given its based on the same Global B platform), with the familiar trapezoidal grille, swept back headlamps and rising waistline. The biggest departure is at the rear, where the larger, horizontal tail lights help give the Fiesta a more grown up look.ST Line models get an extra dose of kerb appeal, however, courtesy of a bespoke bodykit that comprises deeper front bumpers, side skirts and a tailgate spoiler. Yet look past the familiar lines and you’ll notice the Ford is a fraction bigger than before. Not only is the Ford 71mm longer and 12mm wider, there’s an extra 4mm in the wheelbase; all of which adds up to a useful increase in cabin space.Climb aboard, however, and it’s not the extra room that you’ll notice first. While the exterior is a subtle evolution of the old car’s, the interior is something of a revolution. Gone are the cheap feeling plastics, scatter gun ergonomics and blocky, monochromatic screens, to be replaced by something far more modern that’s packed with premium appeal.The first thing you’ll spot is the large, tablet style touchscreen that sits on top of the classy looking dashboard. Our car boasted 300 sat nav upgrade with eight inch display (a 6.5 inch unit is standard), but all models from the Zetec up get Ford’s SYNC3 software as standard. This features crisp graphics and slick smartphone integration thanks to its handy AppLink set up, which bundles in Apple Car Play and Android Auto.Our car was also fitted with a powerful sounding 300 Bang Olufsen 10 speaker sound system. Elsewhere the Ford impresses with its soft touch materials and solid construction it’s not quite up to the VW’s high standards, with some harder plastics lower down in the cabin, but it’s very close.As before, there’s a decent amount of seat and wheel adjustment, which in combination with the perfectly placed pedals and gearlever results in an excellent driving position few superminis place the driver so squarely at the centre of the action.Thumb the starter button of this Titanium model and the three cylinder EcoBoost fires unobtrusively into life. Ford has worked hard on refinement, with improved soundproofing in the body and revised suspension bushes. As a result there’s less road roar on the move, while the engine is more muted for more of the time. Work the 1.0 litre hard and there’s some characteristic three cylinder thrum when extended, but it now matches the class leaders for quietness.This calmness in the cabin is matched by the Fiesta’s sophisticated ride, which felt supple and composed on the admittedly well surfaced Spanish roads of the launch. Yet even the occasional broken and torn stretch of tarmac failed to knock the smooth riding Fiesta off its stride. This is particularly impressive when you consider ST Line models feature a 10mm lower ride and stiffer springs and dampers.Fortunately, this more mature feel doesn’t come at the expense of the car’s focus on engaging driving dynamics; if anything, the Ford handles with more agility than ever. This is down to a combination of wider track (30mm at the front and 10mm at the rear), a slicker steering system and the adoption of a similar torque vectoring set up to the larger Focus.Turn into a corner and you can feel the reduction in resistance through the steering, which is lighter than before but delivers just enough feedback. There’s bags of front end grip and the nimble Fiesta locks onto your chosen line even when carrying plenty of speed through a corner. And excellent body control means that even mid corner bumps and rapid changes of direction fail to upset the Ford’s rock solid composure. Yet there’s a playful side to the Fiesta, meaning you can subtly tweak the car’s balance through a bend with combination of steering and throttle.The sense of fun is enhanced by the engine, which with 138bhp and 180Nm delivers decent performance and characterful growl when worked hard. Better still, all versions of this engine get a six speed gearbox for the first time. Not only does the extra ratio unlock a little extra performance Ford claims 9.0 seconds for the 0 62mph sprint the quick and precise shift action encourages you to swap gears just for the hell of it.However, drive with more restraint and the Ford is as easy to drive and live with as ever. The major controls are light and progressive, making urban excursions a doddle, while visibility is good, apart from the small rear window and thick C Pillars parking sensors and a rear view camera can be added for 250.Just as importantly, the Fiesta is more family friendly than ever, with the stretch in wheelbase freeing up an extra 16mm of legroom in the rear. As a result, it’s now a match for models such as the Polo and Ibiza, if not the spacious Nissan Micra. Lifting the tailgate reveals a fractionally larger 292 litre boot but a wider opening for easier access.Then there are the advanced new safety systems that are a must for any car aimed at family motorists. Emergency Assistance and lane keep assist are standard, while the options list features big car kit such as cross traffic alert (475) and adaptive cruise control with autonomous braking (200 500 depending on model).Yet while the Fiesta has the refinement and technolgy and even space to rival larger cars, it should still cost buttons to run. For instance, our 138bhp EcoBoost promises 62.8mpg at the pumps and emits just 102g/km of CO2, making it an attractive choice for business users. You can expect low servicing and insurance costs too.So it’s triumphant return to the top for the Fiesta, then? The short answer is yes, but there is a caveat. In standard guise the ST Line 140 EcoBoost will set you back a hefty 17,595, while our heavily option test car was closer to 20,000. However, it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that the entry level Zetec with the 98bhp version of this engine promises to deliver the same quality, kit, driving dynamics and refinement for a far more reasonable 15,445, while Ford’s keen PCP deals mean you won’t pay much extra a month to step up to the desirable ST Line.Key specsModel: Ford Fiesta 1.0T 140 ST LinePrice: 17,595Engine: 1.0 litre 3cyl turboPower: 138bhpTransmission: Six speed manual, front wheel drive.
how much are polo boots New Ford Fiesta 2017 review

black polo hat neutral restrooms cause concern among parents

colleges with water polo teams neutral restrooms cause concern among parents

Joanna O’Bear’s daughter will likely be one of the first sixth graders to walk the halls of Sky Ranch Middle Schoolin Spanish Springs when it opens in 2019.

Her daughter’s first day of middle school will be spent in brand new classrooms, in a brand new building, stocked with the newest learning tools and ideas. But O’Bear is among a contingent of parents who reached out to the RGJ with concerns over one ofthe campus’sgroundbreaking fixtures:gender neutral restrooms.

The newdesign means all students will share the same restroom space, with fully enclosed private stalls with lockable doors.

More education: WCSD approves $3.8 million to replace outdated language, math textbooks

More education: School board to begin contract negotiations with Superintendent Traci Davis

More: Traffic, water, schools: What you need to know about proposed Stonegate development

The district said gender neutral restrooms will be a fixture in allnew schools from now on. Two middle schools, Sky Ranch in Spanish Springsand a yet to be named campus in Sun Valley, and Nick Poulakidas Elementary School in the South Meadowsare set to open in August 2019. Department of Education as an example of how school districts should treat transgender students. It also mandates that students be acknowledged by their preferred pronouns and can keep their biologic gender private.

“It’s not about growth of that (policy), It’s about the climate and safety of all students,” said Riley Sutton, a district spokesperson.

Sutton said the new designs are instead based on “best practices and how bathroom design is going nationwide.”

Parents who reached out to the Reno Gazette Journal said they aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea of students sharing restrooms. But they’re concerned that the communal nature of the new design and the increased privacy the stalls afford could lead to issues.

“I have no issue with the sharing of the bathrooms,” said Brooke Sambrano, who has four children in the district ranging from kindergarten to high school age. “It’s mostly just the safety and the sanitation.”

The new restrooms, which will cost $500,000, will be fully enclosed, lockable and relatively soundproof.

Parents are also worried that the district’s effort to curb bullying might lead to more opportunity for it.

O’Bear pointed to thepotential for anxiety and embarrassment whilehaving a bathroom related emergency in front of classmates.

Young kids, O’Bear said, can be petty and insensitive about some of the more private things that occur in the confines of a school restroom. The lack of privacy in the new design could exacerbate this, she worried.

“I was there, I was a kid do you not remember what it was like to be that age?” she said. “It was miserable.”

What are the new bathrooms going to look like?The new gender neutral bathrooms will be strikingly differentthan parents and students are used to.

They’ll feature rows of approximately 10 stalls enclosed floor to ceiling. The stallsopen up to a communal sink area that is in full view of the public space it’sadjacent to. The stalls will feature insulated, lockable doors and their own fan and light fixtures.

At the middle school level, the restrooms will be located within view of the cafeteria and on each of the school’s two wings.

Sinks, which will be placed on a waist high pony wall, will serve as the only partitionbetween the restrooms and the outside public spaces.
black polo hat neutral restrooms cause concern among parents

long sleeve polo shirts for girls New Resale Concept For Women Opens In Chattanooga

polo club apartments stone mountain ga New Resale Concept For Women Opens In Chattanooga

The new Style Encore in Chattanooga is opening Thursday Jan. 7, at 2200 Hamilton Place Blvd. Designed by women, for women, Style Encore is part of a national resale chain that specializes in clothing and accessories. The store buys and sells gently used, clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories, among other items.

“Women like to have trendy, fashionable pieces in their closet for every occasion, so our goal is to make Style Encore the preferred store for fashionistas, bargain hunters and those who are recycling conscious,” said Kurt Morris, who co owns the Style Encore Chattanooga with his brother Ken Morris. “Style Encore provides women the resource to sell items they no longer wear, get paid cash on the spot and then turn around and purchase new items at a tremendous value up to 70 percent off regular retail prices.”

At Style Encore, consumers can expect a selection of the latest styles in casual and business attire from brands such as Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Chico’s, Coach, Gap, Talbots, The Limited and White House Black Market, among others. Kurt Morris added, “When you shop at Style Encore, you won’t feel like you’re in a resale shop. Sure, all the merchandise is different, but the store has a relaxed, fresh feel that you won’t find in any other secondhand retailer. Plus, we’ve organized our new Style Encore by size and color, so it’s easy to come in and find great deals.”

Unlike typical consignment stores, consumers can sell their gently used items all day, every day at Style Encore and receive cash on the spot. Plus, no appointment is needed to sell items at the location. Style Encore buys and sells items in “great condition that are a current style,” meaning they have been sold in stores in the past couple years. on Sunday. Senator David Perdue (R GA), a member of the Senate Banking Committee, praised “the most significant bipartisan rollback of financial regulations since Dodd Frank was enacted:” He said, “This regulatory relief is long overdue. Community and regional banks have been hammered by one size fits all government regulations enacted by Dodd Frank for nearly eight years. . (click for more)

Leadercast Cleveland 2018 To Be Sponsored By Little Debbie Snacks

The Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce announced Little Debbie snacks as the 2018 Leadercast Cleveland title sponsor. Broadcast live from Atlanta’s Energy Arena on Friday, May 4, and simulcast into more than 20 countries and 125,000 locations across the globe, Leadercast is the world’s largest one day leadership conference. “We are ecstatic to have chamber members . (click for more)

Rosemarie Hill Honored As Life Fellow Of American Bar Foundation

Nokian Tyres Appoints Clayco As Design Build PartnerNew Hamilton County Businesses

Grand Jury Indicts Woman In Fentanyl Death Of Harrison Man

The Hamilton County Grand Jury has indicted a woman in the Fentanyl death of a Harrison man. Susan Rebecca Hildreth, 37, is facing charges of second degree murder and unlawful sale of Fentanyl. She had prior charges of having drugs for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia and having contraband in jail. Ms. Hildreth pleaded guilty in December 2015 to meth charges . (click for more)

Dennis Clark Kicks Off State House Campaign With Listening Tour

Dennis Clark is kicking off his State House District 28 campaign with a listening tour. The tour will continue Monday at Washington Hills YFD . (click for more)

Latest Hamilton County Jail Booking Report

Corker, Coons Introduce Food For Peace Modernization Act Of 2018

Rossville Police Make Arrest In Copper Theft Oil Spill Case

Man Who Died In Tuesday Morning Fire Identified As Mike Pearson, 54

Problems With Right Of Way For Chick fil A

Re: East Ridge To Allow Developers Use Of Right Of Way For Additional Parking For Chick fil A Here is a fine example of why Red Bank gets an “Atta’ boy” (or Atta’ Girl) for looking out for their citizens and their own best interest. I was recently criticized for pointing out how Red Bank is separating itself from the other municipalities like East Ridge when I commented . (click for more)

Roy Exum: Some Amish Need Us

It was late on Sunday afternoon and foggy on Fredonia Mountain, this on Feb. 11 just past, when the methodic clomp of the horse’s hooves were overwhelmed by a screaming ATV four wheeler, this near Cola Cola Road. The ATV, reportedly driven by a 14 year old girl, slammed headlong into the back of the Amish buggy and the peaceful reverie of Raymond Beiler’s . (click for more)
long sleeve polo shirts for girls New Resale Concept For Women Opens In Chattanooga

us polo shoes New Clothes Line for Men program strives to dress local men for career success

coaching polos New Clothes Line for Men program strives to dress local men for career success

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When Bonnie Haluska worked as a rehabilitation nurse at Allied Services, she and her colleagues strove to restore their patients to “their fullest potential.”

The same holds true in her new volunteer capacity with Friends of the Poor. Only now, the intended effect is more psychological than physical.

Months ago, Ms. Housed in a converted classroom on the second floor of the former Marian Catholic School in South Scranton, the program provides quality donated clothing both new and used to low income area men in need of it for job interviews, work and special occasions.

According to Sister Walsh, clients will come to the program via referrals from local social service agencies, then set up an appointment to meet with Ms. Haluska, the project’s volunteer coordinator, at the space. From there, Ms. Haluska will help outfit them in professional dress attire, as well as business casual and work clothing.

The tastefully appointed space already has been stocked with hundreds of articles of clothing, everything from suits and blazers to dress, polo and golf shirts to khakis and blue jeans to sweaters and jackets. There are dozens of ties and belts; an area reserved for shoes, sneakers and work boots; and cubby holes well stocked with socks and undergarments.

And it’s not just clothes. Shampoo, razors, deodorant and toothpaste also are in abundance.

Ms. Haluska said she knows firsthand the importance of a well dressed job applicant. When she was assistant vice president of inpatient services at Allied Rehab Hospital, she interviewed plenty of them, and the appropriateness of their clothing made a big first impression.

Unfortunately, some people simply can’t afford an appropriate wardrobe, and that’s where a program like Clothes Line for Men serves a critical need. In fact, for pointers, Ms. Haluska and Sister Walsh consulted representatives from the local nonprofit Dress for Success Lackawanna, which provides a similar service for low income women.

“It’s all about human dignity, and really giving someone self confidence. Because if you look good, you feel good,” Ms. Haluska said. “Some of these guys, they need a second chance. They need to be the best they can be.”

A good part of the program’s success will depend on clothing donations from the general public. at the space.

Of course, monetary donations also are perfectly acceptable.

The goal, Sister Walsh said, is for each client to take away from his fitting at least three sets of good clothing.

“If they need more, that’s fine. Whatever we have, we give,” said Sister Walsh, noting Friends of the Poor has partnered with Scranton Lackawanna Human Development Agency’s Employment Advancement and Retention Network program on the project. “We don’t want to keep (the clothes) in stock. We want to get it out to them.”

Sister Walsh got the idea for Clothes Line for Men about two and half years ago, when family members of the late local attorney James J. Haggerty donated his clothes to Friends of the Poor. (Mr. Haggerty’s son, Matthew, is one of the CEOs of Times Shamrock Communications, which owns The Sunday Times; his widow, Cecelia Lynett Haggerty, is part of the company’s third generation of owners.)

“I was doing something in the pantry at the time, and I saw them, and I thought, ‘If we could just do something like that.’ That day, I was inspired,” said Sister Walsh, who has dedicated the project in Mr. Haggerty’s memory.

However, Sister Walsh decided not to put the project in motion until she found the right person to spearhead it. She eventually found that person in Ms. Haluska, who became a Friends of the Poor volunteer soon after retiring from Allied.

“As soon as Bonnie said she wanted to volunteer, I said, ‘I have a project you might be interested in,'” Sister Walsh said. “She got so excited and so enthused about the project. We started right then and there.”

They started collecting clothes in the spring, and St. John Neumann Parish allowed Friends of the Poor to use the old classroom rent free. Ms. Haluska and her niece spent the summer months cleaning, painting and furnishing the space.

The classroom’s cubby holes, corkboards and blackboards remain, but the room nonetheless achieves the feel of a men’s clothing store with its circular racks, full length mirrors, plush leather chairs, dressing room and well dressed mannequins.

“We wanted this to look like a men’s boutique,” Ms. Haluska said. “You want them to feel like they went into a store and it was a very dignified way to find clothing. You don’t want it to feel like it’s a handout.”

Ms. Haluska said there have been a few challenges so far, particularly in getting pants and suit coats in all sizes.

And the program needs volunteers, be it those who can give time at the space or iron or sew.

Already, the project has proven to be “a labor of love,” Ms. Haluska said. With any luck, she said, it will serve a vital need in the community.
us polo shoes New Clothes Line for Men program strives to dress local men for career success