polo boot sale Jenny Lauren fined for air rage incident on board Delta Airlines flight

polo fields golden gate park Jenny Lauren fined for air rage incident on board Delta Airlines flight

She told one female cabin crew member that she was ‘fg ugly’Lauren warned another that she was about to go ballistic, a trial heardWhen a pilot intervened Lauren turned on him and called him an ‘ae

The plane was delayed two hours and the diversion cost Delta Airlines 26,000 lawyer told the court that her client’s behavior was out of character

The court heard Ms Topping went to

brief her supervisor Jennifer Simpson at the top of the plane and Lauren, who was not a first class passenger,

nevertheless followed her through first class and in to the galley ‘at speed’ where

she ranted, roared and shouted incoherently.

Insp Kennedy said: ‘Passengers were getting concerned and standing up out of their seats. She

told the air hostess she was going to go ballistic and pushed the air

hostess hard and she hit her back against the wall of the aircraft.’

He revealed

her frightening experience continued with Lauren calling Ms Topping a

‘f ugly, blonde bh’ and Ms Simpson a ‘fat ugly, unhappy, blondeWhen a pilot on a rest break in the cabin intervened he was told ‘you’re an ae’ by the defendant, Mr Kennedy added.

The flight had to be diverted almost 400 miles back to Shannon Airport, with the abuse continuing for more than an hour until touchdown when Lauren was arrested by gardai.

Lauren, dressed in a black jumper, burgundy velvet skirt and boots, did not speak during the hearing and looked back to her friends for reassurance as the details were outlined to the packed courtroom.

On touchdown officers noted she was incoherent and smelt of alcohol, despite airline crew stating she drank little or no alcohol on board.

When arrested under caution at the airport she replied: ‘Can you say that in English please?’ She later claimed she thought she had landed in Spain.

More than 200 passengers and crew were on board the flight when the air rage incident took place.

The diversion cost Delta 43,158 US dollars (31,770 euros/26,269).

Ms solicitor, Sharon Curley, said that her actions on the aircraft were ‘bizarre’ and completely out of character.

She said Lauren has little memory of the incident despite only consuming three alcoholic drinks.

‘My client is extremely embarrassed and extremely upset by her actions,’ Ms Curley said, offering her apologies to the airline crew, passengers and gardai.
polo boot sale Jenny Lauren fined for air rage incident on board Delta Airlines flight