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Joan Laine Quick FactsBorn and bred in the UK of Jamaican ascent, Joan Laine moved to France at the age of 17 with her French boyfriend, whom she later got married to (and later divorced from). Joan then spent just over 20 years in France, working in diverse industries ranging from catering, insurance and finally the fashion industry working for Polo Ralph Lauren in Paris.

It was during her 11 years at Polo where Joan’s passion for change and transformation was brought to the fore, since she began intially in the warehouse making cardboard boxes and left as Retail Operations Manager for the Factory Outlets after spending four years in the IT department and developing in house training programs for the new integrated systems. During the last four years there, Joan spent a lot of time traveling around Europe for the company training managers and their staff on these systems for the Retail Factory Outlets division of the company.

On her own journey to self discovery,
golden gate park polo fields Joan Laine
Joan began to discover that the world of coaching, life coaching, business coaching, in fact coaching in general was vast and that there were many people who called themselves coaches who were not and others who were coaches but who had not gone through any qualifying processes. She developped the desire to bring structure to her own coaching business and has been enrolled in the CCI training academy since 2008, using the Consciousness Coaching (R) method developped by founder, Marc Steinberg to coach her clients.

In addition to coaching, Joan provides personal development workshops through her company Tau Pi. She has developped the company to offer services structured around people development,
golden gate park polo fields Joan Laine
which she is now extending throughout various aspects of her network by creating strategic alliances with other quality service providers. To this effect she is developping her own online network called headstart PBS. She has created a coaching forum on the site and is currently in discussion for mentor coaches to provide support services to Tau Pi.