club room polo Articles about Breast Cancer

5.11 tactical polo Articles about Breast Cancer

Mercy soccer to host breast cancer awareness games Saturday against IND

By Glenn Graham October 16, 2013

The Mercy soccer team is hosting its second breast cancer awareness soccer games against Institute of Notre Dame on Saturday to raise money and awareness. There will be food and snowball trucks on hand and sports auction and donation tables also set up to support the cause. Those who attend are encouraged to wear pink to show support in the fight against breast cancer.

Giuliana Rancic in “a really good place” two years after diagnosis

By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun October 9, 2013

Two years after Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer , the E! News anchor says she has “come to a really good place where it doesn’t take over my life everyday. The television star discovered she had breast cancer while undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments two years ago. We’ve gathered some of the more fashionable items so you can look stylish while contributing to organizations that aim to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for research that will help prevent, treat and cure it. All of these finds are just a few clicks away online. Pop a polo This preppy polo is a subtle way of showing your support. The latest post is from Shanti Lewis, a registered dietitian. The benefits of eating less meat? Decreased cancer risk, improving heart health, helping the environment, weight management and financial benefits are just a few. Unless otherwise listed all classes will be held in the Wellness Center, 10710 Charter Drive,
club room polo Articles about Breast Cancer
Suite 100, Columbia. Breast cancer, but what is it? What are common breast conditions such as fibrocystic disease, fibroadenomas, hyperplasias and what are the options for treatment. Tuesday, Sept. Surrounded by family and friends, she struggled for breath to extinguish the candles on her cake. Two years ago Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer . Genetic testing and prophylaxis might have prevented her illness, but unlike actress Angela Jolie, her financial resources did not allow her to take the $3,400 test. In a unanimous decision, the justices said Myriad Genetics did not have exclusive rights to the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes that are linked to significantly greater risk for breast cancer and thus should not be the only company allowed to test for it. Walker, The Baltimore Sun June 12,
club room polo Articles about Breast Cancer

club room polo Business Casual

nautica polo shirts Business Casual

Editor’s Note: The 20 40 60 etiquette women first answered this question in print in last Thursday’s Mood section. Here is the men’s take:

QUESTION: I was recently invited to a wedding reception in Oklahoma City. Attire for the event said “Business Casual.”

What does that mean? For men: Slacks or jeans? And silk shirt and jacket, no tie? Golf shirt and jacket, no tie? Casual shirt and tie, jacket? Golf shirt, no tie, no jacket?

For women: Slacks and pretty blouse? Slacks or skirt with a jacket? Church dress? Tunic top and jeans?

20s: Nick Tankersley, Web Editor, Newsok: The trick with business casual is dressing in a way that is comfortable but not to lead others to believe that you don’t have anything else clean to wear.

The goal is to be able to transition from fast paced office to some sort of outdoor recreational activity without much of an issue. That’s what the Dockers’ commercials would have me believe.

The way I decide business casual is a two fold process.

First, I think, what would I wear if I were going to a formal business meeting? Then I think, how would that choice be affected by a couple of whiskeys?

Tie? Nope, that’s getting wrenched free first shot I get. Any shirt requiring cuff links? Hardly, it’s like wearing cotton handcuffs. Pressed slacks can stay. If I feel like annoying myself every time I look in the mirror I’ll go with a polo shirt (just not for me); otherwise it’s a button up. The jacket is a toss up. I do enjoy a good jacket but it really is the first article of clothing to come off as soon as I get in the door. It’s like you’re just taking it to your workplace to hang up until it’s time to go.

Last are the shoes. No sneakers, sandals, high heels (unless you’re a woman or work in a really progressive workplace) or any shoe you would wear to protect your foot against some sort of farm accident.

If you’re not relaxed it’s not casual, if you feel comfortable enough to kick of your shoes and take a nap in the middle of the office then it’s too casual.

50s Clay Healey, owner, AIC Title Service, LLC: When asked about the proper attire for any given situation, I remember back to what my mama told me growing up: It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

With that said, “business casual” is easy: It is code for looking crisp, clean, neat and classic. You can’t go wrong with neatly pressed pants paired with a long sleeved, button down shirt or a fine wool sweater. Go home immediately and change if your outfit includes jeans, wrinkles or stains. A leather belt and shoes will quietly class up your ensemble. Ties are not generally recommended for business casual, but as this is a wedding, I would choose to wear a tie, or if no tie, at the very least a nice jacket. Compliment your hostess by arriving slightly overdressed. She has gone to so much trouble to make this a perfect event; help this gracious lady out by looking classy and stylish.
club room polo Business Casual