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Safe but prudent budget

Finally a balanced budget. It what we been waiting for. In many ways balancing a budget particularly with a sliver of a surplus at $1.4 billion is just symbolic. But it a symbol that matters.

High pollutant levels are being found in Metro Vancouver birds of prey such as hawks and falcons living in close proximity to people and urbanization, according to a new study published in the Science of the Total Environment.

In addition to Toronto and Vancouver, 24 hours also publishes editions in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal.

Serving the residents of Brockville, Leeds, Grenville, Lanark and South Dundas since 1821.

Bingo! Councillor proposes on live TV

A Chatham councillor called his own number during Rotary Bingo on Tuesday night.

Ethics in fashion for filmmaker

A man who sexually touched his younger sister has been sentenced to jail time.

Federal budget more about politics than economics, says professor

Finance Minister Joe Oliver first budget appeases older voters but asks future governments to pay the bills.

Jury finds McGregor guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping

A Peterborough jury has found Robert McGregor guilty of first degree murder and kidnapping. McGregor,
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29, formerly of Lakefield, kidnapped and killed his former common law wife, the mother of his oldest child, in 2011.

SAH staffing shifts often reflected employees counsel, hospital head says

Components of Sault Area Hospital staffing changes announced earlier this year often reflected staff counsel, says the hospital president and CEO.

Local politicians react to federal budget

If there one thing the local representatives of Canada three major political parties can agree on, it that federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered an budget Tuesday.

Hamilton Twp. hears 2014 policing report

The OPP is continuing to focus on analyzing motor vehicle collisions, assaults, fraud and mental health issues in Hamilton Township, according to a 2014 year end Hamilton Township Police Services Board report provided to Township council.

not taking a side,
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mayor says of Burl Creek issue

Orillia city council is throwing its support behind Oro Medonte Township as it navigates the controversy around events planned for Burl Creek Event Grounds this summer.

Gilcig charges dropped

The owner and editor of the Cornwall Free News had all charges and restraining orders against him dropped Tuesday.

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cheap polo sweaters Firefighter’s home burns after racist threat

Police arrested a former volunteer firefighter after he admitted to setting fire to the home of an ex colleague, who is the only black volunteer firefighter in an upstate New York town.

Two days before the arson, the victim Kenneth Walker said he received a letter in his mailbox. It demanded he resign from the fire department by the end of the week and that he leave the small town of North Tonawanda. The letter used the N word several times.

A fire broke out Wednesday afternoon while Walker and his family were away. Two cats in his apartment were killed and almost everything inside was destroyed, said North Tonawanda Fire Chief Joseph Sikora.

On Thursday, North Tonawanda Police arrested Matthew Jurado, 39, a former volunteer firefighter who lives across the street from Walker. He was charged with second degree arson and is to be arraigned Friday morning.

First look at 39 yr old Matthew Jurado. He accused of torching home of volunteer firefighter, Kenneth Walker. But he denied writing the threatening letter to Walker.

this point, we have a name that he provided us. However, we are still looking at the possibility that it is in fact he who wrote the letter. It could be this other person but that will be determined at a later date. he said.

The ex colleagues knew each other

The suspect told police that the fire was not race related, but that he was upset with the fire department after being removed from his position.

In July, Jurado had been removed from the fire department for not meeting the necessary training requirements, said Joseph Sikora, the North Tonawanda fire chief. But Krantz wouldn get into specific detail about possible motives for targeting Walker home.

The town fire and police department,
the polos gainesville Firefighter's home burns after racist threat
along with the FBI and the New York State Office of Fire Control investigated the fire and the racist letter, which shocked many in the city.

told everybody it appalling to think about what taking place, Sikora told CNN. city has never had an issue like this. Not in 26 years. Quite frankly it sickens me.

was everything that we owned and we pretty much have to start all over, Walker told CNN affiliate WKBW . have two young kids and trying to explain to our 4 year old that we have to move and go to a different house, it going to be a change for her, for us. outpouring from the community has been overwhelming. Residents have brought in food, money and clothes.

have a lot of pieces to put back together, Walker uncle, Robert Sands, told CNN.

we couldn take anything because there nowhere to put it. has been a volunteer firefighter at Gratwick Hose Fire Company for two years. He helps in medical situations, Sikora said.

A sign outside the fire department now reads, support Ken Walker. there on Sundays. He there on holidays taking time away from his family and sleep to answer calls, Bob Brennan of the fire company told WKBW. wish I had 20 more members like Ken Walker. the uncle, said the Walker family is holding up as best as it can.

doing OK. They holding it together,
the polos gainesville Firefighter's home burns after racist threat
he said. trusting the process that law enforcement will do their job and get them some answers.

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polo ralph lauren rain boots Finds Children’s Clothing Furniture Contaminated

A government inspection in Guangdong, the southern province in China and one of its manufacturing centers, found a significant portion of the children’s clothing and furniture are tainted and failed the government’s safety standards.

The officials found many of the items contain excessive amounts of harmful chemicals according to newspaper,
polo for toddlers Finds Children's Clothing Furniture Contaminated
China Daily.

The officials tested 60 pieces of clothing and found only 31 of them were safe for children to wear. Some of the clothing items contained an excessive amount of formaldehyde exceeding the legal limits. Some items reported false information in the raw materials used.

The testing of furniture showed even worse results, nearly 68 percent of the furniture tested contained excess levels of formaldehyde and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and chromium. Some of the furniture had mechanical flaws in them.
polo for toddlers Finds Children's Clothing Furniture Contaminated

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ralph lauren polo shirts for sale Film company casting roles in Native American film

From staff reports

A Michigan film production company is seeking actors for an upcoming movie that will be filmed on the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians tribal land in 2014.

The movie White Buffalo calls for numerous Native American and non Native actors, male and female, of various ages and physical descriptions. Acting experienceis preferred but not necessary.

The film is being produced by Boozhu Productions, a Michigan production company. at West Shore Community College Center Stage Theater, 3000 N. at the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Aki Maadziwin Tribal Community Center, 2953 Shaw Be Quo Ung, in Manistee.

According to publicity material about the film, Two Native American siblings embark on a quest to liberate a white buffalo from captivity, inadvertently fulfilling anage long prophecy. This journey becomes a tale of surprises,
polo grounds legend Film company casting roles in Native American film
twists, and deities. Austen has won numerous awards since 2011 for his screenplays Homunculus White Buffalo and Tornadic Activity.

Besides the main parts listed there is a call for several crowd scenes of Native Americans and general mixed crowds.

Shooting will take place in 2014 near Manistee and at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Fremont, Ind.

Producers said that those who are auditioning should bring a resume and a head shot if you have them. All actors auditioning for roles must sign a nondisclosure agreement and must provide

current contact information for potential call backs. You ll be asked to perform short segments from the script which you will be given upon arrival.

There will be casting for the following roles:

CRAZY BOB (Odawa) (20 29) . Joanie s older brother. Bandanna. Dated appearance, disheveled Rock n RollReservation look. Manic and obsessed. Worrisome. Wants to do rightthing but is conflicted about own culture and what it means. Takes care of Joanie after their mother has died.

JOANIE (Odawa) (16 25) . Crazy Bob s younger sister. Traumatized by missingmother. Balances Crazy Bob s manic behavior with silent sensibility.

NANABOOZHU (Odawa) (50) . Trickster Spirit. Buckskinclothing with ornate beaded designs; has a pair of rabbit ears protrudingfrom beneath an otter turban, elk feet. Goes instantly from comical andsilly to deadly serious and almost scary. Long gray hair. Supportive of his nephew.

SOPHIE (Odawa) (65), . An elderly Indian woman,wears hunting bibs and a flannel cap. Wise. Story teller. Comical andmatter of fact.

MARLA (Lakota) (20). Receptionist at Pine Ridge. Beautiful girl in CrazyBob s dream.

GRACIE (Odawa), (30s). Crazy Bob Joanie s mom.

LITTLE JOANIE (Odawa) (3 5 yrs old). For one very important scene.

TIBERIUS WHITE (60) . In a black cowboy hat whitesleeveless undershirt at first; wears a beaded fringed fancy cowboyjacket with bolo tie after. Main bad guy. Buffalo Farm owner.
polo grounds legend Film company casting roles in Native American film

polo ralph lauren factory store coupon fire in 1857 investigated after 3 men die in custody

conquest polo boots fire in 1857 investigated after 3 men die in custody

EDITORS NOTE: Three Nashua men had been picked up for being disorderly while out on the town on the night of Jan. 8, 1857. They were locked in cells in the basement of Nashua City Hall, then located at 120 Main St., the current block where The Telegraph office is located today. This is the second of a two part examination of what happened that night, and it is based on accounts published in The New Hampshire Telegraph.

“We believe the men were put in about half past twelve. At half past two (William) Saunders was asleep, but the Irish boys were singing and making some noise. Police officer Rand left the building at four o and everything was quiet then. He did not visit the cells, but if there had been any unusual noise there it would have been heard.” The New Hampshire Telegraph

The accounts report, “Mr. Hiram F. Flanders a police officer was the first person there, and unlocked the cells. He testified as to the condition in which Saunders was found. In the close confines of the basement holding cells, they had perished. A fire had somehow started.

“He was upon the floor partly covered with bed clothing, as if to save himself from suffocation.

“The alarm was given at about half past six in the morning, but how long the fire had been burning in the cells it is impossible to tell.”

The newspaper account is comprehensive and graphic.

“(John) Hudine was dressed, but his (unreadable) good deal burnt off, and his coat, vest, shirt and undershirt were burnt through in many places. (John) Sullivan had but clothing on. Both were badly burnt. His testimony in relation to the position of Saunders was not taken, though we understand he was found lying upon his face.

“The fire seemed to have caught in the east cell, occupied by William Saunders, and burnt through to the west one, occupied by the two Irish boys John Sullivan and John Hudine, though the west cell is burnt much the (unreadable) with the exception of two holes which are burnt entirely through the floor in the other.

“The west one is burned to a cinder pretty much all over, while the east one is not very much charred excepting overhead.

“Dr. Hammond made a post mortem examination of Saunders on Sunday. The face and some parts of his body and limbs were burnt to a blister, and his hair was somewhat burnt. His mouth, nostrils also show evidence that he breathed after the fire became so hot as to burn, but it is not probable that any consceiousness (sp) remained at that time. He found some small black and blue spots on one arm, but which had the appearance of having been occasioned some time before his death. Beyond this, there were no marks upon his person indicating anything like blows or violence, at any time.”

There was much conjecture and a few raised eyebrows as the investigation began. The newspaper followed through.

“That the City Hall should have been left alone from four o to half past six, with three men confined in the lock up, was an oversight, which every body sees now. But had no calamity resulted, it is probable that the same thing might have been done a thousand times, without exciting any remark, or being deemed hazardous in the least. It is a terrible lesson alas, that the wisdom which it teaches comes too late for the ill fated victims.”

As sad as it was, the gathering of evidence continued.

“One of the holes in the floor is close to the partition and the other feet from it near the middle of the cell. The ceiling on the partition burnt through from bottom to top,
polo ralph lauren factory store coupon fire in 1857 investigated after 3 men die in custody
and a plank is knocked off from the ceiling of the other cell, by which the fire probably communicated with it.

“There is no appearance of the fire having caught in the bunks, and we can hardly conceive of how the holes should have been burnt through the floor without some combustible material to assist (unreadable).”

The story proved newsworthy for several days through the cold month of January.

“Since making up our account last week, we understand that an iron kettle was found tipped into one of the holes burnt in the floor. This (unreadable) of the probable origin of the fire completely. We are inclined to believe that Saunders kindled a fire in the kettle to warm himself, without thinking of the consequences, and that subsequently, in his death struggle, from suffocation, perhaps it was tipped over, and the combustibles in it, falling on part of one side and a part on the other, burnt the fire hole in the floor. We do not think it possible that any of the three could have been alive when the fire reached them. There was no ventilation in the cells, and the progress of the fire must have been very slow, and being no escape from the smoke, they must have inevitably suffocated before the fire reached them. No less than seventeen witnesses were examined, but never light was elicited to the cause of the fire, beyond what was above stated.”

Apparently the former mayor, the Hon. Josephus Baldwin, who lived across the street, had other ideas. Could the fire have been set?

“Why, upon mere hearsay, does he set up a theory of implicating somebody in having set fire to the building outside of the cells, when by crossing the street he could have ascertained that there was no evidence at all that the fire was set under the cell?” the newspaper reported. “He could have seen that it was not possible to set a fire there, that the location of the floor timbers preventing that the timbers show no marks of fire there, and that the holes were burnt most upon their upper surface. We examined the cells again on Thursday with special interest to this matter, and we are confirmed that the belief we stated last week as to the origin of the fire, in which we are mainly corroborated by the verdict of the coroner inquest.”

As the investigation, and gossip, continued, the newspaper offered this to its readers:

“The great primal cause of this terrible tragedy is rum. That its victims were all under the influence of liquor is a matter as fully established as any fact can be. It demonstrates that everybody knew well enough before, that there are places in town where rum is dealt out to whoever asks for it, stint and mercy too. And this is another lesson to be learned from this awful event. We would not have been the man to have sold a glass of rum to either of them all the wealth that spirits bought and sold have ever earned.”

This fits with one take on the circumstances that brought Saunders to be placed in the lockup the man the fire was traced to.

“There has been a good deal of talk of a conspiracy among the police to get Saunders drunk for the purpose of arresting him. Isaac Eaton, late City Marshal, testified that he met watchman Case in course of the evening, who said that there was to be a ball at Franklin Hall, and that they were going to get Saunders drunk and get him into the lobby,
polo ralph lauren factory store coupon fire in 1857 investigated after 3 men die in custody
but Mr.

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To Stay Fit And Feel Good, Select The Correct SportswearToday as pollution and associated diseases are increasing by leaps and bounds, it has become very important to keep yourself fit by exercising on a regular basis. The clothes to be worn during workout better to say the sportswear is completely different from the other clothes. It enhances our personality and the look you get that can be earned through anything else. So, it is essential that whenever thinking is there to shop, you need to filter the search as the way you want to. There are many things that a woman is fond of. One of the major things that a woman is fond of our clothes. Knowing all these in detail will help one get the best outerwear for his or her planned activities. The online range offers the most exclusive collection for every woman irrespective of age and complexion. Much of the laurels for inspiring the birth of sportswear should go to Tennis. You can create the look you want for yourself,
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for a special event, or even to give to someone as a gift. Depending on various cultures there is Engagement, Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding,
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and reception. Such a swimsuit is suitable for a full figured woman the substantial crowd on the beach in a striking and appealing swimwear. One way to save money by just making your present wardrobe too looks far better. An individual clothes play a vital role in reflecting who they are.

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“My place is at the bottom of the mountain on this side,” Eric Lof said. “The smoke is blowing down that way. It’s down in the little valley where my house is, so I get to live with the smoke all in the house, all my clothes smell like smoke.”

Officials say the fire his low heat and it is also staying low to the ground.

“It’s still serious, but it doesn’t pose the same constellation of threats that a fire like they’re having in southern California has,” Clark said.

With the burn ban still in place, Clark says it’s important for all of us to do our part in protecting our homes from fire.

“Common sense prevails,” Clark said.

Crews have a containment line established along Highway 21 and to the east. Clark says as long as the fire stays inside the containment line, crews can keep it under control.
black polo hoodie Firefighters battle 2 wildfires around the Buffalo National River

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At first sight, it could be the catwalk equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes.

And though the lithe models sashaying down the catwalk on the first day of New York Fashion Week were at least partially clad, Kanye West’s debut collection for Adidas is not for the faint hearted.

From nude body stockings to see through skin coloured crop tops, the outfits were entirely unforgiving and strictly for the body confident. But while public opinion is still out, the bizarre ensembles do at least have one famous fan in the shape of Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

Scroll down for video

It should have been all about the models on the catwalk but naturally Kanye West ensured his wife (and muse) Kim Kardashian was the best dressed at his Adidas fashion show yesterday.

We not used to seeing Miss Kimmy K. in anything but form fitting designer duds, but we really loving this loose look on her. That Yeezy camo oversized jacket is everything! Unfortunately it not available to buy just yet though.

The reality star has definitely been bringing back this 1990 trend as of late she was spotted in a pair of Faith Connection camouflage pants just the other day. Take a page from Kim style files to nab her look with one of the picks from our edit below.

Both Saint Laurent and Rag Bone make high end versions of the trend or opt for a real deal with a Rothko jacket on sale for only $73.95! Our favorite item here at Fashion Finder HQ is a Levi mixed media camo bomber, which at $140.00 is also a style steal.

The 34 year old reality TV star liked the look so much, she even posted an Instagram photo of herself in one of the sheer ensembles, adding the legend:’My look for the Yeezy show!!!!!! Yeezy head to toe!!!!!’

Critics similarly seemed to enjoy Kanye’s latest fashion offerings with Vogue saying: ‘Kanye West’s New collection with Adidas lives up to the hype.’

The very fact that he had the fashion bible’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, and top designer Alexander Wang sitting front row at the show was testimony to to Mr West’s popularity.

In a review posted on the fashion magazine’s website they seem notably impressed at the fact that Kanye had managed to persuade Adidas to drop their traditional three stripe logo from his designs, a feat never achieved by their previouscollaborators.

They said: ‘Hems were raw and frayed, tops billowy, bottoms either skintight to slide into newly unveiled suede stiletto boots or cinched and ready to be tucked into aforementioned Boosts.

‘There were immaculate flak vests and officer sweaters that looked like they’ve actually taken shrapnel, and everything was said to be unisex.

Concluding: ‘On display, in rigid lines of expressionless youth, it was at the very least satisfyingly instigative for a line of sportswear.’

Fashion royalty: Vogue editor Anna Wintour attended the show posing her with Kim and Kanye

However much like anything Kanye does the show didn’t come without controversy.

From guests complaining they had to wait an hour in the cold for the event to start, to his daughter North screaming the house down mid show.

And of course Kanye, who is known for hisimpassionedand sometimes angry rants, couldn’t resist making a dig at the fashion industry, even whilst he was trying to impress them.

In an early review of the collection,Women’s Wear Dailycommented that Kanye seems to be, ‘perpetually running defense,
polo coats for men fine if you want to look like you've forgotten to get dressed
clearly still wounded by the criticism directed at his previous design endeavors.’

Indeed it was reported that he played a track over the top of the show telling his audience: ‘I want to create something better for you.

‘We have been limited. It’s bigger than who I am even in my present living. It’s about what when I was on earth what did I do to help?’

He went on to say: ‘I’m here to crack the pavement and make new ground.

‘There’s a lack of creativity in every fieldpeople are afraid to create. I want people to think awesome is possible.’

But did he manage to crack that pavement? Well, yes and no.

Kanye certainly hasn’t faced the same level of criticism that he has for his previousforaysinto the fashionworld.

Refinery 29 noted that Kanye’s collection probably would sell well saying: ‘It was a lineup of oversized jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and leggings, interspersed with Vanessa Beecroft esque nude colored underwear.

‘A camo parka that Kim Kardashian also wore was a highlight, and we thought the oversized backpack was a clever accessory that’ll probably make it into a healthy stack of editorials.’

He has also been praised for using a variety of models, notably men and women of different races, shapes and sizes.

polo outlet carlsbad Film Reviews Movie Showtimes

polo outfits Film Reviews Movie Showtimes

EVERYONE KNOWS the pose: the white suit, the tapered black polyester shirt, the right arm thrust up toward the rim of a mirrored ball. Diffused colored lights gleam through the Perspex floor below him. Next to him, two thirds his size and seemingly 10 feet away, is his dance partner, immaterial to his glory.

Thirty years ago, a British journalist named Nik Cohn published a June 7, 1976, New York magazine article titled “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night.” Decades later, Cohn had to admit that he had pulled the story of a dancing king right out of his fundamental aperture: “I made a lousy interviewer,” he told New York. “I knew nothing about this world, and it showed. Quite literally, I didn’t speak the language.”

Cohn’s confession of a hoax was too late to retrieve the article’s 1977 film adaptation, Saturday Night Fever. For two years, disco shook popular culture, until the backlash began and the mass burning of disco records in 1979 at Comiskey Park in Chicago.

Saturday Night Fever shows next Wednesday, June 21, at Cinema San Pedro a piece from a leaner, more serious age of filmmaking. What’s forgotten is the abrasive script by the manic depressive eccentric Norman Wexler; what’s remembered are the dry ice clouds swirling around the dancers’ feet and the long dance to “More Than a Woman” between Travolta and Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney), the girl with uptown dreams.

Still, the film isn’t even as redemption packed as Hustle Flow. Saturday Night Fever has far more in common with Mean Streets than, say, Thank God It’s Friday or even Saturday Night Fever’s putrid sequel, Staying Alive.

Travolta’s vulnerable adolescent Tony is a product of his Bay Ridge environment. Son of an unemployed construction worker, he’s trying not to get married too early. Annette (Donna Pescow), a zaftig neighborhood girl, clings to him, but he has no plans. (“Fuck da future.”) Walled up with a large and squabbling family, Tony is only really at home in front of his bedroom mirror. He and his posse of poly substance abusing mooks live for the nights when they can head for the 2001 Odyssey disco, to banter with the women.

You can always tell a true film sex symbol by the wrath he triggers in some men. In his heyday, the star of Saturday Night Fever, with his fine feathers,
polo outlet carlsbad Film Reviews Movie Showtimes
his pompadour and his lush pout, was familiarly referred to as “John Revolta.” Randy Newman may have gotten the ugliest, in his potshot song “Pretty Boy,” where he poses

as a thug about to stomp a Travolta type: “That dancing wop in those movies. . How ’bout it, ya little prick? How ’bout it?”

Critics argue that disco backlash was an echo of prejudice, that white boys shuddered at the brothers Gibb because their music sounded black. Some argued that hating disco was an acceptable way to vent homophobia: it was gay to enjoy dancing. (In light of the scene of Tony’s pals fag baiting passers by, note that the real life 2001 Odyssey at 802 64th St. in Bay Ridge later became the Spectrum, a gay club.)

But there were two other reasons disco faced such a backlash. Firstly, disco was dance music and had a license to be lyrically stupid, compared to Dylan, Joni Mitchell or even Led Zeppelin. (Cryptic stuff in there, about the bustle in your hedgerows.) The second reason for the revolt was more personal: disco looked like it would cost money. Say what you will about the 1970s counterculture, but they did adopt Thoreau’s maxim, “Beware of any enterprise requiring new clothes.”

If some of the disco loathers had actually bothered to see Saturday Night Fever instead of spitting every time they saw the poster, they would have learned it concerns lower class kids who work at hardware stores and drive cars with doors that don’t match. The film shakes off snobbery, like a bad dream. Tony finally escapes the narrow mindedness of his neighborhood and leaves his disco, a cockpit of prejudices.

How could such a poor man’s film have spawned the velvet rope, the dress code and the $7.50 cocktail? When the smoke of burning records cleared, disco triumphed. It morphed, it spread and it nearly killed off live music. What’s left is the film itself, showing for free next Wednesday.

Watching Tony, carrying the beat of the Bee Gees’ songbook in his every step, the pathetic Annette says, “I wanted to watch you come down the street. I like the way you walk.” The movie has lines like that, underplayed, unhyped; there are moments that have the awkward charm of a Jonathan Richman ballad.

Travolta squandered his star making performance by taking up a series of zeitgeist action figures: gym man (Perfect), cowboy man (Urban Cowboy), ’50s guy (Grease) and gigolo (Moment by Moment, maybe worse than Battlefield Earth). It’s no wonder that audiences began to think of him as a male Barbie, until a typically perceptive Quentin Tarantino put him back to work. In Saturday Night Fever, the clothes and the music may be dated. But here, Travolta is every adolescent’s dream of how he wants to be seen.
polo outlet carlsbad Film Reviews Movie Showtimes

polo gloves Fire Kills Atlantic Couple

polo shirt designs Fire Kills Atlantic Couple

What’s scattered across the frozen front yard of the Atlantic home is the remains of a devastating accident. The two victims were people known well throughout the community. Atlantic Volunteer Fire Chief Mark McNees said, “The neighbors heard a boom and we are seeing patterns here that don’t indicate a regular fire that something was up.”

In the morning, McNees is the mailman and he hasn’t slept since the fire call came out Wednesday night just after 10 o’clock. McNees is also the Atlantic Iowa Volunteer Fire Chief. He said, “In the basement we found a black, regular black pipe a natural gas line. It is in all the homes. It was broken and it had a lot of hangers of clothing that had been hanging on it. It was broken.”

Investigators say the husband and wife were trapped inside. The adult male was found in the back bathroom and his wife was found in the bedroom, unresponsive.

Chief McNees said, “There was a high flash heat that went through and all the smoke and burn was up top and not low. That indicated something went through there extremely quick, which is what trapped them upstairs with all the heat and the smoke. They didn’t have much chance.

“We did find a female victim in the back of the house, in a bedroom. Got her out and started CPR. Medevac took her to the hospital and they were life flighted over to Omaha. Second team in, came in on the front was able to knock down the flames and was able to get farther in and we found the male victim up in the bathroom on the second floor.”

Chief McNees said the pilot light from the gas stove was the likely ignition point to the explosion but added the investigation is still ongoing. The scarred home reveals the damage on the outside. A small sign remained reminding the community of the small business that helped the small town.

“It is a small town and people know them,” McNees said. “They have a taxi service here so they are well known in the community. A lot of people use them and it will be tough. There are a lot of people they know.”
polo gloves Fire Kills Atlantic Couple