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Paul Thomas Anderson belabored corset of a movie Phantom Thread in the world of 1950s English haute couture not about people, and it not about clothes. It about obsession, but only if you think of obsession as an insect like thing you can put under a bell jar, precious and still, rather than a wild force running through actual human veins. The picture, shot by Anderson himself, is beautiful to look at: It has a quietly lustrous, satiny finish, like a swath of antique peau de soie that been languishing in the dark, far from sun or air, since the Marie Antoinette days. It all so pristine and perfect that even just looking at it is probably an affront: Your eyeballs are sure to soil it. This is a curiously unreachable picture, most certainly by Anderson design. I felt discomfitingly indifferent toward it the first time, so I decided to see it again, just to make sure what I was feeling wasn actually a twisted kind of love. It wasn

Daniel Day Lewis stars, in what he has claimed is his last performance, as Reynolds Woodcock, the demanding, eccentric, fabulously named head of his own discreetly successful fashion house. His co creature in couture creation is his forbidding, astringent sister, Cyril (Lesley Manville, giving a glittering black icicle of a performance). She runs the business, managing the seamstresses who flock in every morning, and stands or sits at Woodcock side just about every moment, except in the bedroom. (Their thing doesn seem to be about that.)

Then an interloper arrives: While taking a break in the country, Woodcock meets Alma (Vicky Krieps), a sweet, unassuming waitress who pulls off the feat of memorizing his intentionally complicated breakfast order ends it with the Borsht Belt meets country gent capper some sausages. Woodcock invites her to dinner, then brings her back to the attic workroom of his cottage. There, he begins to make her a dress. His attention is both controlling and seductive, and Alma begins falling for this handsome stiffie of a swain. Woodcock brings her back to London to live with him (though it takes him a while to sleep with her, because their thing doesn seem to be about that). There, she becomes a combination of muse, companion and workroom grunt see, romance isn dead. Cyril looks on, shooting daggers, like Dame Judith Anderson in Rebecca. Alma, bewildered but also deeply in love, doesn know what she stumbled into.

We don either, which is supposed to be the point. Almost everyone who sees Phantom Thread before you do will, if they kind, murmur something about a thing don see coming. Actually, there a lot you don see coming, because so little in Phantom Thread makes any sense in terms of how real people even fancy, fictionalized movie people Ah, but that is the genius of the maestro Anderson: His movies are mysterious runes that we must ponder into infinity.

Or maybe not. There some pleasure to be had in watching Phantom Thread, one time at least. Much of the movie is very funny, intentionally or otherwise, like the way Woodcock barks at Alma when he busy sketching does a lot of sketching she interrupts him with a quiet offering of tea. She scoots out of the room, almost backing through the door, and he continues his tirade even as she retreats, forever stuck in the reality of the interruption. It hilarious. But why are we laughing? Time and again Anderson breaks the mood of his own film, and we supposed to scramble back into its gloomy, obsessive arms on our own. Are we the Alma to Anderson Woodcock genius? If so, that game is fun for about 20 minutes.

The performances are OK. In her early scenes,
world water polo rankings Final Turn Is a Stiff One
Krieps has a believable, dewy freshness: You can see in the flush of her cheeks all the life Woodcock is missing in his crypt of taffeta. Manville is steely and proper, and watching her clack through the house in her tasteful black heels is a kind of medicinal pleasure. As for Day Lewis, he actually seems alive in some scenes funny ones. But mostly he mannered to the point of seeming embalmed, and his much written about deep method dive into the inner life of a designer results in one signature gesture: He really good at holding pins in his mouth. As he measuring Alma for that first dress, he remarks that she has no breasts, and she apologizes, feeling that he judging her. my job to give you some I choose to, he says primly. Any girl with a brain would run a mile. Alma doesn which tells you where her brain is at.

Phantom Thread, no matter how you or I feel about it, is supposed to be an event. It Anderson and Day Lewis second collaboration, after their much admired There Will Be Blood. But even more important, it Day Lewis final film. The trumpets have been heard far and wide! Day Lewis is a great actor who, like all great actors, is not great in every film, and that only part of the reason I wish he stick around might he do next? Acting, done right, is hard work, and it can drain you. But why be so precious about it? If Day Lewis finds acting so dreary and tiresome, he really should just stop. You never saw, say, Alec Guinness, one of the great actors of his generation, making grand announcements as he drifted toward the door. He just kept going, but if he were to stop, you can bet he wouldn have advertised it in advance.

By now, you probably wondering, What about the dresses? Phantom Thread is about, supposedly, one man obsession with the multitudinous shapes cloth can be dreamed into, coaxed into submission by human hands with scissors, needle and thread. (You also need an iron, a detail Phantom Thread neglects, but never mind.) Anderson has said his script was influenced by the monastic drive of Spanish master Crist Balenciaga, but the gowns here have none of Balenciaga ingenious simplicity or inventive elegance. Woodock dresses have fussy shapes, rendered in stiff, rustly silks, though the colors dusty maroons, fondant lavenders, shimmery teals nice. (The costumes are by Mark Bridges, who has done terrific work in other Anderson movies, like Boogie Nights, as well as in pictures like The Artist.) The best clothes are the ones Woodcock and Alma wear in the country, around the time of their first meeting, belted woolen coats and soft shouldered jackets in windowpane checks. Unsurprisingly, they look happiest and most human when they wearing these clothes.

There no doubt Phantom Thread will be forever lauded as a great fashion movie, but I don think it even a good one. Its view of how fashion is made feels desiccated and airless, as if beautiful clothes can come into being only under a dome of oppression and anxiety. Anderson last film, the 2014 Thomas Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice, was as wired and weird as this one is claustrophobic and silly. It seemed Anderson a spate of making much lauded but emotionally stillborn films like The Master and There Will Be Blood turned a corner; instead, he appears to have painted himself right back into one. He can no longer make woolly, vital movies filled with feeling. He now has to make art, all stiff satin with very little soft,
world water polo rankings Final Turn Is a Stiff One
malleable tweed. And certainly nothing so wild and glorious as an unexpected spot of fringe.

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white polo shirt Fire ravages Gap warehouse in Fishkill

FISHKILL >> pretty bad. words from Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro summed up the situation at Gap distribution center in southern Dutchess County, where a building measuring almost 1 million square feet was ravaged by a massive fire late Monday and early Tuesday.

question is whether any of it can be salvaged, said Molinaro, who visited the site Tuesday. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Molinaro said. No cause had been announced as of early Tuesday evening.

State Police Capt. Dominick Chiumento said all employees who were on the job at the time of the fire were evacuated safely. One firefighter suffered a cut to his lower leg.

Fishkill Fire Chief Brandon Knapp said the blaze was difficult to battle because of its intensity and that firefighters had to pull back.

aggressive interior attack was made by firefighters, who were eventually driven out by deteriorating fire conditions, Knapp said at a Tuesday morning press conference. transition to a defensive attack was made, ultimately resulting in the deployment of numerous fire departments from Dutchess,
pga polo shirts Fire ravages Gap warehouse in Fishkill
Putnam and Orange counties. Tuesday, though crews continued to douse hot spots.

The building that burned, known as Building 2, measures 990,000 square feet. A second building on the Merritt Boulevard campus, called Building 1, is about 1.2 million square feet.

Molinaro said the burned building was used for distribution of online orders.

The executive said he and other county officials were at the site assess and assist the Gap in ensuring resources and options are available for employees. Sen. Charles Scumer and economic development leaders in an effort to get Gap back up and running soon as possible. The fire idled the entire operation, though Molinaro said employees still were being paid.

He said the building that wasn affected by the fire was closed Tuesday so it could be evaluated.

The Gap facility in Fishkill opened in 2000 and expanded a year later. The San Francisco based company announced plans in 2014 to add 1,200 jobs over a five year period and invest $96 million in the distribution center.
pga polo shirts Fire ravages Gap warehouse in Fishkill

marco polo summit nj Finding a lost pet

ralph lauren polo stores Finding a lost pet

A lost pet can be a stressful situation for both the animal and their family. Follow the steps below or watch our video for more information. Have you found someone pet? Learn what to do.

5 steps to follow when you lose a pet

Search the area in which your pet was lost: Walk or drive through your neighbourhood several times a day, especially early in the morning and at dusk when it is quieter. Call your pet name and try shaking a bag of their favourite treats.

Ask around: Talk to neighbours, store owners, joggers, garbage collectors, mail carriers and others. Ask them to be on the lookout for your pet. Your pet may be nearby but too scared to come out, even for you. Ask neighbours if you can search in nearby bushes, garages or sheds.

Try the power of scent: Place a recently worn piece of clothing or one of your pet favourite toys outside. Animals have a keen sense of smell and familiar smells can bring them home. For indoor cats, try placing their litter box outside.

Put up posters: Create an eye catching pet poster. You can make one for free when you create an account with the BC SPCA Pet Search. Include a photo, description of the animal, where they were lost and a contact phone number. Post these in as many places as possible near the area in which your pet was lost (grocery and corner stores; local parks; telephone poles,
marco polo summit nj Finding a lost pet

2.) Use the web

Post to social media: Use Facebook or Twitter to circulate photos of your pet. Include details such as the area in which they went missing, the day/time of the incident and your contact information. Encourage your friends to share the photo on their page.

Search online: There are websites dedicated to helping lost and found animals return to their guardians. On sites such as the BC SPCA Pet Search, you can create a free account to post a listing or search Found Pet profiles posted by fellow users. You can also search pets brought in as strays to select BC SPCA locations.

BC SPCA Pet Search (search found animals at the BC SPCA, create a free poster and a pet post)

Missing Pets in BC (search found animals and create a pet post)

Craigslist (search found animals and create a pet post)

Petsearchers Canada (pet detective and tracking service)

3.) Update your pet ID registration information

If your pet microchip, tattoo or license is registered with the BC Pet Registry, our provincial ID database, you can update your information online or contact our call centre at 1 855 622 7722.

If your pet microchip, tattoo or license is registered with a veterinary clinic or municipality, please contact them to make sure your information is up to date.

4.) Visit BC SPCA shelters, animal control and veterinary clinics

Often shelters have several animals matching your pet description. Visit the shelter every 24 hours rather than calling.

Check BC SPCA shelters: Find out if your local BC SPCA takes in stray animals. All stray animals brought to BC SPCA shelters can be found online using our pet search.

Check animal control (City Pounds): Visit your local city pound or call them to see if an animal matches your pet description.

Check veterinary clinics and animal hospitals: If your pet was found injured, they may be at a nearby veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

5.) Don give up searching for your pet!

Continue to search for your pet even if you think there is little hope. Many animals who have been lost for months or years have been reunited with their guardians.

Was your pet stolen?

If you have evidence that leads you to believe your pet was stolen, contact the police on their non emergency line.
marco polo summit nj Finding a lost pet

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dickies polo shirts files federal civil lawsuit

RACINE The family of Donte Shannon, 26, who was shot and killed by Racine police on Jan. 17 near 14th and Park in Racine has filed a federal civil suit against the City of Racine and the two Racine police officers involved in this case.

“The hardest part, I think, is knowing that he could have lived but they chose to murder him,” Karen Simpson, Shannon’s great aunt said.

The suit, filed by the estate of Donte Shannon, says “Shannon’s life was taken without lawful justification, by a reckless act and violation of his constitutional rights by two undercover police officers” Chad Stillman and Peter Boeck. It says the officers “have not been held accountable for their reckless actions despite the demands of a community struck with grief and sorrow.”

“Knowing I’ll never get another phone call, never having another conversation. Looking at his daughter knowing he’ll never be here for her,” Nakia Shannon, Donte’s father said.

According to the lawsuit, Shannon on Jan. 17 spent time at his home with his family on Grand Ave. in Racine, before leaving in his father’s vehicle to go get a haircut. He was pulled over by Officer Stillman and Officer Boeck, wearing plain clothes and in an unmarked vehicle. Shannon turned into a driveway in the area.

Shannon then exited his vehicle and took off running through yards crossing over Park Ave., where he ran into the yard of a home. At this point in time, the lawsuit says Officer Stillman and Officer Boeck fired multiple shots at Shannon, who was struck multiple times in his back and other areas of his body. He was pronounced dead while he was being taken to the hospital.

The lawsuit says the officers’ use of deadly force was “unjustified,” and says the officers “knew Donte from the neighborhood and knew he was not violent.” It says they “knew he was a runner, and he was running away from the officers, not toward them.” The lawsuit says “at no point did Shannon take any action that would justify the use of deadly force.” It says “at no point did Shannon pose an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm to justify the use of deadly force.” It says he “died from multiple, unnecessary gunshot wounds he suffered” at the hands of these officers.

As a result of the officers’ actions, Donte Shannon “lost the opportunity to grow up, get married, have children of his own and live the rest of his life,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit claimsShannon’s constitutional rights were violatedbecause the officers fired a weapon at Shannon without justification. It claims the City of Racine should be held liable as well as the two officers.

Officer involved shooting in Racine

Officer involved shooting in Racine

Shannon’s father told FOX6 News he counted 17 graze and bullet wounds on his son’s body.

“The use of lethal force just because someone is running away from you is not justified at any time,” George Argionis said. “We need to look at the circumstances.”

Town Hall meeting after deadly officer involved shooting in Racine

Town Hall meeting after deadly officer involved shooting in Racine

The family plans to file an order asking the court to preserve the evidence so their legal team can do its own investigation, separate from the DOJ probe.

Members of the community spoke out about this shooting, which has led to protests, on Jan. 22, during a town hall meeting at Racine City Hall. Some said this shooting was the boiling point amid broken trust with the Racine Police Department. Some asked that officers be equipped with body cameras.
marco polo timeline files federal civil lawsuit

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polo norte hialeah fl Fire Destroys Bozeman Family’s Home

BOZEMAN, Mont. The Ziegler family told fire fighters their smoke detectors woke them around 5 am. The two parents and 7 year old twin boy and girl made it safely out before calling for help.

When the eight fire departments arrived on scene, they say the house was engulfed in flames.

And, they said, extinguishing it was difficult.

“Access was difficult a long, narrow driveway up to the house” said Central Valley Fire Captain John Culbertson, adding “our water supply was challenging because there was no hydrants in the area.”

With no hydrants,
black and red polo Fire Destroys Bozeman Family's Home
fire fighters had to create a make shift pool and used water tenders to fill it up. They also pulled water from a nearby pond.

But then, other issues the roof collapsed in on the house.

“The extent of the fire didn’t allow us to fight the fire from the inside of the house” Capt. Culbertson said. “So it was a defensive operation, which means that we stayed outside and fought the fire and that was because of safety issues.”

They called in excavators to help clear out debris, so investigators could get inside and figure out just how a fire of this magnitude started.

Capt. Culbertson said the Zieglers told him the fire started in the garage.

“Once we get some of these hotspots out” Capt. Culbertson said, the investigators are “going to start their full investigation on the origin and the cause of the fire.”

The family lost everything in the fire, but Capt. Culbertson said thankfully, everyone was ok.

“The family is fine. They were alerted by a working smoke detector that’s how they got out” he said. “So,
black and red polo Fire Destroys Bozeman Family's Home
they were very fortunate to have a working smoke detector in the house and we remind everybody out there to make sure their smoke detectors are working check them frequently.”

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plus size polo shirts Final Woolworths stores shut down

Deloitte is now continuing negotiations to sell off individual sites, with stores in prime High Street locations expected to be reopened by other businesses.

It has held talks with other retailers about taking on the leases of around 300 Woolworths stores and hopes to sell off the Ladybird children’s clothes and Chad Valley toys brands.

Shopworkers’ union Usdaw said it was contacting companies who may be buying empty Woolworths stores, recommending they prioritise applications from the chain’s redundant staff.

The union said it was also working with other organisations to ensure the staff had the best chance of re employment.

General Secretary John Hannett said: “The union will also be in contact with local colleges, which will be offering free Skills for Life training.

“We will be providing as much support as necessary and would recommend all Woolworths staff to use JobCentre Plus and Next Steps to find alternative employment.”

The store closures follow a clearance sale which saw stock and fixtures and fittings being sold at discount prices.

Customers were able to buy items such as staff lockers and the metal baskets they were filling up with bargains.

As Glasgow’s Argyll Street store closed one shopper said she had picked up bottles of water for 4p, with another saying that despite buying some DVDs and CDs for “pennies” it was a “sad day”.

Professor Alan Wilson, from the city’s Strathclyde Business School, said one reason Woolworths did not survive was because it didn’t offer the quality of some other stores.

“And it couldn’t offer the prices that the discount stores such as Primark, Lidl and others could actually offer,” he added.

In the Lichfield store Patricia Douglas, 58, said shoppers had squabbled over the final bargains.

Mrs Douglas, from Hopwas, Staffordshire, said: “It is so sad to see the shop like this.

“Woolworths used to be the heart of Lichfield. It was the heart of every high street.

“We are all happy while we are getting the bargains but we won’t be so pleased when all the other shops are wiped out too,” she added.

The administrator would not confirm how much money had been raised by the sale but many stores have been cleared out by shoppers.

The chain’s first British store was opened by American Frank W Woolworth in Liverpool in 1909.

She said: “People in there are fighting to get at empty shelves, there is nothing left.

“I’ve been shopping at Woolies all my life. I remember going to the pick and mix when I was a girl and lately I would buy clothes for my grandchildren.

“There was always a bargain to be had at Woolies, I just don’t understand where it all went wrong.”

Woolworths is the most high profile UK High Street casualty of the economic downturn and ran into trouble this year after struggling under the weight of its debt.

Its problems were compounded when it was forced to pay cash while buying goods from suppliers because trade credit insurers were no longer prepared to cover its suppliers.
polo crew neck sweatshirt men Final Woolworths stores shut down

polo association clothing Fire rips through Bywater gallery and studio space

polo snapback hats Fire rips through Bywater gallery and studio space

Jacob Martin spent five years painstakingly renovating the building at 934 Montegut St. in the Bywater, turning it into a combined art gallery, studio space and home that he dubbed the Aquarium Gallery and Studios.

Early Wednesday, a fire so hot that it warped the plastic on a truck across the street ripped through the building, displacing him and several others who live there.

Martin said that earlier in the night he had turned on a number of clamp lights in a shed as he moved some of his boyfriend’s belongings into the house. and went to his room on the second floor of the two story, wood framed house. The gallery is at the front of the first floor.

“I went upstairs to sleep and woke up an hour later to flames,” Martin said. “I just heard the crackling. . Four minutes later, the first firefighters arrived on the scene 75 would eventually respond to find the shed attached to the house engulfed in flames, according to spokesman Capt. Edwin Holmes.

Flames already were licking up the left side of the building all the way to its roof, according to the Fire Department.

No one was injured, although one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. The Fire Department said the cause of the blaze is still under investigation.

Wendi Maloy, who lives nearby on Clouet Street, dropped by to tell Martin that she and other neighbors would bring clothes.

She said the artists who lived and worked there are well liked in the neighborhood.

Martin described his gallery as a “low key” affair that he advertised on social media and used to feature the work of friends in the city’s arts community.
polo association clothing Fire rips through Bywater gallery and studio space

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polo villas bakersfield Finding Effective Sun Protection

Recently, Tom Cruise former sidekick Nicole Kidman was quoted by the Associated Press as saying: “I wish that I hadn been born with red hair and fair skin” as she is concerned about the amount sun exposure and its direct link to an increased risk for skin cancer. She should know, too. After all, she hails from Australia where skin cancer is an exploding epidemic.Subsequently, Australia is the leading the world in heightening the quality of skin cancer prevention education and proactive sun safety behavior. Truth be told, skin cancer is the world most common cancer. Sun protective clothing, however, is a highly effective option for individuals to protect themselves from the harmful affects of UV rays all day, every day.If you consider that the average white 100 cotton t shirt is equivalent to only a SPF 6 (which provides about 14 worth of sun protection), clearly there is a need for light weight, functional, stylish, economical, clothing that also provides exceptional protection from over exposure to the sun.On the other hand, sun protective clothing blocks out more than 97.5 of UV rays (which is an equivalent to a SPF 30 sunscreen). This is considered by the Skin Cancer Foundation to be “the best of the best” as it were when it comes to effective sun protection. If you consider that a SPF 20 sunscreen is allowing only five out of every 100 UV protons to reach your skin; it is 95 protective, than sun protective clothing is quite simply the most revolutionary new product available on the market today for those looking for a viable, yet extremely effective, way to protect themselves and their loved ones from sun damage.Dermatologist oncologist, Sancy A. Leachman of the Tom C. Mathews Jr. when UV rays are most intense.SPF 30 sunscreen is also highly recommended for those of us who possess multiple risk factors for skin cancer such as blonde or red hair, blue or green eyes, fair or sensitive skin, many atypical moles, and even family history of skin cancer like Nicole Kidman. Wearing sun protective clothing, coupled with proper year round use of sunscreens,
polo factory store online Finding Effective Sun Protection
is the quite simply the best protection available, Sancy says. And her colleagues in the field of dermatological medicine agree.”Appropriate sun apparel should offer effective protection against both short term and long term photo damage [such as wrinkling, skin cancer, and even cataracts],” says Dr. In other words, effective sun safety apparel ought to protect against both UV B and UV A rays, and sun protective products such as those specially manufactured by Stingray in Australia, do exactly that.Stingray is the original sun protection clothing company to specialize in UV protection swimwear and daily attire for children and adults. “As a result of listening to the needs of our many customers, we are able to deliver products that take the out of the sun rays, says Wendy Lister, Managing Director of Stingray. “[People] are now getting the best possible UV protection.” Those living at high altitudes or near the equator, have the highest risk in for skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.Glen and Liisa Tomson, both natives of South Africa, know first hand the devastating toll sun damage can take on our health. “Too many times my wife and I will be at the pool, and see all these children running around sun burnt. Often, we offer shade [clothing] and sunscreen to the parents so they can better protect their children.” Glen and Liisa, in addition to being entrepreneurs and experts, are parents and realize the importance of instilling the practice of sunscreen usage and the wearing of sun protective clothing at a young age so as to develop a lifelong habit of sun safety behavior.In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that sustaining just one severe “blistering” sunburn before age 18 increases one likeliness of a future skin cancer diagnosis by an estimated 60 In other words, 80 of one lifetime skin damage occurs in the first 18 years of life. This is of particular concern the mountain states where high elevation exposes us to more intense UV irradiation.Dr. Leachman illustrates it best by saying, “Someone standing on the summit of Mt. Timpanogos [Utah] will burn 66 to 77 times faster than someone standing on a beach in Los Angeles [California].” Lechman adds, “Skin cancer incidence is increasing at an alarming rate here in the United States, so it is important that we all take proper precautions to protect ourselves.”The AAD solidifies Leachman remarks, reporting 1.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer this year. The risk is real,
polo factory store online Finding Effective Sun Protection
” Leachman says. “There is a real need for people to take necessary precautions and to teach patients how to advocate for themselves (in reducing their risk for skin cancer).”

detroit lions polo Fill it up with gifts for a child

custom design polo shirts Fill it up with gifts for a child

Christway church volunteers were ready to unload and load Tuesday evening.

That’s when a First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute bus containing between 700 and 800 shoeboxes stuffed with toys, hygiene items and clothing for overseas children arrived in the back parking lot in the 2900 block of South Seventh Street.

Their effort and generosity were part of “Operation Christmas Child,” which started its National Collection Week on Monday. It’ll continue through this week and conclude next Monday.

“We collected money and donations all year from our church family [for this project],” explained Lori Miller, a First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute member and volunteer. “We had a packing party last Sunday [involving about 100 volunteers]. We had everything out on tables and people went through and packed their [shoe]boxes, then we loaded everything up. . We do this every year.”

In a few weeks or months, Miller and other church volunteers will be able to see videos of happy children in far away countries opening their boxes.

“It’s wonderful,” Miller said. “Some of them go in by elephants and camels to remote areas to pick up their boxes. It’s amazing.”

Operation Christmas Child is a division of Samaritan’s Purse, which describes itself online as “a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.”

“We collect gifts to send worldwide to share the love of Jesus Christ with children in a tangible way, so we collect shoeboxes filled with toys, hygiene items, clothing, things of that nature, and we send them to over 100 countries,” said Marjorie Tate, coordinator for the West Central Indiana office of Samaritan’s Purse.

“They are distributed by national partners in those countries to children. They go to countries that are disaster stricken or poverty inflicted.”

This gift giving tradition started in 1993 and Samaritan’s Purse took it over in 1994.

“Last year, we collected 11 million shoeboxes [around the world],” Tate said. “This year’s goal is 12.5 million. . In West Central Indiana, our goal is to collect 10,271 shoeboxes.”

Shoebox drop off locations include Christway, 2901 S. Seventh St.; Oregon Baptist Church, 11200 S. Carlisle St.; Union United Methodist Church,
detroit lions polo Fill it up with gifts for a child
780 E. County Road 600 North, Brazil; Rockville Christian Church, 292 W. 36, Rockville; and Marshall Christian Fellowship Church, 15693 N. Illinois 1, Marshall, Ill.

You don’t need to bring 700 or 800 shoeboxes to be welcomed at any of these locations. One box from one person is appreciated as well.

Tate said last year her family’s shoeboxes went to four different countries South Sudan, Paraguay, Belize and Burkina Faso which they discovered through a tracking system that’s available.

“People can even print a label online to track their box, to find out what country it is going to be delivered to,” Tate pointed out.

For example, shoes and flip flops in kids’ sizes are fairly common items, Miller said.

“We like to ask people to put in a ‘wow’ item, something that’s really going to make the child say, ‘Wow!'” Tate added. “That could be a stuffed animal or a really cool toy. . Kids overseas love soccer balls.”

Please remember not to seal the shoeboxes, but using rubber bands to keep them secure is OK. Also, don’t include food unless it’s hard candy or water based items.

“They do check them at the processing centers once [the boxes] leave us,” Tate said. “The semis take the boxes to where they’re checked to make sure there’s nothing in them that shouldn’t be in there before they send the boxes overseas.”

She mentioned that all of these gifts are nice, but the gesture is not all about the gifts.

“It’s about sharing the gospel because that is the end result,” Tate emphasized. “The shoebox gift is a blessing to that child. But by sharing that box, you can become a missionary.”
detroit lions polo Fill it up with gifts for a child