polo baseball cap Burberry Group PLC shares rise on reports Coach Inc is lining up a deal

plaid polo shoes Burberry Group PLC shares rise on reports Coach Inc is lining up a deal

The blog Betaville claims that retailer Coach Inc (NYSE:COH) is talking to financial advisers, preparing a bid for luxury goods firm Burberry Group PLC (LON:BRBY).

The self professed “cheeky web site about deals” said two unnamed inside sources claimed Coach had been talking to financial advisers from Evercore for several weeks about a potential merger that would create a US$20bn luxury clothing behemoth.

Shares in Burberry rose 49p to 1,499p in London on the rumour; the Betaville report claimed senior executives from both companies had met over the summer to discuss a deal worth around 1,850p per Burberry share.

The British trench coat maker’s lustre has faded lately, after a slew of profit warnings, and with the value of sterling sliding, an opportunistic bid from an international rival sounds feasible.

Representatives for Burberry and Coach declined to comment when asked by the Bloomberg news agency, but the Reuters news agency found inside sources presumably different ones to the ones Betaville claimed whispered in its ear who, anonymously, poured cold water on the rumours.

“This is completely speculative. There are no negotiations underway, Burberry is not talking to Coach,” Reuters quoted one anonymous source as saying.

The other source was sceptical as the two companies pursued very different strategies, Reuters reported.

“Both firms have a strong foothold in China, where slowing demand has weighed on sales in the past couple of years, but have complementary business models in the US and the UK,” noted Jasper Lawler, a market analyst at CMC Markets.

Shares in Coach were off 0.5%, in line with the wider market, at US$35.74 in early deals.

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polo baseball cap Burberry Group PLC shares rise on reports Coach Inc is lining up a deal
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polo baseball cap Burberry Group PLC shares rise on reports Coach Inc is lining up a deal
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polo tavin boots Bringing the best dancers to teach in London

nike polo shirts clearance Bringing the best dancers to teach in London

In the world of dance, Kim O’Neill Del Guercio is used to excellence.

Winning dance competitions across the country and indeed around the globe was just the beginning for the 27 year old who also has appeared in the movies Save the Last Dance 2: Steppin Up and in the Disney movie, Camp Rock, while also being a finalist on the new hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

O’Neill Del Guercio even found the time to co own a local dance studio, but now, has decided this is the perfect time to step out on her own with the creation of the O’Neill Academy of Dance.

Serving as director and studio owner, O’Neill Del Guercio says she plans to bring the experience she has picked up from 24 years of dancing with some of the world’s best instructors back to the Forest City.

“I have been doing it my whole life; this is what I do. It is time to run something on my own. I have been doing this for 24 years now. It is really brand new; we just started about a month ago,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “The problem is, in the London dance community, once you hit a certain level, if you want to make a career of it, you have to travel places like Toronto, Buffalo, New York City, where there are teachers, where there are people who can guide you. My mom, Anne Marie (O’Neill), was a dancer, that’s where it started for me. But I want to make it easier for London dancers by bringing that level of teaching back here.”

O’Neill Del Guercio remembers travelling as far as California, England and Germany to get the training her mother felt would help her reach the professional level. Along the way, O’Neill Del Guercio says she has learned from and performed with some of the most talented dancers in the world, experience that can only benefit London dancers looking to follow in her footsteps.

“So the whole point of starting this kind of studio is that being a current, professional dancer in the industry, all those connections I have made, I have now and am bringing here to London. So the kids won’t have to travel the way I had to,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “You couldn’t do that without the connections. It is about networking. These are friends of mine who are travelling to London, on their day of the week, who are doing that because we are friends. We are there for each other. They are all from the industry.”

O’Neill Del Guercio says she believes the abilities possessed by the teachers at her studio will help London dancers take their own talent to the next level.

“I’ve been in the London dance community for a long time. I have judged for 10 years, I have taught workshops everywhere. There is a lot of talent in this city, but a lot of people don’t know what to do with it,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “In my opinion, a lot of these dancers are stuck. There is talent here; there are people who want to go on. And even if they don’t go on, they still want that fresh, new environment of learning that I got to have, and have it right here.”

In more traditionally thought of sports, like hockey for example, O’Neill Del Guercio says there are old school coaches who teach the basics in more of an old fashioned approach. It is that approach she also says her new studio will look to replace.

“We have that freshness. Our teachers are the people they (potential students) see on So You Think You Can Dance. They are the people they see in live theatre, in commercials, in movies. So not only is it a special thing to be able to train with them, they look up to them, they are role models,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “I wanted to excel, I wanted to do this, to please my teacher. There was a goal to have the expectations of that teacher met. It was a special vision.”

Not only does she have the dance background, but also being co owner of studio the past five years is something O’Neill Del Guercio says has prepared her for stepping out on her own. However, she is quick to say she is under no illusions that getting her business up and running or dancing will be a walk in the park.

“So I have the dance background and the business background. It is going to be difficult,
polo tavin boots Bringing the best dancers to teach in London
business is hard. But when you have the staff, when you have the product to back up your sales pitch, the teaching is the easy part,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “I hope for a good 100 students to start. It’s small, but I think realistic. It is something new here in London and not everyone opens his or her arms to change. It is like trying to change downtown London, it takes time.”

The O’Neill Academy of Dance is looking to host a grand opening at the end of August with open classes and workshops taking place through the month of September and normal programming getting underway the first week of October.

To help convince potential students that her studio offers a different approach to dance, O’Neill Del Guercio has created a weekly class system where people can not only sign up for the year, but drop in for an hour here or there if they prefer.

“We have classes all week long. Each of the classes are offered as a drop in class too. You don’t have to register for the year. A student at Western (University of Western Ontario), for example, who has danced their whole life, comes to university and is stuck with nowhere to go, can come take a class whenever they want. It will be that big city feel whether they are in school, whether they are dance teachers looking to keep their training up,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “It is very open. A lot of studios don’t have that drop in style. A full time dance teacher is not going register for a program because they are working. A university student isn’t going to do that because they are so busy all the time and probably working. So this gives them the flexibility to walk in, pay for the single class.

Another challenge O’Neill Del Guercio says the studio may face comes in no small part from its greatest asset, its teachers.

“There might be a couple of misconceptions because of the teaching staff we have. One would be that it would be too expensive and the other would be that it is only for the elite dancers. Those are completely false. Prices are extremely reasonable. Yes the teaching staff qualifications are through the roof. Really, those prices should be higher; they would be paying higher elsewhere. But I want to make this accessible to London dancers,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “Also, you don’t have to be an elite dancer to be here. There are programs for every type; whether you are an aspiring professional, a recreational dancer, a pre competitive dancer, a baby combo mini dancer, an adult, it is open to everybody. At a lot of places, you recreational dancers are not focused on, because they are rec. What I am trying to do though, even our recreational dancers will be getting that same level of training.”

And that level of training again comes back to the teachers O’Neill Del Guercio will be bringing to London. But not only will they be talented performers, O’Neill Del Guercio points out they are also her friends. “We work for each other. I do the same thing for them at other studios. People within the industry, we work with each other, work for each other, we still perform together. It is one big community.”

That community and all its inter related connections is what O’Neill Del Guercio says will ultimately benefit London dancers the most.

“The connections, it’s who you know. A lot of people have the talent, but what they don’t have is that first connection to get them through the door. The idea with this studio is that the teachers in the studio are the people who open that door,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “It is almost a cheat. Half of these people are auditioning themselves. They have their own companies. In the industry, your talent does not come first. It is who you know. By being taught by these people, who see you all the time, you get them asking you to come out and dance with their show, come and do this. That is something we never had coming up. I wish we had.”

Those open doors may help some London dancers reach their ultimate potential, but O’Neill Del Guercio says that doesn’t necessarily mean they will find themselves dancing on the Broadway stage or the movie screen. Which, O’Neill Del Guercio says, is just fine.

“Realistically, one percent goes on professionally. A lot of kids want to teach. To become a great teacher, you have to be taught by a great teacher. A lot just what to have a successful competitive season. So how do you do that? You have to have great coaching, people who do it themselves. There is no better training than being taught by the people who still do it, who still perform,” O’Neill Del Guercio says. “Even if you are a recreational student, a lot of the kids just want to come in and have a great time. Now you can come in and have a great time and look who you are being taught by. It is a new level of excitement, a new level of motivation. It benefits all areas and that is the whole idea.”
polo tavin boots Bringing the best dancers to teach in London

polo half zip sweater but does Amazon need the industrial Midwest

ralph lauren polo shirts on sale but does Amazon need the industrial Midwest

The industrial Midwest needs Amazon. But does Amazon need the industrial Midwest?

That’s roughly the theme of this analysis from Sara Potter, a vice president and associate director of market analysis at financial research firm FactSet.

Potter notes that of the 238 cities and regions that have bid for the $5 billion Amazon HQ2 project, five industrial Midwestern cities Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh stand to benefit the most, if selected by the e commerce giant.

Business Insider summarizes her case for them this way:

First and foremost, each of those five locations have populations of 1 million or more, as well as a median home price that’s below the national average, and an unemployment rate that’s above it.

And with the exception of Chicago, they’re all declining manufacturing hubs that could use a shot in the arm. Further, Potter finds that population growth in each of the five cities has lagged the national average since 2010.

Screening the 238 city list for these attributes, she arrives at the Rust Belt quintet.

Based on Amazon’s full wish list for the second headquarters , which includes factors such as “a stable and business friendly environment,” an “urban or downtown campus” and “a similar layout to Amazon’s Seattle campus,” Potter puts 15 cities into the mix, including three in Canada and southern cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham and Houston.

She concludes, “It appears that all 15 cities identified above have submitted bids, either related to their specific metro area or as part of larger state or regional proposals. Obviously, Amazon will base its final decision on a wider range of economic factors than we have isolated here, as well as the vision for the new site as described in the various proposals. But imagining the potential benefits of this move, while acknowledging the negatives, is still an interesting exercise.”

THIS AND THAT The New York Timesasked people around the country who make at least $200,000 a year what wealth means to them. Among the respondents: Rachel Talton, 52, founder of the Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership and CEO of Synergy Marketing Strategy Research in Akron, who says wealth primarily is about community, good health and service to others. “I know we are blessed financially because we have the freedom to do the things that we want not only today but tomorrow,” Talton, who lives with her husband in Richfield, tells The Times. Talton, who earned a doctorate at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, tells the newspaper that financial success doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it provides a kind of freedom. “Wealth means loving what you do and the contributions that you make,” she says. “It means being able to be financially free to do the things you love, to live the way you want to live. veterans and advocates this Veteran’s Day “are focusing on how to help victims of the crisis,” and one of the efforts is taking place in Cleveland. government and health care officials “have been struggling to stem the epidemic of overdoses, which killed more than 64,000 Americans in the 12 months ending last January alone, a 21% increase over the previous year, according to the Centers for Disease Control,” the news service reports. About 65,000 Americans died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. One effort to address the issue has stalled in Congress: the proposed Veterans Overmedication Prevention Act, sponsored by Sen. John McCain. (It’s aimed at researching ways to help Veterans Administration doctors rely less on opioids in treating chronic pain.) However, Reuters says the VA system “has stepped up its efforts to address the crisis, having treated some 68,000 veterans for opioid addiction since March.” The department’s Louis Stokes VA Center in Cleveland has also begun testing alternative treatments, including acupuncture and yoga, to reduce use of and dependency on the drugs, the VA said.

Barron’sreports that even an earnings beat wasn’t enough to keep the stock of Cleveland based aerospace supplier TransDigm Group from falling significantly on Thursday, Nov. 9. “The shares fell to the bottom of the S 500 after aerospace parts company unveiled mixed fiscal fourth quarter results and gave disappointing sales guidance for the new fiscal year,” the paper notes. “The stock fell 6.8% to close at $265.58 a share, making it the worst performing stock in the S 500.” The company’s market capitalization fell to $13.8 billion from $14.8 billion yesterday. Per shares earnings of $3.48 “bested consensus of $3.41 as a better than expected operating margin and a lower tax rate offset slowing sales growth,” Barron’s says. But revenue growth “slowed to 6%, translating to a top line of $923.9 million, below the $956.54 million expected.”
polo half zip sweater but does Amazon need the industrial Midwest

polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair

veuve cliquot polo Brutal murders were result of affair

The bloody and brutal murders of two men whose bodies were found dumped in a Bradford country lane was the tragic culmination of a tangled web of infidelity and betrayal.

Minicab driver Mohammed Zubair fercociously battered his wife’s lover Ahmedin Khyel and his friend Imran Khan to death in his living room while the back door stood open and children played in the street, it is alleged.

The unsuspecting visitors, sitting on the sofa with their shoes politely removed, stood no chance when Zubair “exploded like a pressure cooker,” repeatedly raining blows on their heads with a claw hammer at his home in Heath Terrace, Barkerend, Bradford, it is said.

His anger had been building for several days after he found his wife’s phone and discovered she had resumed an affair with Mr Khyel, a father of seven.

The 35 year old electrician was said to have been in love with 27 year old Kainat Bibi, naming his business after his beloved “Kenny”.

Tahir Khan QC, for the Crown, said the affair went on for years. Bibi had stayed at Mr Khyel’s home in London and she told his wife, Noor, that she would marry him.

Mr Khyel and Bibi had sex at her home when Zubair and his mother, Arab Sultana, 64, were out.

“These two lovers were clearly playing a dangerous game,” Mr Khan said.

A friend of Imran Khan, who shared a house with him in Gloucester Avenue, Fagley, Bradford, disliked Mr Khyel, saying the man from London,
polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair
with glasses and an artifical eye, was “a womaniser”. He suspected him of bringing a woman back to the house for sex after finding a long black hair in his bed.

In contrast, he described builder’s labourer Mr Khan, a 27 year old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, as “a thorough gentleman.” On the day he was murdered, Mr Khan had a letter rejecting his appeal to stay in the UK.

In the days before the killings, Zubair was confiding in fellow Tyersal Private Hire driver, Sabir Hussain, about his frustration and fury that his wife had resumed her affair with “the London man”.

Hussain, the father of three young daughters, advised him to divorce his unfaithful wife and get a new one.

On May 10 last year, Zubair’s rage came to a head when he saw Mr Khyel’s blue Nissan Almera parked near his home.

“For Ahmedin Khyel to be anywhere near his lover’s house while her husband was around might be viewed as foolhardy at the very least, if not suicidal,” Mr Khan told the jury.

Zubair sent Hussain to see what “the London man” looked like. He reported that he was a big man much bigger than Zubair with slicked back hair and a boxer’s nose.

Zubair wanted to block in Mr Khyel’s car and confront him about why he had done this to him.

But he drove off, leaving Zubair fuming that he had missed his chance.

Soon afterwards, Zubair found up to nine missed calls from home on his phone. He was told the man was coming to his house in ten to 15 minutes.

CCTV caught Mr Khyel and Mr Khan walking on Barkerend Road towards Heath Terrace shortly after 8.20pm. A friend saw them laughing together. Police believe that half an hour later, both were dead.

Zubair and Hussain went into 126 Heath Terrace through the back door. Hussain told the jury he was anxious to get to work but needed to use the toilet.

Zubair instructed his wife to take their daughter upstairs. He then appeared in a back room with a hammer and two dumb bell bars “in case there was trouble”.

Zubair is believed to have loaded the bodies into his Volkswagen Transporter minicab that night and dumped them in New Lane, near Tong village, where they were found by a passing motorist shortly after 10pm.

The next day, his mother paid 600 for plane tickets to Pakistan and, hours later, Zubair was out of the country.

Post mortem examinations showed that both victims died from severe head injuries. Fragments of skull had been driven into their brains.

Significant efforts had been made to remove blood stains from the walls, furniture and ceiling at Heath Terrace but a forensic examination found both men’s blood at the murder scene.
polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair

cool polo shirts Burberry hosts starry show at London Fashion Week

youth polo shirts Burberry hosts starry show at London Fashion Week

A model wears a creation by designer Burberry Prorsum for their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at London Fashion Week Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)LONDON (AP) London Fashion Week rolled out the big guns Monday, with British design powerhouse Burberry hosting the glitziest catwalk show of the season. Hunter, the maker of the classic Wellington boots, evoked wild Scottish countryside with indoor waterfalls, while Christopher Kane seduced with clothes featuring nude life drawings.

Here are some highlights from Day 4:


The fashion industry is notorious for its lax timekeeping a half hour delay is normal but unusually strict show times at Burberry meant that one very late guest almost didn’t get to see the show.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, sporting a fluffy white fur coat and dark glasses, arrived well after the catwalk display began and had to push through the crowds to get to her seat in the front.

She didn’t seem fazed, though, settling quickly down next to celebrity photographer Mario Testino. Fellow guests swiftly whipped out their smartphones to photograph Campbell, though on the catwalk no one batted an eyelid at the disruption.

With the Oscars clashing with London Fashion Week, the past few days have seen a dearth of big names gracing catwalk front rows. Not so at Burberry.

The first look, a cozy turquoise and grass green printed poncho laden with long suede fringes, set the tone. Then came folksy tiered, paisley dresses and hippie versions of the brand’s bestselling trench coats, all tan suede and adorned with tassels.

A tan suede cape dress, covered all over with tiers of fringes and worn with tasseled shoe boots, no less won approving nods from the stars and models gathered in the front row.

Backstage, design chief Christopher Bailey said he wanted to explore “all the different crafts that we have in the British Isles.”

Burberry is the biggest and most successful British brand at London Fashion Week, and it’s a fairly safe bet that whatever Bailey sends down the catwalk will be copied in a few months in a store near you.

“You know, it’s always delightful when something really resonates with people,” Bailey said modestly of the influence he wields in fashion. “But you never really know when you do a show how people might express it or translate it.”

Bailey said he was “intensely proud” that Eddie Redmayne who had modeled for Burberry won best actor at the Oscars on Sunday.

“Not only is he one of the most charming people that you’ll ever meet, but he’s one of the most talented actors that you’ll ever meet as well, so I’m completely delighted for him,” he said.


Hunter Original took guests to the windswept Scottish glens via a raw industrial warehouse in south London.

The brand, which specializes in cool, outdoor inspired clothes, installed multiple waterfalls in the dimly lit show space and had models walk around a dark pool in parkas, rain ponchos and its signature wellington boot.

This season the rainproof boot took on stacked high heels, and also appeared in a calf length version with a wedge platform. Those are probably not safe for hiking.

Models wore heavy duty jackets that looked like they would suit an outing to Iceland or the Arctic, with their huge storm hoods and thick down padding. There was a lot of khaki and muddy, utilitarian earth tones. Elsewhere, mohair fur arms and a graffiti like print injected more style.

Actress Salma Hayek attended, though it was so dark it appeared she evaded most guests’ attention.


Kendall Jenner tried a black lip for her runway look for the brand Giles.

The 19 year old reality TV star and budding model donned gothic makeup a ghostly pale face with dark lipstick and an all black ensemble for designer Giles Deacon.
cool polo shirts Burberry hosts starry show at London Fashion Week

cheapest polo shirts British Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish Design

merona polo shirts British Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish Design

HomeShopping ArticlesClothing ArticlesBritish Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish DesignBritish Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish Design

British Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish Design

There are many different variations to the basic idea of military clothing army polo shirts are among the more stylish ones, commonly worn by people who want to appear classy and well dressed while still displaying some military themes on their clothing. And while it can be difficult to make something out of what seems like a complete mess of a fashion style when you now to it, slowly but surely you begin to realize that there are some distinctive trends in the field which you can follow.

British army polo shirts are a great way to fill up your wardrobe with all sorts of differently looking polo shirts without having to look into too many separate styles for these shirts in the first place. There are a lot of distinctive areas when you choosing army polo shirts, and British army polo shirts are among the best options for beginners who still not sure what direction to take in defining their appearance.

One thing you notice quickly when you choosing between the different designs for British army polo shirts on the market is that they tend to lean towards the colors red and yellow for the most part though there are other options to choose from, and you can definitely define your appearance in a way that you find suitable, you still find most of your options to be along those lines. That because the official uniforms of the British army tend to concentrate on these two colors in particular, so they most frequently represented on their respective clothing as well.

If you want some more variety in the choice of colors you have when picking from different British Army Polo Shirts , you should try going even deeper in the hierarchy, and look at some shirts styled after units like the Royal Navy, which would usually feature a different range of colors, such as blue and green (which are popular within that part of the army in particular). In addition, it never a bad idea to have a look through all the different designs offered by one particular designer because it not rare that you miss out on something potentially great for you simply because you chose to disregard the rest of a designer line after you weren very pleased with the first designs you laid your eyes upon.

Also, don forget that you generally going to have a lot of freedom in configuring the logo you be wearing on your British army polo shirts most manufacturers of these would even let you customize the shirt as much as possible before finalizing your purchase, which can typically allow you to put any sort of logo you may want on the shirt, and have it look exactly how you want to. It can be a bit tricky to find a logo that suits your overall combination of clothes (if you still new to military clothing), but you can be sure that there definitely a suitable option out there so keep looking and you eventually find it!

Who has the very best in British army polo shirts? That’s simple make sure visit British Army Polo Shirts right now to get started and see the very best in military style clothing for all kinds of needs. Go to British Army Polo Shirts right now to get started and get instant access to the best store online for shopping for your polo shirts and accessories.
cheapest polo shirts British Army Polo Shirts a Great Variation of a Stylish Design

arsenal polo but his spirit lives at Minnesota Super Bowl

men polo shirts but his spirit lives at Minnesota Super Bowl

Bank Stadium in his hometown of Minneapolis for the 2018 Super Bowl to a dazzling display of purple lights, wowing the crowd at halftime with his frenzied guitar work, soulful singing and slick dance moves.

Perfect marketing, a die hard fan dream. But it won happen.

Prince death from an accidental painkiller overdose in 2016 leaves fans to only imagine how the megastar might have topped his electrifying performance in pouring rain at the Super Bowl 11 years ago in Miami.

joke, we just have a Prince hologram?’ said Mike Howard, spokesman for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee. Justin Timberlake is the halftime performer for Sunday game.

At a press conference Thursday, Timberlake said Prince was a big influence.

my opinion, the greatest all around musician in popular culture, Timberlake said. time I got to spend around him, with him, talking about music . those are memories that I take with me forever. the sights and sounds of Prince still surround the big game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. There the mural of Prince with a white dove in the Uptown neighbourhood, his gold star outside Minneapolis First Avenue nightclub, or Paisley Park, his recording complex turned museum in Chanhassen, about 20 miles (32 kilometres) southwest of Minneapolis.

is not here in being, but he here in spirit, said music producer Jimmy Jam, who along with his producing partner Terry Lewis went heavy on Minnesota musical acts for Super Bowl Live , a free, 10 day fan festival on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Jam said he hears Prince music every NFL telecast and highlight on all the networks. said Prince so associated with this state and with this city that his presence is definitely felt. packed downtown for Monday Night concert, featuring Sheila E., Morris Day and The Time, and Prince 1980s band The Revolution.

Fans also are getting a firsthand look at Prince guitars, costumes, hats and shoes on loan from Paisley Park at an exhibit as part of Super Bowl Live.

was magic. I think that people in Minnesota didn realize exactly how big he was probably until after his death, because he was our hometown guy, Jeanette Blasewitz, 66, of Eden Prairie said while checking out the displays.

Sunday game marks the anniversary of Prince appearance at the 2007 Super Bowl that saw the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears. Many called the show the best Super Bowl halftime ever.

Dressed in turquoise jacket and pants with an orange shirt, Prince gave a blistering rendition of his own hits, such as Go Crazy, followed by covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival Mary, Bob Dylan Along the Watchtower and the Foo Fighters of You before finishing with Rain in a driving rainstorm.

Morris Hayes, 55, was a keyboardist for Prince former band New Power Generation and was on stage that night. He remembers organizers approaching Prince before the Super Bowl with the forecast of rain and offering to pre record his performance. Hayes said that prompted Prince famous response: Can you make it rain harder?

fact that it did rain when it did and how (Prince) did Rain in the rain, you can beat that. It was magical, you know, Hayes recalled.

Fan Melisa Rokala, 46, of Cokato explains Prince appeal to Minnesota residents.

a Minnesotan, we love our own. And we love it when our own people love us here, Rokala said. loved Minnesota. It was always his home. And his music was groundbreaking. believes Prince who once wrote a song for the Minnesota Vikings would have been involved in a Minneapolis Super Bowl, perhaps again as the halftime performer, if he was still alive.
arsenal polo but his spirit lives at Minnesota Super Bowl

polo club boca Bryant 2010

hugo boss orange polo Bryant 2010

XLax19 wrote:oldtimerlaxer wrote:Bryant recruits haven’t had the press that alot of D1 teams have had. Does anyone know when they are going to release their 09 10 Recruiting Announcement so we can get a chance to learn where these guys have come from and what their backgrounds are? It will be interesting to see what Pressler has been up to out there on the Recruiting Path.

I believe McMahon, the attack from Wilton Ct is the Wilton High all time leading scorer.

Very good player. He now holds the Wilton scoring record that Pressler held once he graduated from Wilton in the 70s. He’s a very good athlete, with tremendous quickness, amazing vision (80+ assists his Senior year), and tremendous stick skills/shooting. Most importantly, he’s highly focused and very tough. I could easily see him being an impact player even as a Freshman. This is exactly the kind of player Bryant needs to get to the next level. Bryant University head coach Mike Pressler is pleased to announce the addition of 14 student athletes to the 2010 Bryant University men’s lacrosse team. The group of newcomers includes a 13 member Class of 2013 and one junior college transfer.

Also joining to the Bulldogs in 2010 are High School All Americans Peter McMahon and Mason Poli, as well as highly touted freshmen JK Poirier, Ian Correia, John Wallace and Teddy Mason.

“Without question, these 14 young men are true student athletes,” said Pressler. “With the NEC playing as a conference for the first time in the spring of 2011, this group of young men will certainly help the Bulldog lacrosse program achieve its goals and reach the level of success we are striving for.”

The new class of Bulldogs also brings to Smithfield the addition of a trio of offensive weapons, five defensemen, five midfielders and a rookie goalie. The Bryant men’s lacrosse program enters its second season of Division I competition in 2010 after a highly successful inaugural campaign that saw the Bulldogs go 10 5, facing off against five nationally ranked opponents and receiving votes in both national polls.

“We are pleased again with our balance at each position, and each of our newcomers has something to contribute to the success of the Bryant lacrosse program,” Pressler said. “In just four short days of fall practice, each of them has demonstrated that, without question, they belong here, and we expect many of our newcomers to compete for playing time early on in their freshman campaigns.”

Ian Correia, Midfield (Malvern, Pa./St. Joe’s Prep)

A 2009 graduate of St. Joe’s Prep in Philadelphia, Pa., Correia was a lacrosse and football standout for the Hawks. A three year letterwinner in lacrosse, Correia joins the Bulldogs having completed a successful career with a strong senior campaign in which he led his team to a 16 2 finish as a first line midfielder. He led his team to three straight league tournament appearances and was an all state nominee as both a junior and senior. A senior captain, he was a four year varsity starter on attack, where he led his team to its second straight Massachusetts state championship in 2009, amassing 84 goals and 49 assists on the season. Crowley scored over 300 points on his Scituate High School career and was named the Boston Globe Division III Player of the Year. Along with his achievements on the lacrosse field, Crowley also found success on the gridiron, where he was a two year letterwinner, earning First Team All Patriot League honors in both sports. He was selected to the 2009 Massachusetts Senior All Star game and was named the recipient of the Norman Walker Award for character and sportsmanship. Lettering in lacrosse, football and ice hockey, Maiorano led his team to back to back Connecticut state lacrosse championships in 2008 and 2009, also guiding the Jesuits to a state title on the ice in 2008. He was a member if the 2008 Connecticut Super Junior team and received all conference honors, as well as the 2009 Coach’s Award.

Teddy Mason, Defense (Fairfield, Conn./Fairfield Ludlowe High School)

A 2009 graduate of Fairfield Ludlowe High School, Mason was a four year starter on defense for the Falcons. He was named a Second Team All FCIAC selection as a senior, also playing in the 2009 senior all star game. Another multi sport athlete, Mason was also a three year letterwinner for the Falcon football team, starting all three years at tight end and defensive end. He was elected team captain as a senior in both lacrosse and football and was equally committed in the classroom, where he was a four year honor roll student and was named the FCIAC Scholar Athlete of the Month in November 2009.

Peter McMahon, Attack (Wilton, Conn./Wilton High School)

McMahon was named a 2009 High School All American out of Wilton High School, where he was a four year varsity starter for the Warriors. Wilton’s all time leading points scorer, McMahon was a senior captain and led his team in points three of his four seasons. A three time all state selection, McMahon was named to the all state first team in his final two seasons, also earning a second team bid as a sophomore. He was a First Team All FCIAC recipient and three time all area selection, twice being named all area MVP. McMahon was also a two time Second Team All FCIAC selection during his Wilton career and was selected to play in the Connecticut All Star game as a senior. A well rounded athlete, he was also a four year starter and ice hockey standout at Wilton, where he earned all state first team honors and was a three year captain. On the ice, he was named Defenseman of the Year and team MVP three times, winning the Iron Man Award all four years. McMahon was named the high school Hobey Baker winner as a senior, also garnering the Lt. John G. Corr Award the same year, given to the senior student athlete who best exemplifies leadership, character and work ethic.

Nick Miller, Midfield (San Francisco, Calif./St. Ignatius Prep)

Miller was a standout honors student and two sport athlete at St. Ignatius Prep, where he was a 2009 graduate and two year varsity starter for the Wildcats. St. Ignatius finished the 2009 season as one of the top high school teams in the nation, garnering a No. 17 Inside Lacrosse national ranking in 2008 and a No. 26 LaxPower national ranking in 2009. As a first line midfielder his senior year, Miller was the second leading scorer, helping to lead the Wildcats to a 21 1 finish. A two sport athlete at St. Ignatius, Miller captained both his JV lacrosse (2007) and JV football (2005 06) teams and was elected Class President in 2006.

Zach Nichelman, Defense (Benicia, Calif./De La Salle High School)

A 2009 graduate of De La Salle High School, Nichelman was a two year varsity letterwinner and standout long stick midfielder for the Spartans, captaining his team to a North Coast Section Championship in 2009. Nichelman garnered First Team All East Bay honors and was named to the All EBAL team, also being nominated as the De La Salle Athlete of the Year. A three year varsity letterwinner and two year starter for the Friars, Poirier led his team to a fourth place state finish as a sophomore and state runner up as a junior. He was elected team captain as a senior, where he earned his way onto the 2009 All Inter AC squad and was recognized as the 2009 team MVP and Sportsmanship Award winner. Poirier also played four years and earned three varsity letters on the Malvern Prep water polo team, where he was named captain as a senior. He was an all league selection in 2009 and was a four year honor roll student.

The third of four High School All Americans to join the Bulldogs for the 2010 season, Poli was a 2009 graduate of Downingtown East High School, where he started on defense all four years for the Cougars. Poli led his team to three straight 20 win seasons, including a 22 3 record as a sophomore and 21 4 record as a senior, and played a large part in Downingtown East’s four consecutive Chest Mont League championships (2006 09), as well as the Cougars’ 2007 Pennsylvania state title. As a senior, he earned first team all league, First Team All EPSLA and first team all state selections, garnering a second team all league selection as a junior. Poli also played football for the Cougars.
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polo belt Burglars ram vehicle into Indianapolis clothing store

polo bubble vest Burglars ram vehicle into Indianapolis clothing store

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 19, 2016) The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department saysthey are looking for the suspects who rammed a vehicle into the front doors of a clothing storeand stole items from inside. March 19.

The owners of store estimate the structural damages and loss of merchandise to be several thousand dollars. They also believe the burglars were after an expensive pair of ‘Robin’ jeans. Some pairs can cost as much as $600. However, the thieves took anything they could get their hands on.

Customers were in disbelief after watching the surveillance video.

“I don’t condone that at all. I saw that video and thought to myself this is a clear lack of parenting,” said Brian Piper.

Surveillance video confirmed that a newer white Dodge Durango and a white sedan, possibly a Nissan Maxima, were involved. The white sedanwas used to ram the business after unknown suspects rolled away the concrete planters in front of the business. After the vehicle rammed the front of the business, 10 12 suspects spilled in and began taking items.
polo belt Burglars ram vehicle into Indianapolis clothing store

long sleeve golf polo British court deals blow to prince

polo run apartments greenwood indiana British court deals blow to prince

He’s been called the “Playboy Prince,” famous for luxuries big and small, from planes, yachts and cars to Italian marble and gold plated toilet roll holders.

Brunei’s disgraced Prince Jefri Bolkiah may have to adopt a more modest lifestyle now. hotels and European homes to the Brunei government’s investment arm as payback for allegedly helping himself to billions of dollars from state coffers.

The verdict is the latest chapter in one of Asia’s most sensational royal scandals, which has shone a spotlight on the opulent life of this oil rich sultanate’s ruling family.

The losses nearly bankrupted the country, located in a corner of Borneo island. They came at a time when revenue was stretched by low oil prices and the Asian economic crisis.

Jefri’s shenanigans estranged him from Hassanal, one of the richest men in the world, who lives in a gold decked 1,788 room palace and whose own lavish lifestyle is legendary.

Jefri reached an out of court settlement with the government in 2000, agreeing to pay back Brunei’s investment arm the money he allegedly used to buy hotels and other expensive assets. and European properties and a trust fund as required by the settlement.

He has four wives, 17 children and 18 adopted wards, according to Brunei media.

According to Britain’s Privy Council, the final court of appeal for many British territories and former colonies, Jefri said the disputed assets “enable him to continue to fund a suitable lifestyle for himself and his family.”

The Privy Council, however, was unmoved. It ruled last month that Jefri must transfer ownership of the New York Palace Hotel, the in Los Angeles, three residences in London and Paris and a trust fund to the Brunei agency.

Jefri contended he had an oral agreement with Hassanal entitling him to keep those “six very valuable assets,” the Privy Council said in a ruling seen on its Web site.

“It appears . that the sultan had some sympathy with Prince Jefri’s lifestyle concerns,” the council said.

“But nothing in the documentary records suggests that a firm agreement had been reached or . that the sultan had ever agreed to Prince Jefri retaining the six assets.”

A legal expert close to the Brunei Investment Agency said Jefri has not responded to the verdict, but the agency’s lawyers hope to meet Jefri’s representatives in London soon.

Discussions about Jefri’s finances might be held separately, but Jefri would continue to receive a regular, undisclosed entitlement accorded to all Brunei royalty, the expert said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Jefri’s representatives could not immediately be contacted. “The picture sought to be painted of Prince Jefri as a victim whose will was overridden by a dominant monarch seems . to be obviously false.”

The council described Jefri’s various other contentions as “devoid of weight,” “factually implausible” and even “simply ridiculous.”

“The complications are introduced by Prince Jefri’s search for a means of extricating himself from the obligations he has accepted under the settlement agreement,” it said. “After careful examination of all the evidence, these complications fall away.”

Brunei has vast oil and gas reserves that have fueled the royal family’s fortunes.

Hassanal, 61, had an estimated net worth of nearly $40 billion in 1997, the most recent figures available.

He, too, has a reputation for extravagance. While playing polo with Britain’s , Hassanal once had his polo shoes delivered by helicopter to the palace field.
long sleeve golf polo British court deals blow to prince