information on marco polo Director Alex Fegan on new documentary ‘Older Than Ireland’

patagonia polo shirts Director Alex Fegan on new documentary ‘Older Than Ireland’

Winner of the Best Documentary Award at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh, ‘Older Than Ireland’ is filmmaker Alex Fegan’s second foray into documentary features after the acclaimed ‘The Irish Pub’. Here, Fegan takes us through the film.

IFTN: ‘Older Than Ireland’ seems like such a simple idea on paper the centenarians of Ireland would obviously have so many stories living through so many seminal moments in Irish history where did you get the idea for the documentary?

Alex Fegan:’I was doing a film called ‘The Irish Pub’ and I met someone who had just been to 100 year old woman’s birthday party and I just found that extraordinary. I asked how she was and he said that was still completely independent. That was what sparked the idea for me. I was initially just going to do the interview with her but I thought it would be interesting to interview people all over the country particularly with 1916 centenary coming up. We approached the Irish Film Board with the idea we pitched that this would be a fascinating document to have. Luckily, they got behind it I think it was just a very simple idea that seems to have resonated right away. We put an ad in the papers and we began calling into people and before we knew it we were slowly but surely interviewing people from all over the country.’

How hard would it be to frame a story out of something like this? ‘Older Than Ireland’ is obviously a heart warming tale but it could have went either way?

‘It’s just a case of letting people speak their own truths. Let the camera linger on them and back off and let them tell the story. The film became a reflection of life itself with all the trials and tribulations of a standard life. You have love, loss, humour and tragedy and they are all the emotions that are in anyone’s life. We initially wanted to go through the decades with these people but we realised early on that it was better to let them tell stories such as their first pair of shoes and their first kiss. Stories like that are more universal people in China can relate to that instead of them just telling us about the politicians of a certain era and what they did and they didn’t do.’

Would you be hopeful then that these universal themes would bolster the international prospects of ‘Older Than Ireland’?

‘You don’t really think about that when making documentaries you just look at what makes an interesting story. But if it can sell abroad then that’s great. Ultimately all we wanted to do here was capture the Irish story over the last century through the eyes of its’ oldest citizens. Secondly, we wanted to look at what it means to be over 100 and thirdly we wanted to look at what it means to be human. That third side of it may travel but who knows?

You must have been blown away already by the success of this film a Galway Film Fleadh win and a national cinema release as well as a host of positive reviews.

information on marco polo Director Alex Fegan on new documentary 'Older Than Ireland'
its great. The whole process of making this film is a reward in itself. It’s not often you get to meet even one person over 100 so to meet 30 of them was a privilege. And the fact that people seem to be responding to it is just a massive bonus.’

Some of the stories in the film are remarkable starting with the woman re calling the tragic tale of her Dad buying her first pair of shoes

‘Yeah that was unbelievable. She actually didn’t have a lot of time to talk to us that day but then she told us that story and we just couldn’t believe either that she still had those pair of shoes. It was just amazing. It was a big learning curve for us because we realised that when you get older and look back on your life, it’s the relationships that you had that matter so that’s what we wanted to focus on from then on. Nobody ever looks back on their life and talks about a television show as a striking memory it’s always the relationships that resonate.’

Maybe our generation would look back at television shows as a striking memory

‘Oh God, wouldn’t that be sad! [laughs]. If we keep going the way we are that will happen! We have a lot to learn from the generation in ‘Older Than Ireland’.

‘Can you give us the time frame then of ‘Older Than Ireland’ how long were you working on it for?

‘It was quite quick. I would say it was about six months from beginning to end. There was an urgency to interview these people and we also knew how it was going to begin and end so that led to it being so quick. With ‘The Irish Pub’ we didn’t know how that was going to end so it was a tough edit. With this, there was more of a chronology to it and it helped streamline the edit a bit more.’

What can you tell us about the funding behind the film?

‘It was entirely funded by the Irish Film Board. We are so grateful because they really got behind us straight away. The budget was 100,000.’

Your career has taken an interesting turn in the last few years ‘The Irish Pub’ and ‘Older Than Ireland’ are your first documentaries but have both been successful.

‘Yeah it’s great to see these films resonate with people can’t say that fully about ‘Older Than Ireland’ just yet as it doesn’t reach a wide audience until its’ cinema release but certainly the response to ‘The Irish Pub’ was great. A lot of luck involved too I’m sure [laughs].’

And you will return to fictional fare with the comedy series ‘Salt n Vinegar’ what can you tell us about that?

‘Yeah we are in very early stages of that. Our star is Simon Delaney but it’s very early days so we can’t say too much about it other than it’s a comedy series and it’s set in a chipper in North Dublin!
information on marco polo Director Alex Fegan on new documentary 'Older Than Ireland'

polo belts for men Do I Have to Claim a 1099c for a Short Sale on a Home

volkswagen polo diesel Do I Have to Claim a 1099c for a Short Sale on a Home

Home Guides Home Home Finance Housing Assistance Home Repair Do I Have to Claim a 1099c for a Short Sale on a Home? Lender forgiven post short sale deficiencies must be declared on your tax returns.

Related Articles How Do I Report a Short Sale to the IRS? How to Report a Short Sale of Rental Property With a Form 1099 When Should I Get a 1099 C for a Deed in Lieu Of? How Long Can I Stay in a Short Sale House Without Moving?

In a short sale, struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure by relinquishing their homes for less than they owe on the mortgage. Lenders approving short sales often agree to forgive any mortgage balance remaining after the short sale, however, effectively canceling that debt. But the IRS doesn’t forget. When lenders forgive the mortgage debt arising from short sales, they typically issue short sale borrowers IRS Form 1099 C, Cancellation of Debt.

IRS Form 1099 C The IRS considers forgiven loan debt to be taxable income gained by the borrowers benefiting from such forgiveness. A home’s short sale for less than its mortgage balance leaves a deficiency or negative loan balance. If you’ve short sold your home, and the lender forgave any post short sale deficiencies,
polo belts for men Do I Have to Claim a 1099c for a Short Sale on a Home
you’ll need to report that debt forgiveness on your tax return. Your lender will also send a 1099 C to the IRS in addition to the 1099 C it gave you after your short sale.

Declaring Forgiven Debt Forgiven loan debt is declared on tax returns for the year in which it was forgiven: You can’t decide to declare loan debt forgiven in 2013 on your 2014 or 2015 tax return it must be declared for 2013. Also, don’t wait on 1099 Cs to arrive before declaring on your tax return any loan debt your lender has notified you it’s already forgiven. Lenders sometimes neglect to send borrowers 1099 Cs showing forgiven loan debt, but still send them to the IRS.

Forgiven Debt Exclusions The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 may allow you to avoid the tax consequences of forgiven mortgage debt. Your lender forgiven mortgage debt may not be taxable if your mortgage was used to buy, build or substantially improve a primary residence. Under the 2007 law, up to $2 million in forgiven mortgage debt on short sold principal residences may qualify for taxation exclusion. Formally declared bankruptcy and insolvencies also qualify as exclusions from taxation of lender forgiven mortgage debt.

State Tax Consequences Fortunately for short sale homeowners benefiting from lenders’ forgiveness of mortgage deficiencies, many states’ tax laws mirror federal tax laws. California, for example,
polo belts for men Do I Have to Claim a 1099c for a Short Sale on a Home
conforms to federal law on mortgage debt forgiveness. The Golden State also allows filers to exclude up to $2 million in forgiven mortgage debt resulting from foreclosures and short sales.

polo bear by ralph lauren Diamond Run Mall store closing

polo hats for cheap Diamond Run Mall store closing

One of the large anchor stores in the Diamond Run Mall will be closing but the owner said he would like to maintain a presence there.

LaFlamme Furniture Mall is hosting a “Going Out of Business” sale that owner Christopher LaFlamme say could go on for a few more weeks but he said the store is truly closing at its present location.

On Saturday, LaFlamme said he still had a lot of faith in the Diamond Run Mall and its future. There are a lot of great clothing stores and good restaurants at the mall, he said. He said he been negotiating with the mall owners about a different space that would fit his needs better.

“We are closing the store. We are truly selling all of the inventory. We truly selling all the fixtures,” he said.

LaFlamme said he would like to remain in the Rutland area and open what he called a “sit and sleep” store that would primarily sell couches, recliners and mattresses. There would be fewer decorations, appliances, dining tables, bookshelves and appliances.

However, LaFlamme said he wouldn have to remove those items from his inventory entirely because he planning to keep his location in Bennington and its inventory so he could sell a Rutland customer an item from the Bennington story and then have it delivered.

LaFlamme said he still had a lot of faith in the Diamond Run Mall and its future. There are a lot of great clothing stores and restaurants at the mall, he said.

The Bennington location attracted attention for reasons good and bad. When the store opened off of Northside Drive, LaFlamme included the “Big Chair,” a ladderback chair almost 20 feet tall, which had been a landmark when the site was Haynes and Kane a furniture store that closed in 2006.

The store opened in December 2012 but it was destroyed in a fire about 13 months later.

The Bennington store reopened on Main Street and LaFlamme found a space onsite for the chair.

As he changes his retail businesses, LaFlamme said the reduction in overhead in Rutland may allow some improvements at the Bennington location.

LaFlamme said on Saturday that he was happy with his store at the Diamond Run Mall and said customer support was strong. During the winter months,
polo bear by ralph lauren Diamond Run Mall store closing
which he said were his strongest months, the store does enough business to survive.

But during the summer, costs make staying in that site untenable. LaFlamme said he believed the rent was fair but other costs, like electricity and staffing a store the size of LaFlamme Furniture Mall or keeping enough inventory on hand to fill the store, added financial challenges.

“It just too big. Raymond and Flanigan in Albany is the same size as this and Albany population is a little bit more than Rutland,” he said.

For now, LaFlamme will remain open, selling off some inventory, delivering on orders that have already been taken and selling discounted furniture which will still be delivered and serviced as it has been in the last almost two years.

While LaFlamme acknowledged he could continue filling orders that have been placed from his Bennington store or the other Diamond Run location he hopes to open, he said he would prefer to see that all customers get the furniture they ordered before the current site is closed.

LaFlamme said he also optimistic that he will be able to stay at the mall or, if no agreement can be reached, in the Rutland area.

“The customers were fantastic. If we could have just stayed in (winter.) There was plenty of business but the lean months, it was just too difficult to stay open,” he said.
polo bear by ralph lauren Diamond Run Mall store closing

polo big and tall Donation boxes could be regulated in Gaithersburg

vw polo review Donation boxes could be regulated in Gaithersburg

Big metal donation boxes where people can leave books or clothes for charity may get items to the needy, but the boxes are drawing scrutiny in Gaithersburg.

The boxes, which number about 30 in the city, are not regulated, but city officials believe they can attract trash. Some, they say, aren clearly marked that dropoffs are going to for profit corporations.

[T]he city has recently received complaints from individuals stating that it is not always evident that their donation is benefiting a not for profit organization, Gaithersburg Planning Division Chief Lauren Pruss wrote in a Nov. 18 memo to the City Council. the boxes are not always maintained properly, and often become a dumping ground for large amounts of unwanted household and other miscellaneous goods. When not attended to regularly, these conditions can attract pests, be unsightly and generally contribute to poor public health and safety. that have drop boxes in the city include Goodwill, Planet Aid, Discover Books and Better World Books, among others.

Pruss said the city does not currently have an official record of where the drop boxes are and to whom they belong. The city is considering zoning regulations, which would create a formal record.

The text amendment to the city zoning ordinance would provide guidelines for the boxes in terms of locations and placement, the quantity allowed at each site and proper size. Signage restrictions, permit requirements, and identification and contact information for the responsible organization are additional regulations proposed by staff.

Councilwoman Cathy Drzyzgula recently brought up the issue, concerned that some people who donate items at the drop boxes might not know any information about who receiving the donations.

Discover Books an Attleboro, Mass., for profit company that collects books to sell online or donate to literacy programs has five drop box locations in Gaithersburg.

Tyler Hincy, the company vice president of business development, said Discover Books typically has agreements with commercial property owners or property tenants to place 4 foot by 4 foot boxes on a small parcel of the parking lot.

Trucks stop by to empty the bins and collect the books about every 10 days, Hincy said. Sometimes in between pick ups, Hincy said the company has received calls from community members alerting them that a bin is full. Within a day, a truck is sent to empty the bin.

Overflow, trash piles and pests have not generally been issues for the company.

don see a whole lot of that with the book collection boxes, he said. often than not, we cleaning up the clothing and shoes mess that in our general vicinity. World Books, another for profit company that recycles books for online sale and donation to literacy initiatives, has five bins within city limits.

John Ujda, chief literacy officer and vice president of marketing for Better World Books, said the Indiana company draws up a written contract when putting a drop box on any parcel of private property.

Each box is labeled with the company name and contact information, Ujda said. The front of the box also clearly states that it is a for profit entity.

Every bin also is equipped with a sensor that alerts the company when the box is filling up so that a truck can be sent over to collect the books when needed.

Ujda said the company has not had many problems with the upkeep of the bin, such as trash build up and vandalism. When it does happen, however, employees are quick to respond.

trying to do a lot to correct some of the wrongs in the collection bin industry, he said.

Both company representatives said their businesses have previously worked with other jurisdictions that have regulated the boxes and that they would adhere to regulations in Gaithersburg if the city put them in place.

Several property owners and tenants with drop boxes on site could not be reached for comment in time for publication.

Fairfax County in Virginia regulates donation drop boxes. Under the county zoning ordinance, the boxes are considered an accessory use, meaning they cannot be the sole use on a parcel of land.

Fairfax created guidelines for property owners in March 2012 concerning the location, size and maintenance of the bins. Property owners are responsible for ensuring the drop boxes and the organizations providing them adhere to the guidelines, according to the county. Civil penalties for improper use or location of the boxes are issued to property owners when violations occur.
polo big and tall Donation boxes could be regulated in Gaithersburg

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polo andres boot director at Spirit Awards

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Jordan Peele Out won best film and best director on Saturday at the 33rd Independent Film Spirit Awards, a day before the horror sensation will vie for top honours at the Academy Awards.

The wins for Peele directorial debut gave the Spirits, a celebration of indie filmmaking, something unusual: a box office behemoth. Made for just $4.5 million, Out grossed $255 million worldwide.

are in the beginning of a renaissance right now, where stories from the outsider, stories from the people in this room, the same stories that independent filmmakers have been telling for years are being honoured and recognized and celebrated, Peele said.

Peele was presented the award for best director by Spike Lee, whom Peele said paved his way. make no mistake, he said. wouldn be standing here if wasn for this man. Out is only the second horror film to win best picture at the Spirits. The other was 2010 Swan. project didn start as a statement, said Peele. began as me wanting to make a film in my favourite genre. I sat down and would smoke a little weed and try to write a mind bending horror film, my favourite genre and at some point I followed the truth and I realized there are people locked up for smoking less weed than I smoked writing the movie. in a beachside tent on a floor soaked through from rain earlier in the day, the Spirit Awards are the dressed down, boozy prelude to Sunday Academy Awards.

But as the Oscars have gravitated toward honouring indie films, the two have come closer to mirroring each other. The last four Spirit winners for best film ( Years a Slave have won best picture at the Oscars.

Saturday, Peele said backstage of his Oscar expectations. tomorrow. That what up. Spirits are also a party to mark the (almost) end of a long and sometimes repetitive awards season.

continue to be amazed that you let me get to the microphone. What are you crazy? said Frances McDormand, who again won best actress for her performance in Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. you know how hard it been not to swear over the last couple of months? Because this awards convention goes on for (expletive) forever. Janney likewise continued her sweep of the best supporting actress awards for Tonya. The supporting actor Oscar favourite Sam Rockwell ( Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri added to his string of awards.

Timothee Chalamet, the Me By Your Name breakthrough star, took best actor, a category that at the Spirits didn include the Oscar favourite Gary Oldman. The 22 year old said he was trying to savour the moment.

don know if this kind of thing is ever going to happen again, said Chalamet.

Returning hosts John Mulaney and Nick Kroll opened with a lively monologue that managed to touch on everything from Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Brett Ratner to the pronunciation of Saoirse Ronan name ( Shoes Ronan, Mulaney said) and Mulaney wife infatuation with Me By Your Name Timothee Chalamet.

Mulaney said he once had a meeting with Weinstein where the fallen mogul proclaimed that his legacy, and what would be written on his tombstone, wouldn be for the films he done, that it be for Runway. tombstone isn going to say Runway. It going to say double XL unmarked grave, Mulaney said.

Kroll and Mulaney joked about separating the artist from the art for some of the men accused of misconduct.

with Kevin Spacey: Can we still love Kroll pondered.

you to my parents for watching the plays that I put on in the living room and thank you to my brother and sister for acting in them, said Gerwig.

Dee Rees received the Robert Altman Award,
polo shoes journeys director at Spirit Awards
an ensemble honour given to one film director, casting director and cast. In an impassioned speech, Rees celebrated each element of the film, a Netflix release, and concluded by pronouncing: is cinema. Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon won best first screenplay for Big Sick, which they based on the real life drama of the beginning of their own relationship. They are also up for the original screenplay award at the Oscars. They both thanked their parents, who provided some of the inspiration for the parents in the film, with some artistic license.

dad never cheated on my mom, said Gordon. was something we made up for the movie. we know of, quipped Nanjiani.

The social media satire Goes West, starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen, won best first feature. Sebastin Lelio Fantastic Woman, from Chile, won best international film. The film, about a transgender woman whose partner has died, is up for best foreign picture at the Academy Awards.

thought the film was going to encounter, to say the least division, and that hasn been the case, Lelio said backstage. surprises me most is that the film has been understood. Rider director Chloe Zhao was given the inaugural Bonnie Award, for a mid career female director, which includes a $50,000 grant. Agnes Varda, the 89 year old French filmmaking legend, won best documentary with her co director JR for their Places, also a nominee at Sunday Oscars.

Winners are chosen by Film Independent, which includes critics, filmmakers, actors, festival programmers, past winners and nominees, and members of its board. The Spirit Awards cap nominees at a budget of $20 million or less, which eliminates some bigger budget awards contenders like the film many consider the Oscar front runner Guillermo del Toro modestly budgeted Shape of Water,
polo shoes journeys director at Spirit Awards
up for a leading 13 nominations Sunday was completely overlooked by the Spirits.

cheap polo boots for women Do Vitamins Expire or Go Bad

water polo for kids Do Vitamins Expire or Go Bad

Related Articles How Long Do Vitamin Supplements Last in the Bottle? How to Dispose of Old Vitamins What Vitamins Should a Woman Take Daily? Advice for Taking an Iron Supplement

It’s not uncommon to find multivitamins or individual vitamin supplements that migrated to the back of the cabinet and are now past their expiration date. Although it may not be dangerous to take expired supplements, they won’t be as strong as when you first bought them. The FDA does not require that supplements have expiration dates, but most reputable vitamin companies will try to determine when the supplement loses its potency.

PotencyThe main issue with taking vitamins after their expiration date is that they lose their potency and therefore their effectiveness. Generally, an expiration date indicates the last date of their highest level of potency. You are likely taking a vitamin to get some health benefits, so you want your vitamins to be as effectively potent as possible. If a label says it contains a certain amount of a vitamin, after a year or two there may only be half as much because it breaks down over time. It is difficult to quantify how much is degraded, therefore, its best to just throw away expired vitamins and supplements.

Side EffectsExpired vitamins do not go bad like food does and they do not turn into poison or toxins. Many expiration dates are set very conservatively because it benefits the supplement company. It is not dangerous to take expired vitamins, but as mentioned, the vitamins will lose their potency. There have been no documented cases of illness or death from expired vitamins,
cheap polo boots for women Do Vitamins Expire or Go Bad
but throw the supplements away if they have an off smell or have changed color.

Proper StorageIf not stored properly, vitamins will lose their potency even faster. Exposure to heat, light, and air can cause vitamins to degrade faster. Store the vitamins in their original containers in a cool, dry place. Do not allow the vitamins to be exposed to heat or light. Many of the B vitamins are very sensitive to light exposure. Some supplements require refrigeration or other special storage, so always follow the directions on the bottle.

Disposal of VitaminsIf your vitamins are expired and you want to toss them, get rid of them properly. It is important not to flush them in the toilet or throw them into the trash. Putting them into the water supply can possibly hurt other people and organisms. If an animal or child gets into the trash and accidentally consumes the vitamins, they could get sick. It is better to mix the vitamins with used coffee grounds or cat litter and then put that into a container with a lid.

References (3) Harvard Medical School: Drug Expiration Dates Do They Mean Anything?Jigsaw Health: My Supplements Have Expired. She has also covered nutrition for various online publications, including Smarty Pants Vitamins and HUM Nutrition. Johnson holds a Master of Science in clinical nutrition. coli outbreak tied to soy nut butter sickens 2 in Santa ClaraUninsured rate in California drops to record low, CDC estimates
cheap polo boots for women Do Vitamins Expire or Go Bad

design polo shirts diarrhea drug abuse amid spike in overdoses

women s long sleeve polo diarrhea drug abuse amid spike in overdoses

Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that one common antidiarrheal drug should be given new packaging.

The agency is working with manufacturers to change the packaging of the drug loperamide to include blister packs and single dose packaging, which could reduce the likelihood of overdose, according to FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Loperamide, sold under brand names such as Imodium, is an over the counter opioid medication used to treat diarrhea. However, it is sometimes taken in large doses by those seeking to suppress symptoms of withdrawal from such other opioids as heroin. In such high doses, loperamide can lead to cardiac problems and even death, Gottliebsaid in a statement Tuesday.

leaving no stone unturned, Gottlieb said.

11.5 million Americans misusing prescription opioids in the past year and more than 40 people dying every day from overdoses involving prescription opioids, it has become abundantly clear that more vigilant action is needed from the FDA and others to get ahead of this crisis. FDA warning is part of a larger effort by the federal government to tackle opioid misuse, which President Donald Trump called a public health emergency October.

we sent letters to the OTC manufacturers requesting that they implement changes consisting of packaging limitations and unit of dose packaging,
design polo shirts diarrhea drug abuse amid spike in overdoses
Gottlieb said Tuesday. asked the manufacturers to take the necessary steps to implement these changes in a timely fashion to address these public health concerns. year, the agency added a warning to the product label about ingesting high doses due to the risk of heart problems. In 2016,the agency issued a warningthat high doses of the drug can lead toheart problems and even death.

But warning people is only one of the many ways to prevent loperamide misuse, according to Dr. Robert Glatter, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Northwell Health in New York, who was not involved in the FDA decision.

one of the many steps that has to occur, Glatter said. think it starts with public messaging, education and a shift back to the basics about how over the counter medications are deemed to be safe but, in certain cases with abuse, can kill you.

lot of teens are aware of this. They use different nicknames, he said. and teachers,
design polo shirts diarrhea drug abuse amid spike in overdoses
they owe it to their children to let them know that they aware that loperamide abuse can kill you.

logo polos Dontae Johnson shuts down Anquan Boldin

marco polo shenzhen Dontae Johnson shuts down Anquan Boldin

1. Dontae Johnson. Played like a monster. Broke up three passes. First, he swatted away a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Anquan Boldin in the back right corner of the end zone. You rarely see a cornerback beat Boldin on a jump ball. Next, Johnson almost intercepted a Kaepernick pass intended for Brandon Lloyd. Kaepernick stared down Lloyd and Johnson noticed, breaking on the ball before Lloyd turned his head. The pass bounced off Johnson’s chest and hit the ground. The very next play, Johnson broke up a Kaepernick pass intended for Stevie Johnson in the end zone. Stevie cut to the inside but couldn’t shake Dontae. Dontae outmuscled Stevie for the ball and knocked it to the ground.

2. Carlos Hyde. Twice during 11 on 11 team drills he ran off tackle, cut back inside and exploded through holes untouched. After each run, Jim Harbaugh yelled, “Atta way, Carlos!” Later during the same team drill, Hyde slid in the pocket and blocked a blitzer. Harbaugh loved it. He shouted, “Nice job, Carlos!” before the quarterback threw the ball.

3. Jewel Hampton. Caught five passes during team drills. Even made a touchdown catch during a red zone drill. He carried the ball well, too, gaining about 10 yards up the middle on one run against the first team defense.

4. Vance McDonald. Also caught five passes during team drills. Dropped none. He caught two touchdown passes during red zone drills.

5. Tank Carradine. Burst through the offensive line and tagged Jewel Hampton for a three yard loss during 11 on 11s.

6. Lawrence Okoye. Pushed Al Netter into McLeod Bethel Thompson, who was standing about five or six yards behind the line of scrimmage in the pocket. Netter could not hold his ground against Okoye.

7. Antoine Bethea. Intercepted Bethel Thompson, who overthrew Devon Wylie during 7 on 7s.

8. Michael Crabtree. Caught a touchdown pass between two safeties on the first play of 7 on 7s. Colin Kaepernick threw the pass. It looked like the kind of play that would have gotten broken up in a real game with live contact. The safeties let up as soon as they got to Crabtree.

9. Brandon Lloyd. Blocked Dontae Johnson out of a play during a red zone drill. Lloyd’s block allowed Vance McDonald to run into the end zone untouched.

1. Blaine Gabbert. Campbell. During 11 on 11s, Gabbert threw a deep pass to Lloyd, who was breaking toward the sideline. Gabbert threw the pass about five yards too short. Campbell, Dontae Johnson, Jewel Hampton, Jim Harbaugh, Lawrence Okoye, Michael Crabtree, Patrick Willis, Stevie Johnson, Tank Carradine, Vance McDonald

Is Dontae Johnson playing special teams ? if so which ones? it sounded yesterday that Cook was struggling so i wonder as to who the 5 CB will be that are kept. Brock, Cully, Cox (now our 1 returner) DJ , cook, acker and morris for 2 spots

Also how is Okoye doing in game situations (tracking the ball, maintain gap discipline) in 11 on 11 or inside run drills? I know he can use his brute strength in 1 on 1 but would like to see how his overall awareness of the game is coming along. Thanks in advance

I think this should put our injury situation in perspective:

Soft tissue injuries are expected: Last year, there was an average of about one ACL tear per day in the first 15 days of league wide camp practices. The major injury problem hasn gone away. San Francisco 49ers running back Kendall Hunter blew out an ACL on Friday. Since the start of camps, there have been four season ending Achilles tendon tears: Indianapolis Colts halfback Vick Ballard, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Aaron Ross, New England Patriots wide receiver Greg Orton and Houston Texans guard Cody White. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts and Carolina Panthers halfback Jonathan Stewart are out with hamstring injuries. Going from the post OTA summer break to the start of training camp can be a shock to a body. Sad to say this, but expect 10 or 11 more major injuries over the next week and a half. Clayton(ESPN)

First, he swatted away a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Anquan Boldin in the back right corner of the end zone. You rarely see a cornerback beat Boldin on a jump ball. Next, Johnson almost intercepted a Kaepernick pass intended for Brandon Lloyd. Kaepernick stared down Lloyd and Johnson noticed, breaking on the ball before Lloyd turned his head. The pass bounced off Johnson’s chest and hit the ground. The very next play, Johnson broke up a Kaepernick pass intended for Stevie Johnson in the end zone.

like typical Kaepernick red zone offense. INC/INT/INC

Glad to see he progressing in that area.

I would think the best way to utilize Lattimore when and if he becomes healthy this year is sparingly. If they can distribute 15 carries between Hyde, Lattimore and James, I be a happy camper. Even distribution early in the season with no back receiving more than 10 carries, that includes Gore.

Don mean to sound harsh. It took me two years to get over Craig After watching Gore run against the Seahawks last year, I not in a big hurry to have him handed the starting job and the lionshare of the carries this year.

Then unfortunately they do not plan to get better on the ground.

That assertion makes multiple assertions, none of which seem to have any factual support.

Assumption No. 1 Taking a committee approach to the rushing attack will improve the running game. Again, when has a team with a run centric offense done so with great success?

Also, I have read multiple running backs (including Frank Gore) state that they do better with more carries. Limiting Gore, Hyde, and James 8 10 carries each may prevent any of them from getting into rhythm.

Assumption No. 2 The 49ers have to get better on the ground. The team finished 2013 as the 3rd ranked rushing attack.

Assumption No. 3 The alleged failure of the 49ers rushing attack last year can be laid solely at the feet of Frank Gore. Several other commenters have noted that the 49ers problems running against Seattle last season seemed to be due, at least in part, to problems on the offensive line, particularly on the interior. The 49ers already have committed to replacing Goodwin, and it looks like they may replace Boone.

Hyde and Lattimore (if he healthy) will get plenty of chances in the preseason to show what they can do. Can we at least wait until they actually play in a few games against NFL defenses before we start advocating for them to replace Gore? If the coaches think that the rushing attack will improve by giving some of Gore carries to one or both of them, then they will do so. If they don then they won

You been trying to bury Frank Gore for three years, suggesting each time that he was done as an every down back. He proved you wrong each of the past three seasons, but you back, once again calling for him to be replaced and suggesting that only Harbaugh stubbornness will keep Gore as the starter/main ball carrier. You may be right this year (4th time the charm!); I don think anyone would argue that Gore isn the same back he was 3 4 years ago. But, it makes sense to at least gather some data on the new guys before making such a big change. Maybe, just maybe, the coaches will have a good reason for sticking with Gore.
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The case of Lauren Spierer has captured national attention since her disappearance in 2011. Despite an exhaustive search, Spierer has never been found and no arrests have been made in connection with her disappearance.

After years of few developments in the case, that changed Thursday, when the FBI assisted Bloomington investigators in searching a property in Morgan Countythat may be tied to the case. Here’s a look at how the Lauren Spierer case has developed over the years:

June 2, 2011: Lauren Spierer, 20, meets friends for drinks at Kilroy’s Sports Bar in Bloomington. Witnesses say Spierer is highly intoxicated as she leaves.

Surveillance video shows her friend, Corey Rossman, leaving the bar with Spierer and going to Smallwood Plaza apartments where Spierer lived. Rossman gets into an altercation and is subsequently punched; he claims the blow cost him his memory of the night.

Surveillance video shows her leaving her apartment building with Rossman. Both are intoxicated. They go to Rossman’s apartment, where they meet Michael Beth, Rossman’s roommate. Beth says he helped Rossman get to bed and tried to convince Spierer to stay. Jason Rosenbaum tells police he saw Lauren at 11th Street and College Avenue. She’s never seen again.

Her phone and shoes are later found at the bar. Spierer’s keys and purse are found in an alley.

Various days in June 2011: Volunteers comb through remote parts of Monroe County in the desperate search for Spierer. Posters of the missing IU student go up all over the Bloomington area.

June 9, 2011: Several persons of interest submit DNA samples as the investigation continues. The persons of interest include Corey Rossman, and her boyfriend, Jesse Wolff.

June 14, 2011: Police release photos and information about a white truck that could be connected to the case. The mid 2000 model has a short bed and appears to be full of equipment. A logo is visible on the side. The owner of the truck comes forward days later and is cleared.

August 2011: Police search a landfill near Terre Haute. The landfill is where trash from Bloomington is taken. No sign of Spierer is found.

April 3, 2013: Graduation nears for Indiana University students in Spierer’s class. Her parents release an emotional letter about their daughter and how she should be graduating with her peers. “There will be no graduation; there will be no excited anticipating. There will be no future for Lauren,” they write.

May 23,
polo club shirts Disappearance of IU student Lauren Spierer
2013: Corey Rossman, Lauren’s friend and one of the last people to see her, claims her parents are harassing him about her daughter’s disappearance and what happened on that night, according to a report in a New York newspaper. Rossman maintains that he has done nothing wrong. No charges have been brought against him.

June 26, 2013: Spierer’s parents file a civil lawsuit against Corey Rossman, Jason Rosenbaum and Michael Beth. They were among the last people to see Lauren Spierer on the night of her disappearance. The lawsuit alleges that they failed in their “duty of care” to Lauren, knowing that she was intoxicated and didn’t do enough to help her.

July 25, 2013: An attorney for Michael Beth files a motion in federal court asking the lawsuit to be dismissed, saying his client didn’t “breach a duty” to the missing IU student.

December 2, 2013: A judge later throws out the suit against Beth.

December 23, 2013: A judge rules that the lawsuit filed by the Spierer family can move forward against Jason Rosenbaum and Corey Rossman. The family hopes the lawsuit will force both men to testify about the case under oath.

January/February 2014: Spierer’s parents ask for evidence in civil suit to be sealed. A judge later denies the request.

April 29, 2014: A jury trial is set for May 2015 for the Spierer family’s civil suit.

October 1, 2014: Federal judge dismisses the Spierer family’s lawsuit. Attorneys for the defendants point blame at Kilroy’s Sports Bar in Bloomington. The Spierer family files an appeal.

April 27, 2015: The death of another IU student, Hannah Wilson, opens what police call “an avenue of investigation” in the Spierer case. Daniel Messel is arrested in Wilson’s murder, and police look for any possible ties to Spierer’s disappearance.

January, 28, 2016: Bloomington police and FBI agents raid a property near Martinsville in connection with the Spierer case.
polo club shirts Disappearance of IU student Lauren Spierer

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