marco polo airport to venice shopper’s Guide to Freeport

polo money clip shopper’s Guide to Freeport

we from Australia, replies the other new arrival, a bit sheepishly.I almost feel like stepping in: this outdoorsy store that was started in Freeport. They make this, you know, this famous boot? obviously done my homework. For it is my imminent destiny to visit Freeport. I don remember exactly who dreamed up this mission for me. I know there was a lot of chortling and one vaguely insulting appraisal: don really look like the consumeristic sort, Frances. assignment is to spend a day shopping in Freeport, Maine: outlet mecca and summer home to many a Maritimer credit cards. My goal is to survive.For me, shopping is akin to visiting the bathroom something I must occasionally do, but don particularly relish. First of all, nothing fits my orangutan arms and hobbit feet. Second, I just don like a lot of things.Plus, I cheap. A good 80 per cent of my wardrobe comes from Value Village. When I see a price tag with a figure in the double digits (excluding anything after the decimal point), the way portion of my brain immediately fires up.Still, Freeport is known for its outlets, which I assume means bargains. So I look up Canadian duty exemptions on the off chance that Maritimes hating Ikea happens to have a store nearby. (It doesn The closest one to Freeport is in Stoughton, Mass., about 2 1/2 hours away. The brutes.)I prepare a list of things I could legitimately say I need:List in hand, I hit the streets of Freeport. This coastal town, 31/2 hours from the New Brunswick border, is home to about 8,000 people, roughly the population of Bridgewater. It is the most beautiful shopping mall I ever seen.Main Street is the picture of a perfect all American town. Lined with historic buildings, clapboard houses, old timey lampposts and flowering trees, it no wonder that millions of shoppers flock here every summer.Banana Republic, for instance, is in a 21/2 storey red brick building with a double chimney, and the inside is all wainscoting and crown moulding, with a palette straight out of Martha.Perhaps no building exemplifies Freeport graceful esthetic more than the McDonald No plastic neon golden arches here. They not allowed.Among the town many ordinances which include one on pinball, one on mercury thermometers, one banning polystyrene foam and one called Controlling Nudity in Business (controlling it is encouraged) is a 13 page sign bylaw that prohibits internally illuminated signs. (Other rules dictate that no sign except barber poles may have visibly moving parts, and all of the following are banned: blinking, moving or glaring illumination, banners, pennants, ribbons, streamers and spinners. flags are permitted but are subject to six subclauses, including one limiting design to the standard red, white and blue colouring.)The Freeport McDonald is in a traditional New England ell and barn style house and is recognizable as a McDonald only by a barely noticeable sign above the front doorway and a small, tasteful wooden sign in the garden.When the company attempted to set up shop here about 30 years ago, it met with well organized opposition by a group that called itself Freeport Mac Attack. Residents were worried that a fast food joint would rob Freeport of its small town a moral issue, the chairman of the planning board reportedly said at the time. McDonald ever came in, a part of Freeport that matters to people will never be the same. wonder what the shoppers of 30 years ago would think of Freeport today. There are couples walking arm in arm, already happily toting paper shopping bags loaded with purchases. It time to get this shopping expedition underway.At the British themed store Bridgham Cook, I admire the Marmite aprons and ponder how difficult it would be to scrub clean a teapot shaped like Big Ben.Next, I hit up the Mangy Moose. Among the clothing, antiques and knick knacks are a $3,000 mounted moose head, a stuffed raccoon complete with business meaning claws and a half eaten cob of corn for $295, and an obviously less prized skunk for a mere $95. Over the course of the day, I will realize that Freeport single handedly keeps the taxidermy profession alive. The stores here have more stuffed wildlife specimens than the whole of the Museum of Natural History at home.A few doors down, I encounter Cool As A Moose.two moose themed stores? I ask the clerk.welcome to Maine! she says. lighthouses, lobster and blueberries. That about it. That what Maine known for. remember my list and move on. At the Jockey store, the sales clerk politely explains at length how at Jockey, cup size is determined not by inches, but by volumetrics. This sounds impressively scientific, but I realize I don want to know my bra size in inches or millilitres, thank you very much. All the stripes and polka dots and solids and florals have lost any appeal they once had.I must have a vacant look on my face as I momentarily lose myself in the incredible pillowy softness of a fuzzy hoodie at North Face. It reminds me of the abominable snowman.At the Coach store, a woman is trying on a handbag. I didn know this was something people did. She turns, looking in the mirror. if it going to look different from the back! I catch myself thinking as I scowl internally. Apparently I now both bored and cranky.As company lore has it, Leon Leonwood Bean started the business after returning home with cold, wet feet from a hunting trip in 1911. He commissioned a cobbler to stitch leather uppers to a rubber boot, printed up some flyers and mailed them to registered hunters. Although Bean had to refund 90 of the first 100 purchases when the leather and rubber separated, he persevered and slowly built an the locals call it, is a source of pride for many residents who revere the quality of the store products and praise the company contributions to the town. But some residents don get the fuss.
marco polo airport to venice shopper's Guide to Freeport

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black long sleeve polo Scanners And Such

I could have gotten a plain racing scanner (I like going to dirt track races) but I also wanted one for weather and a lot more. So, I bought a Uniden Bearcat BC125AT.

About a year ago I downloaded software to accomidate entering frequencies and such (I have a good handle on that) but using it more efficiently has me at odds. Specifically, turning it on and scanning the frequencies entered more efficiently.

For instance, if I want to scan weather, it always finds that frequency easily because there’s always activity 24/7. But for fire, police, medical, county, state, local etc., I have to physically thumb through, sort or finger through every trequency entered that is if I get lucky enough to pause it through those channel banks. Or, shut off certain channel banks and just scan others.

I could go on forever explaining this, but I’m hoping someone around here may be in the know of what I’m talking about to help me cut to the chase. The one I’m missing on how to handle this thing. lol

So far going through the manual is nerve wracking because I know I’m simply overlooking the obvious (lock out and how to pull my head out to learn to use it better maybe) just hasn’t worked for me. There’s things online too that I just don’t understand.

So, if you’re up to it please drop me a line. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Was pretty easy to use, had a list of aall the PD’s it had on there

I saw it originally after sandy hook, where people were listening to the cops surrounding the dude in the boat,
polo boots for girls Scanners And Such
and knew he had been captured before the news reported it.

Some funny stuff to be heard through the evenings in St Paul. . .

And that’s exactly the thing. The app on my phone is a click of a button and super easy to use.

The handheld scanner I bought though is frustrating at times and confusing. It can’t be this hard. lol

That is a great idea, using the app. I did the same thing when they had the boat surrounded. Which dirt tracks do you go to? I worked with a guy that used to race at Cedar Lake and opened a speed shop out that way. I should see if he is still racing. My folks used to have a police scanner, but had to remove the North Mpls frequency as it tied up all the traffic, especially at night. In fact, in 1991 when I had first gotten my license, they heard my info being broadcast when I got my first ticket! I was screwed the moment I walked in the door.

That is a great idea, using the app. I did the same thing when they had the boat surrounded. Which dirt tracks do you go to? I worked with a guy that used to race at Cedar Lake and opened a speed shop out that way. I should see if he is still racing. My folks used to have a police scanner, but had to remove the North Mpls frequency as it tied up all the traffic, especially at night. In fact, in 1991 when I had first gotten my license, they heard my info being broadcast when I got my first ticket! I was screwed the moment I walked in the door.

The last few years Ogilvie, Princeton, Arlington (MN) and occasionally Granite City. Usually once a year we make it to Cedar Lake but I’m not fond of the hole they keep grooming in turn one. For the past 10 years. I think twice last year we went to Willmar too.

So far I’ve found out the app on my android is 100% quicker and easier to use than the handheld scanner. Not for racetracks but for scanning police and emergency channels. The app also captures DOT workers when they’re plowing too. It’s really handy.

And yeah, that would be rough having your parents hear a broadcast getting a ticket. NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League.
polo boots for girls Scanners And Such

baltimore ravens polo shirt Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship

us polo assn t shirts Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship

Speaking on US talk show Today, Lochte said: “I made a mistake and I definitely learned from this. They put on a great Games. and my immature, intoxicated behaviour tarnished that a little.”

Ralph Lauren, which has removed some of Lochte’s images from its website, said its sponsorship of the swimmer had been only for the Rio Olympics and would not be renewed.

Ralph Lauren and Airweave both stressed that they would continue their support of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Syneron Candela said: “We hold our employees to high standards, and we expect the same of our business partners.”

Speedo said it would donate a $50,000 portion of Lochte’s sponsorship fee to the charity Save The Children’s Brazilian operation.

The value of Lochte’s Speedo sponsorship has not been disclosed. The contract reportedly expires this year after 10 years.

The US business magazine Forbes calculated that in the year of the 2012 London Olympics, Lochte earned about $2m in sponsorships from companies such as Gillette, Nissan, AT and Gatorade.

Lochte’s performance at Rio did not reach the heights of his London triumph, but Forbes estimated his endorsements would still have been between $1m $2m.

DisdainThe saga started when Lochte and three team mates returned to the Olympic village after a late night out in Rio.

They tried, unsuccessfully, to use the locked toilet at a garage and urinated outside instead.

After first claiming that he and his three team mates had been robbed by bogus policemen,
baltimore ravens polo shirt Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship
Lochte back tracked and admitted he had, while still drunk, “left details out” and “over exaggerated some parts of the story”.

Despite the evidence against him, including CCTV footage, he has however denied that he actually lied in his initial account to Brazilian police.

Lochte’s behaviour has been met with disdain in the US and he has been widely pilloried in the US media.

On 19 August the New York Post carried a front page headline describing him as the “Ugly American”, along with the slogan “Liar, Liar, Speedo on fire”.

Lochte is one of the most successful swimmers in history, with 12 Olympic medals, and he once had his own reality television show in the US.

In Rio, he swam in two events, winning a gold medal in the 4x200m freestyle relay along with team mate Jack Conger.

“We appreciate his many achievements and hope he moves forward and learns from this experience,” Speedo said of Lochte. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking.
baltimore ravens polo shirt Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship

polo eyeglasses 2011 Selena Gomez does ‘the drape’ over Brooklyn Beckham

polo kidz Selena Gomez does ‘the drape’ over Brooklyn Beckham

Selena Gomez does ‘the drape’ over Brooklyn Beckham.

The oldest Beckham brother looked just like his dad, when mum Victoria does her famed “drape and pout”.

The Spice Girl’s preferred pose for snaps with her favourite boys has been stolen by Selena who looks like she has her own designs on this young Beckham.

Selena and 16 year old Brooklyn looked very comfortable with each other as they attended the Polo Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week event.

One picture shows the pretty brunette resting her head on Brooklyn’s shoulder as he smiles for camera, while another shows them sporting a serious look as they both stare into the lens.

The pair definitely made a very stylish duo, with Selena showing off her slim frame in a black leather playsuit and Brooklyn dressed in black skinny jeans, a white T shirt and denim jacket.

Knife crimeElizabeth Hurley rushes home after nephew is ‘repeatedly stabbed’ in horror knife attackThe actress has rushed back to the UK after hearing about the brutal attack on Miles Hurley.

DrugsJeremy McConnell denies he was ‘on cocaine’ during intense Jeremy Kyle ShowWayne Rooney’s party girl Laura Simpson claims the Irish model ‘took cocaine before and after’ recording the ITV show but sources close to Jez said this was false.

StalkingColin Firth’s wife admits she slept with men she accuses of stalking herLivia Giuggioli says she had a fling with Marco Brancaccia while she was secretly separated from Love, Actually and The King’s Speech star Firth.

Michael Le VellCoronation Street star Michael Le Vell’s money troubles ‘began after marriage break up’Friends of the actor have claimed his wife of 25 years controlled the purse strings until they separated in 2011.

The VoiceWatch The Voice sneak preview as Scottish hopeful Saskia Eng takes on Team Tom rival RutiThe 16 year old from Edinburgh has gained the support of Nicola Sturgeon as she continues bids for stardom tonight.

Knife crimeElizabeth Hurley rushes home after nephew is ‘repeatedly stabbed’ in horror knife attackThe actress has rushed back to the UK after hearing about the brutal attack on Miles Hurley.

Michael Le VellCoronation Street star Michael Le Vell’s money troubles ‘began after marriage break up’Friends of the actor have claimed his wife of 25 years controlled the purse strings until they separated in 2011.

StalkingColin Firth’s wife admits she slept with men she accuses of stalking herLivia Giuggioli says she had a fling with Marco Brancaccia while she was secretly separated from Love, Actually and The King’s Speech star Firth.
polo eyeglasses 2011 Selena Gomez does 'the drape' over Brooklyn Beckham

polo holden boots Starwood Taps Former Coca

ralph lauren polo shirts on sale Starwood Taps Former Coca

Steven Heyer formerly Coca Cola Co. president and COO on Oct. 1 officially became CEO of Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide, replacing Barry Sternlicht, who relinquished his CEO responsibilities. Sternlicht, who remains Starwood executive chairman and chief design officer, in October 2003 announced that he intended to step down from the everyday running of the company. Starwood in recent months, for example, acquired the Bliss chain of spas and accelerated the marketing of luxury bedding and related goods through online catalogs and its hotel retail outlets. An earlier example of Sternlicht’s recruiting philosophy was the choice of Ross Klein from Polo/Ralph Lauren to be head of marketing for the W brand. Heyer was on vacation the week leading up to his start date and unavailable for comment. In announcing the appointment, Sternlicht described Heyer’s non hotel background as an asset. “Coming from outside the industry, Steve will look at Starwood, explore new avenues for growth globally and approach our core hotel business with a fresh set of eyes,” Sternlicht said. Prior to Coca Cola, Heyer was president and COO of Turner Broadcasting Systems, which is part of Time Warner, and sat on the parent company’s operating committee. He also has held senior positions at Young Rubicam Advertising Worldwide and managed the marketing practice at Booz Allen Hamilton consultants. JPMorgan Chase analyst Harry Curtis praised Heyer’s background as a strong brand manager. Curtis also was positive about Sternlicht’s continued involvement in the company. UBS Investment Research analyst Will Truelove noted that Heyer was responsible for a change in focus at Coca Cola from volume to profits and margins. Analysts, however, voiced one reservation. In an earlier attempt at decentralization, Starwood in 2001 named Atef Mankarios president of the St. Regis brand and allowed he and his team to work in Dallas. Within two years, Mankarios had left the company and St. Regis/Luxury Collection and Four Points by Sheraton. At the end of the second quarter, the company had 750 hotels around the world.
polo holden boots Starwood Taps Former Coca

water polo teams Shoppers depart department stores

cheap custom polos Shoppers depart department stores

But will it? Analysts who study department stores say the downturn may prove too severe for some companies. Penney, Kohl and Sears; and regional chains Bon Ton and Belk.

Over the next few weeks, the category will report substantially weaker fourth quarter earnings. Its share of total retail sales has been shrinking since the 1980s. Together, the top 10 chains had sales of about $110 billion last year, about one fourth of Wal Mart total.

As a group, department stores posted nine consecutive monthly sales declines through January and are forecast to post a 10.8 percent decline in February, said analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

There also a danger that customers hooked on discounts and learning to live with less may not return to their old ways.

know that shoppers are avoiding certain retail space to avoid temptations, and malls are at the top of that list, said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail. it temporary? It could be two years. In a WSL survey, 55 percent said they are shopping less at the mall.

Once the recession hit in late 2007, it put the kibosh on phenomenal sales growth at luxury and upscale chains from Neiman Marcus to Nordstrom, said Kelly Tackett, a senior consultant at TNS Retail Forward.

It also deflated momentum in the other department stores, some of which had spruced up their home departments. Penney introduced Polo Ralph Lauren American Living brand, and Macy featured Martha Stewart exclusives.

The downturn was more than Mervyn and Goody could bear. They ended operations last year.

The department store never materialized, Tackett said.

High end hurting the most

Now each store has its own issues, she said. has been the hardest hit with the aspirational shopper cutting back. Macy is still trying to benefit from its national scale. Penney and Kohl Retailing expert Paco Underhill asks: that we have national department store Macy everywhere, instead of the regional department stores, who is going to know the customer? There are dresses flying off the rack in Dallas that no one will take into a dressing room in Philadelphia. Macy focus has been operational, and can only cost cut for so long, Tackett said. Traffic building initiatives, including more localization with a My Macy effort, have done well in tests.

It not all about the recession. footholds such as H Mango and Zara, Underhill said. do trendy merchandise quickly. It a new category of disposable clothing. Meeting different demands

Department stores need to focus more on stuff we wear Monday through Friday, Underhill said. also need to answer why their sweater costs $162 and that one costs $29. The reason can be the label on the inside. Luxury needs to stop organizing stores the egos of their vendors, he said. you in for a little black dress, you shouldn have to go through several couture shops. Your 12 and 14 size shouldn be hidden in the back, if it in the store at all. Longtime department store suppliers see a need to build their own relationships with shoppers.

Watch and accessories maker Fossil Inc., ironically, was founded to fill a void for fashion watches at department stores. Now it is cultivating its own consumer business as retailers close stores.

Est Lauder, once the most protected department store cosmetics brand, sells directly to consumers online.

The traditional department store cosmetics and fragrance business has lost its long standing dominance, Corlett said.

don think they stand a chance up against Sephora and MAC. They still spritzing people walking by.

Since 2006, Penney has been adding Sephora shops inside its stores, and recently Macy said it will add Lush shops.

Shopping patterns change

The ability to be outfitted from head to toe under one roof is no longer an advantage, Corlett said. a society that builds it as we go. People like to mix it up, mix up looks, price points, brands and designers. Camille Blankenship left a Macy in Dallas recently with a pair of Ralph Lauren black leather ankle boots that had been marked down several times to $38.

Her complaint is that too much there. Before Christmas, she was shopping for a skirt. She left Macy and went to Steinmart, where the petite department is smaller. She found the skirt for $30.
water polo teams Shoppers depart department stores

polo winter boots Scholarship fund helps all majors move into fashion

polo cologne walmart Scholarship fund helps all majors move into fashion

The fund gives 50 to 75 $5,000 scholarships and four $25,000 scholarships. Only five can apply from each school. Contact Career Development in the Leeds School of Business at 303 492 1808 for more information.”It’s interesting, many people who don’t have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry think that it’s all about making and selling clothes,” said Harry Harrison, executive director at Fashion Scholarship Fund.

“They have no idea just how many career opportunities exist within the world of fashion for all majors.”

The Fashion Scholarship Fund, based in New York, provided a University of Colorado senior and a recent graduate with New York internships in the fashion world.

Over the summer, Susanna Nilsson, a CU business and marketing major, worked as an intern at Polo Ralph Lauren’s in house advertising agency, Interactive Creative Group.”It was pretty cool to work on several projects for such a big company,” said Nilsson. “It was beneficial for me to see how strong a brand can be with all its different elements.”

Nilsson, from Durango, said she wants to move to New York when she graduates in May and pursue a fashion career.

“There was so much culture there,” she said. “There was always something to do I tried out tons of restaurants, saw museums, went to parks. It was really nice to feed off the energy of the city.”

Harrison said the Fashion Scholarship Fund grants between 50 to 75 $5,000 scholarships a year, including four Geoffrey Beane Scholars who are awarded $25,000. The fund is very selective, as only five applicants per college (of 28 schools) can apply.

There is no need for a fashion background to apply, said Harrison.

“The fashion companies are really not that interested or concerned about a particular discipline that a student may be studying,” said Harrison. “There are plenty of talented designers out there. What they simply want is smart kids.”

David R. Thayer II, who graduated from CU in May, said his internship as a retail analyst in summer 2008 with Ralph Lauren and as an assistant buyer at Kenneth Cole this past summer contributed to his new position with Macy’s Merchandising Group executive development program in New York.

“When I first heard about this scholarship to be honest fashion never crossed my mind as a viable career,” said Thayer, who graduated with a finance degree.

“But it completely changed my life. It really made me realize there is a whole new career path for me. I didn’t realize how passionate I really am about being in the fashion industry.”

Fashion Scholarship Fund works with top executives in significant fashion companies, such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Coach and Lacoste.

Nilsson said she thinks her work with Ralph Lauren will help open the doors for a future in fashion.

“I think internships are great experiences,” she said. “You can take what you learn in the classroom and apply it directly to a real life experience like learning the industry first hand in New York.

“I would recommend this program to other students. It has been one of the best experiences for me.”

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polo winter boots Scholarship fund helps all majors move into fashion

polo ralph lauren sale Speedskater Shani Davis upset with selection of U

polo ralph lauren polos Speedskater Shani Davis upset with selection of U

The United States Olympic team’s selection of flag bearer for Friday’s Opening Ceremony sparked controversy on Thursday night, as a tweet from the account of long track speedskater Shani Davis angrily attacked the method used, even suggesting there could have been a racial element involved. Speedskating as its candidate for flag bearer. Winter Games federation, the 35 year old tied with luge athlete Erin Hamlin. Her bronze at Sochi 2014 was the first medal for an American in singles luge in Olympic history.

I am an American and when I won the 1000m in 2010 I became the first American to 2 peat in that event. No problem. I can wait until 2022. I can wait until 2022. BlackHistoryMonth2018 Pyeongchang2018.”

Davis became the first black athlete to win a gold medal in an individual event at the Winter Olympics when he placed first in the 1,000 meters at Torino in 2006. Speedskating communications director Matt Whewell did not comment on Davis’ tweet, but spoke to the skater’s impressive Games track record.

“He was our nominee for a reason,” Whewell told USA TODAY Sports. “He was deserving of that honor.”

The United States Olympic Committee does not exercise control over social media posts made by athletes on the team, and Davis’ message was still on his account more than three hours after its initial posting.

USOC spokesman Mark Jones said of Hamlin’s selection: “It is an athlete driven process and the selection was made between two great candidates.”

During the selection meeting, each of the eight sporting federations nominated an athlete for consideration to carry the flag into the stadium on Friday. Federations cannot vote for their own nominee in the first round but are permitted to is subsequent rounds. Voting is done by one athlete from each of the governing bodies, and Olympic veteran Jonathan Garcia was the speedskating representative.

After a few rounds, the vote was tied 4 4 between Davis and Hamlin. The USOC’s official procedure, determined last year and communicated to athletes, dictated that a coin flip must be used to break the tie.
polo ralph lauren sale Speedskater Shani Davis upset with selection of U

grey polo shoes Selena Gomez looks just like Victoria Beckham as she drapes herself over Brooklyn

brandywine polo club Selena Gomez looks just like Victoria Beckham as she drapes herself over Brooklyn

Selena Gomez looks just like Victoria Beckham as she drapes herself over BrooklynThe pair made a very good looking duo as they posed for pictures at the Polo Ralph Lauren party in New YorkByZoe ShentonLos Angeles Senior Showbiz and Entertainment ReporterFay Strang13:38, 12 SEP 2015Updated13:40, 12 SEP 2015Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailWhen we first saw these pictures of Selena Gomez fawning over Brooklyn Beckham we had a real sense of d vu and then we realised why.The singer was draped over Brooklyn in an almost identical pose to one his mum Victoria always pulls when posing with David.Yup, the former Spice Girl is a big fan of the ‘drape and pout’ and does it every time she has her picture taken with David. It looks like Selena has been taking tips!Colin FirthColin Firth’s wife ‘romped all over the world’ with Italian journalist she’s accused of stalking her, he claimsMarco Brancaccia claims Livia ‘invented’ the allegations to cover up a relationship they had between 2015 and 2016Sharon StoneBasic Instinct star Sharon Stone stuns in racy photoshoot as she turns 60The actress puts her slim, youthful looks down to her diet and fitness regimeReality showsMale reality star caught pulling out bag of white powder and credit card in LADIES’ toiletsEXCLUSIVE: The star, who Mirror Online has chosen not to identify, was seen clutching a suspicious bag of white powderRoyal FamilyPrince William’s second cousin is the “most beautiful royal” and she’s very coolLady Amelia Windsor is 36th in line to the throne and she’s also a top modelLiz HurleyElizabeth Hurley rushes home to be with nephew after he is repeatedly stabbed in LondonLiz Hurley’s nephew Miles Hurley, 21,
grey polo shoes Selena Gomez looks just like Victoria Beckham as she drapes herself over Brooklyn
was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a group of men in the Nine Elms area of south west LondonWeddingsCouple devastated after wedding venue ‘cancels weeks before big day because they are travellers’Ellemay Gumble and Luke Booth, both 18, were due to get married at Orsett Hall, Thurrock, on March 18 but now they say their big day has been ruinedCrimePoisoned Russian spy was highly prized MI6 double agent codenamed ‘Forthwith’ who smuggled out entire telephone directorySergei Skripal was first turned by British intelligence forces in Spain around 1995 and provided valuable intelligence for a decade, according to reportsSchoolsGrieving 12 year old brothers face being kicked out of school for taking time of school when their dad diedShamsa Imam took her two 12 year old boys to Pakistan so they could visit family and attend memorial services for their late father Muhammad Ali ImamBabiesWoman doused in acid by her husband ‘after giving birth to a girl not a boy’WARNING. Graphic images. Farah Biwi, 25, suffered burns injuries to her face, hands and stomach after her husband Siraj Biwi, 32, allegedly threw acid over herCamilla, Duchess of CornwallQueen Camilla: Duchess of Cornwall poised to get title as Princess Consort plan is ‘ditched’Prince Charles and Camilla’s new website has removed statements saying she will be known as Princess Consort when he becomes KingInquestsParent’s heartbreak after son died when surgeon performed surgery without telling them firstPaul Mitchelhill died after locum surgeon Emmanual Towuaghanste carried out the surgery without consulting parents Paul and Irene first,
grey polo shoes Selena Gomez looks just like Victoria Beckham as she drapes herself over Brooklyn
an inquest heard

polo for baby Stocks fall amid concerns over Iraq

wvu polo Stocks fall amid concerns over Iraq

NEW YORK Stocks slumped in listless trading Monday amid concerns about the upcoming Iraqi election and rising oil prices.

The major indexes closed at their lowest levels of the year.

Market watchers were growing increasingly concerned about January slide in stocks, which some analysts blamed on Wall Street strong fourth quarter performance. A car bomb attack in Baghdad, targeting the prime minister party headquarters, did little to ease the anxiety of investors ahead of Iraq Jan. 30 election. Oil prices declined early in the day, but settled up 28 cents at $48.81 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

general, the market is waiting for the elections in Iraq, said Barry Berman, head trader for Robert W. Baird Co. in Milwaukee. oil prices have been on the move up for the past week. Dow Jones industrials seesawed in and out of positive range through much of the day, closing down 24.38, or 0.23 percent, at 10,368.61.

Broader stock indicators also sagged. The Standard Poor 500 index fell 4.12, or 0.35 percent, to 1,163.75. The Nasdaq composite index dropped 25.57, or 1.26 percent, to 2,008.70.

Investors in the tech heavy Nasdaq, which is down 7.66 percent year to date, may have been unsettled when chipmaking giant Infineon Technologies AG warned that second quarter earnings could slow.

The Munich, Germany based company reported that first quarter net profits quadrupled thanks to one time license income.

The Infineon report probably part of the Nasdaq malaise, said John Caldwell, chief investment strategist for McDonald Financial Group, part of Cleveland based KeyCorp.

polo for baby Stocks fall amid concerns over Iraq
he added, the telecommunications sector has also been a problem, with Motorola coming in last week with a cautious outlook and Nokia earnings still awaited.

Overall, Caldwell said, strikes me as one of those days there a lot of activity but not much progress. also continued to eye quarterly earnings results. This week calendar of releases includes 10 of the 30 Dow industrials, along with more than 150 other major companies.

Among Monday gainers, Dow component American Express Co. rose 67 cents to $52.60 after reporting fourth quarter earnings of $896 million, or 71 cents a share a penny ahead of analysts estimates. The financial services company earnings surged 17 percent, thanks to record cardmember spending, higher average cardmember lending balances and strong travel sales.

Microsoft Corp., another Dow component, gained 2 cents to $25.67 after the Redmond, Wash., software company announced in Belgium that it will not appeal an interim European Union ruling forcing it to strip Media Player from its Windows platform.

Procter Gamble Co. fell 44 cents to $55.21 after UBS downgraded the stock to from on its recent price rise. While the 2005 outlook for P remains strong, the Cincinnati consumer products company good health is already factored into its price.

Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. also dropped, shedding 2.7 percent, or $1.08, to $39.03, after Merrill Lynch downgraded it to a from a saying investor expectations might be a bit high. Meanwhile, shares of Liz Claiborne Inc. rose 2.3 percent, or 92 cents, to $40.70, after Merrill raised its rating from a to a International Inc. lost 42 cents to $37.33 after CIBC World Markets downgraded the fast food company to perform from outperform. CIBC upgrade of McDonald Corp. sent its shares up 49 cents to $31.74. CIBC said Wendy faces a more difficult competitive environment in 2005, including greater competition from McDonald in premium products.

Declining shares outnumbered advancers by more than 3 to 2 on the New York Stock Exchange. Preliminary consolidated volume came to 1.89 billion shares,
polo for baby Stocks fall amid concerns over Iraq
compared with 2.04 billion traded Friday.