burnt red polo boots ‘People were panicked’ at mall

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of the sudden there was a loud bang. We didn know what it was and thought maybe a display had fallen over. Then we looked up at the front of the store and we saw people scurrying, running fast and panicked. were leading customers to the back of the store, telling shoppers to get away from the windows.

Richardson told the Sun he didn see the shooter or the victim from where he was standing.

The scene was all too familiar for Richardson wife,
burnt red polo boots 'People were panicked' at mall
who was part of the lockdown on Parliament Hill in October.

was very upset, said Richardson.

were just very fortunate. We were hoping that everyone was safe and that no one was hurt. and Bob McCormick from Newfoundland were just around the corner from the scene shopping in Boathouse when they heard of what happened.

were just in the store and they told us we had to leave, said Bob.

told us that if wanted to leave the store we had to leave it right away. If not,
burnt red polo boots 'People were panicked' at mall
we had to go to the back of the store but everyone emptied out. entrances to the mall were blocked off by police tape.