old navy polo shirts IOC to investigate US swimmers in robbery report fiasco

marco polo hongkong hotel IOC to investigate US swimmers in robbery report fiasco

The International Olympic Committee has set up a disciplinary commission to investigate Ryan Lochte and the three other US swimmers involved in an altercation at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday.

The commission will determine if the swimmers will face any punishment for the incident. Lochte said he and James Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were robbed inthe early morning hours of August 14as they returned from a party.

After taking a public pounding for initially reporting a robbery, Lochte apologized Friday on Instagram for being more careful and candid in how he described the incident.

The 32 year old swimmer said he accepted responsibility for his role in it and had some valuable lessons. Matt Lauer interviewed Lochte Saturday morning, and the network said the segment would air later in the evening.

Endorsements: Will sponsors flee?

Even though Lochte has banked on his edgy image, the scandal could put a dent in the 12 time Olympic medalist currentendorsements with Speedo, Airweave and Polo Ralph Lauren.

do think this going to have a lasting impact on Ryan Lochte, and it not going to be good, Christine Brennan, CNN contributor and sports analyst, said Friday.

Sponsor Speedo is following the situation closely. The swimwear company released a statement saying that it has policy not to comment on ongoing legal investigations. We suggest you contact his team for additional information. company Airweave, which has used Lochte to endorse its mattress brand, is standing by the swimmer, for now.

do not allow unlawful behavior and will continue to monitor the investigation closely. I respect the athletic performance of Ryan, and as long as he is a respectable athlete, he will remain a US ambassador for Airweave as long as our partnership agreement remains effective. Our focus is on supporting Team USA, and our hope is people will remain focused on cheering on the athletes who still have events to compete in, said a statement from Airweave CEO Motokuni Takaoka.

The Airweave/Lochte partnership was already scheduled to end this year.

Clothing giant Ralph Lauren said it was working closely with the US Olympic Committee on the developments in Rio and is reviewing the situation.

certainly on the back end of his swimming career, Brennan said. just cannot imagine any of these sponsors re upping, if they decide to stay with him. action

Much speculation continues to swirl around the consequences the four US swimmers could face.

Drawing from sources with knowledge of the investigation,
old navy polo shirts IOC to investigate US swimmers in robbery report fiasco
Brennan said she confident they will face disciplinary action as a result of their conduct.

Lochte and all the other swimmers, I am sure will be suspended, Brennan told CNN Anderson Cooper Friday night.

When asked for a comment, USA Swimming the national governing body of competitive swimming said, Swimming will undergo a thorough review of the incident and determine any further actions, per our Code of Conduct. dropped for charity donations

Conger and Bentz were pulled off a plane as they tried to leave Rio earlier this week, but were released after providing statements on the incident to Brazilian police.

Bentz, a University of Georgia student, followed in his teammate footsteps and apologized Friday to US officials, his teammates and his university.

regret this situation has drawn attention away from the Olympics, which have been hosted so incredibly well by Brazil and its citizens, Bentz said.

Bentz emphasized that he was never a suspect in the case from the beginning and that Brazilian law enforcement officials saw him only as a witness. He said he made a false statement to anyone at any time. leaving Brazil, Feigen entered a plea bargain with police to avoid prosecution. the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea,swimmer Troy Dalbey and a teammatecaused an international uproar when they took an $800 marble lion head statue from a hotel.

Like Lochte, Dalbey was harshly criticized after he apologized publicly for the prank he pulled.

No charges were filed but the swimmers were dropped from the squad and sent home.

Dalbey was later suspended by USA Swimming from national and international competition and team training camps for 18 months.

After a big night out in Copacabana, Australian swimmers Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon got a slap on the wrist for not returning to the Olympic Village before curfew after a night of drinking.

Several other Australian athletes werefined after using the wrong accreditation to enter a basketball arenawhere the nation team played Serbia in the Olympics semifinal, on Saturday. Brazilian police briefly detained the athletes and fined them $3,000 for with credentials. a rebound
old navy polo shirts IOC to investigate US swimmers in robbery report fiasco

miami heat polo shirt invents Country in the City

cheap polo ralph lauren shirts invents Country in the City

HIGH above Madison Avenue, old time rocking chairs ($350 to $1,000) hang from pipes on the ceiling, twig brooms ($85) are propped up against barrels filled with rolls of mattress ticking, stone washed denim and buffalo check cotton ($35 to $55 a yard). Flannel shirts ($45 to $97) are piled onto rough hewed wood shelves, and there is country music in the air.

The ”Polo Country Store Authentic Dry Goods” is Ralph Lauren’s newest merchandising concept.

The shop is Mr. Lauren’s latest foray into scene setting with his own brand of theatricality. The mix of clothing, home furnishings and folk art is enticing for citydwellers who might want to get the down home country experience, complete with the scent of pine and cedar, without leaving town or muddying their boots.

Many people will find this cozy world hard to resist, with its authentic late 19th century quilts ($575 to $825) and hooked rugs ($350 to $1,200), old postcards ($2.50 each), new socks ($9 to $16 a pair), shearling lined slippers (about $100 a pair) and sweaters in American Indian inspired patterns ($405). At least that is what Mr. Lauren, chairman of Polo/Ralph Lauren Corporation, hopes. ”You can even buy the props here, without waiting for an antiques show.”

Mr. Lauren’s merchandising ideas stem from his own interests. ”When I find things that are very personal to me, I find that they’re personal to other people, too,” he said.

That means championing objects that can give a comforting sense of the past, whether they are well loved antique dolls or newly weathered denim shirts and jackets.

He has based the new store on an idealized image of the old general store. ”Have you seen that movie, ‘Shane’?” he asked, referring to the 1953 Alan Ladd film with its rugged Western setting. ”That’s the idea.”

The new home furnishings linens, pillows and upholstery all culled from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection’s Western and Country collections, are the backbone of the boutique.

They are punctuated by weather vanes ($425 to $1,200) and birdhouses ($325 to $550) and, as usual in any Ralph Lauren project, no detail has been overlooked. Even the wrapping, string and craft paper stamped in green ink, contributes to the old time atmosphere of the shop.

Mr. Lauren said the 965 square foot shop was a prototype for further retailing efforts featuring country clothes along with furniture and folk art. The company has already opened a handful of country style shops, with more of a fashion emphasis, in a number of cities, including Little Rock, Ark.; Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City.
miami heat polo shirt invents Country in the City

polo bed set Internet dies when streaming video

polo diesel Internet dies when streaming video

My internet has the annoying problem of dying when I try and stream video from sites such as MLB TV or PBS. (But not from YouTube or DailyMotion). Everything else works fine and I rarely if ever have problems accessing the web. I am using a Speedstream 5360 and a Linksys BEFW11S4 Broadband B router, and my ISP is SBC/AT DSL. This problem started when I upgraded my firmware and set my internet settings to auto in XP as per the instructions that came with the router upgrade. It was a trade off because now my wireless network works well but this is the only problem. I don’t need to do this to access the internet otherwise, which I find kind of strange. Even stranger is that I can only get this manual connection to work if I try and do it immediately after the third green light on my modem comes on (after powering it up). If I wait too long it hangs on “Connecting to WAN Miniport” and I have to turn off my modem/router and try again. Needless to say this is very annoying. IP address etc.) as per the Linksys instructions. name and password). I upgraded the firmware on my router last year, which also caused all sorts of problems and I really dont want to try that again. My PS2, however, can get online for gaming when hooked directly up to the modem just fine. Does this have anything to do with it? I’m not too concerned with this problem and would rather cross this bridge when I come to it later. Home wireless networking has also been finicky but has been stable as of late. (I can print from my laptop, access files, etc.) Sorry for the long post but it’s the sort of problem that has a long history. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If your device has only one RJ 45 connector, then you did give me the wrong number (the 5500 has 4 ports), but just because it has only one RJ 45 connector does not mean it is not a router. All that means is that it is not an ethernet switch. Do these look like your device?It is also possible you have a Speedstream 5600 series device (older than the 5100 5500 devices). These are also routers. Here is a link to the manual for the 5600. Does THIS look like your device? The 5600’s are labeled simply “modem” but, nonetheless, they are routers. Quote:

As far as I know I am only running XP firewall, I disabled sygate some time ago. Is there a hardware based router or modem firewall which I can disable?

You need to check the documentation for your two devices to see if they have a hardware firewall built in.

The modem is a Speedstream 5360 ADSL Modem. Sorry for the confusion, I should do more homework before posting and am kind of a networking “noob” as you can obviously tell! Neither my router or modem came with any thorough docs other than small pamphlets on how to install them. I don’t believe the modem has a firewall. A quick scan of The Linksys manual shows no firewall options. I’ve never seen any on the router URL either. However, might this be a firewall related problem? It seems to be a bizarre issue, and I couldnt find anyone else having similar problems on this forum or others.

Thanks for finding that link, nice to know some info on this old clunker still exists. I think the problem is my router or my connection settings, because I was running streaming video when I had my modem and no router. I was also getting streaming video w/ my router and modem before I set my connection settings to auto config. I can’t really go back because 1) I dont remember the IP address and DNS gateway numbers that I had, and 2) my network is running much smoother with the auto settings aside from this annoying problem. If I could connect my modem to my pc w/out the router I’d do that, but as I mentioned my PC now only connects with the router in between. I’m still at this point pretty much at a loss as to how exactly to fix this problem. En coupe de son epaisseur et de la rendre with the to of mince, encore mieux que comme un epais cull, vous aurez lagniappe de liberte de mouvement et ne se sentent pas que volumineux lorsque vous vous deplacez autour. Ralph Lauren, ne Ralph Lipschitz, est un createur de mode polo ralph lauren pas cher americain ne en 1939 a New York. christian louboutin Apres des etudes de gestion au City College de New York, louboutin il sert dans l’armee americaine de 1962 a 1964 louboutin pas cher. A son retour, il travaille comme vendeur chez Brooks Brothers abercrombie avant d’ouvrir, en 1967, une boutique de cravates abercrombie and fitch. Fascine par le mode de vie de l’elite new yorkaise abercrombie pas cher, qui s’invite aux diners mondains la semaine et s’franklin marshall enfuit le week end dans les Hamptons, ray ban le createur fonde sa maison de creation eponyme en 1968. La meme annee lunettes ray ban, il lance la collection de supra polos a manches courtes declines en 27 coloris, supra shoes installant ainsi definitivement l’identite sportswear de sa marque cheap supra shoes. En 1978, Polo Ralph Lauren ouvre un departement parfums avant de se lancer dans la decoration et l’amenagement d’interieur en 1983. En definitive, le style Ralph Lauren est un melange de luxe et de casual qui reinterprete. En mixant les images du Grand Ouest americain,la maison Polo Ralph Lauren a invente un style qui lui est propre En 2010, Ralph Lauren ouvre son flagship dans le 6eme arrondissement de Paris, ralph lauren pas cher boulevard Saint Germain des Pres. Polos Ralph Lauren may etre de difficile a trouver et les acheter prendra probablement UNE grande Partie de Votre budget de vetements. C’est L’icone Americaine Que convoitons indigenes. Mais, Nous Devons Penser with parcimonie au Quebec, added de, together with en les begaie economique Americaine. elaborer chintzy scare off de l’amour Porte Ligne de vetements Ralph pendants des Annees ET profiter de la Recherche de communes Cremieux, Comme perceive Vous FAITES Le.
polo bed set Internet dies when streaming video

tall polos Inspirational Quotes

polo helmet Inspirational Quotes

that things will work out follow your intuition and curiosity trust your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow If you do work that you love, and work that fulfills you, the rest will come. And, I truly believe, that the reason I’ve been able to be so financially successful is because my focus has never, ever for one minute been money. Would you do your job and not be paid for it? I would do this job, and take on a second job just to make ends meet if nobody paid me. That’s how you know you are doing the right thing. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure that as soon as you set them, you immediately begin to create momentum. The most important rules that I ever adopted to help me in achieving my goals were those I learned from a very successful man who taught me to first write down the goal, and then to never leave the site of setting a goal without first taking some form of positive action toward its attainment. Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve Whatever happens, take responsibility The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.

something that you love. Something that gets you so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. Forget about money. Be happy. You are nuts and you should be proud of it. Stick with what you believe in. started this post to share some of my favorite inspirational entrepreneurial quotes of all time. I be updating this page regularly so stay tuned and come back often for more inspiration. Which are your favorites?Have your say and post a comment below!

Alan Sugar, Founder of Amstrad

try to blame the rest of the world. The blame only lies with you. Recognize that immediately. He is often regarded as the second richest man in history after John D. Rockefeller.

sunny disposition is worth more than fortune. Young people should know that it can be cultivated; that the mind like the body can be moved from the shade into sunshine. Andrew Carnegie

who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. Andrew Carnegie

man can become rich without himself enriching others. Andrew Carnegie

your energies, your thoughts and your capital The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket. Andrew Carnegie

Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop

Anita Roddick (23 October 1942 10 September 2007) was a British businesswoman, human rights activist and environmental campaigner, best known as the founder of The Body Shop.

you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. Anita Roddick

were most creative when our back was against the wall. Anita Roddick

you do, be different that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out. Anita Roddick

is true that there is a fine line between entrepreneurship and insanity. Crazy people see and feel things that others don’t. But you have to believe that everything is possible. If you believe it, those around you will believe it too. Anita Roddick
tall polos Inspirational Quotes

macys polo Inside Englund s Apparel

fina water polo Inside Englund s Apparel

In business since 1964, Englund s Apparel in Malvern offers exceptionally styled clothing for men. Owner Frank Englund Jr. is gracious and knowledgeable, offering guidance to men buying for a certain occasion.

The store carries such prestigious brands as Hart Shaffner Marx, H. Freeman, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama and more. In addition to suits and formal attire, Englund s carries a range of sportswear, casual clothing, shoes and accessories. The store also provides tuxedo rentals for weddings and special occasions, as well as a custom clothing service.

Part of Englund s highly personalized service includes custom made suits, shirts, sport coats, top coats and trousers. Englund s Apparel will work with a customer to achieve a perfect fit and finish. From the fabrics through the model choices to the lining color, it s all up to the client and Englund s will oblige.

Customers choose from as many as 2,500 clothing fabrics for suits, sport coats, trousers and top coats. For custom made dress shirts, or that corporate casual look for the office, or for better weekend wear, there are more than 500 fabrics of varying textures and patterns. Precise measurements are taken, and the garment is designed and produced just for the customer.

It takes about 12 days for semi custom and made to measure or about four weeks for full bore custom made apparel to be delivered.

Formal Wear and Tuxedos

When the occasion requires nothing but the best and black tie is required, Englund s Apparel can be the one stop clothier from head to toe. They carry everything for social or business occasions, including tuxedos, formal shirts, studs and cuff links. As a wedding promotion, the groom s tux is free with five or more paid tuxedos, and with those six, any ringbearer will receive a 50 percent discount. When the temperature drops, Englund s can outfit a fall wardrobe with V necks, crew necks, cardigans and half zips.

Jeans, Khakis Corduroys

If you believe that all jeans are created equal, that s not the case. The same goes for khakis and corduroys. Englund s inventory is carefully chosen from finer clothing manufacturers such as Polo, Heritage 34, Tommy Bahama, Bills Khakis, Castaway, Austin Reed, Ballin and more.

Men s Business Attire

Englund s Apparel offers a full line of apparel from respected manufacturers such as Hart Schaffner Marx, H. Freeman, S. Cohen, Jack Victor, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Cutter Buck, Pendleton and Bills Khaki s. Their clothiers help customers determine the proper cut, fabric and style.
macys polo Inside Englund s Apparel

h&m polo Industry Competitors

polo carpenter jeans for men Industry Competitors

LVMH competes in the luxury market with an array of small private and publicly held companies that make designer clothing, wine, watches, and other luxury goods. LVMH is a huge conglomerate, and many of their competitors only hold one or two brands.

PPR is also a French retailer and luxury goods company. In both size and earnings, PPR is very comparable to LVMH, but does not have the international diversification LVMH does. PPR’s luxury brands that are in direct competition with LVMH fall under PPR’s Gucci Group and are: Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Boucheron and Sergio Rossi. PPR also owns Puma, an affordable men’s and women’s sportwear line, giving it a broader market share than just luxury retail.

Compagnie Financire Richemont is primarily focused on watches and jewelry. LVMH is not a huge competitor for it’s main business. However, Richemont does hold Dunhill, Azzedine Alaa, Shanghai Tang, Chlo and the leather goods brand Lancel. These luxury brands compete directly with LVMH.

Valentino Fashion Group is another international luxury goods conglomerate just like LVMH. It owns Valentino,
h&m polo Industry Competitors
Hugo Boss, Marlboro Classics and M Missoni. Valentino Fashion Group’s own brands include: Lebole, Oxon and Portrait, and they own 45% of luxury American brand Proenza Schouler. LVMH and Valentino Fashion Group are direct competitors and sell their products together in high end department stores and in freestanding boutiques.

Christian Dior makes men’s and women’s fashion and accessories. It operates over 235 boutiques worldwide. Its range of goods includes fashion and leather, watches and jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, and Dior couture. However, Dior owns a 42% stake in LVMH and is controlled by Bernard Arnault. A good chuck of their revenues come from LVMH, so it’s difficult to think of them as a direct competitor.

Other competitors include Hermes, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Coach, Dolce Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Salvatore Ferragamo,
h&m polo Industry Competitors
Tiffany Co. and Versace.

embroidered logo polo shirts Industria Textil e do Vestu

steelers polo shirt Industria Textil e do Vestu

muito claro na mente de todos que a forma como fabricamos um produto representa o ADN da marca, afirma Enrique Silla, CEO da empresa de tecnologia sustentvel espanhola Jeanologia. Atualmente, no importa apenas a esttica mas tambm a tecnologia de produo. () E a eficincia de custo est especialmente relacionada com a forma como produzimos, acrescenta.A tecnologia a nica forma de evoluir, acredita Silla. E muito claro que a tecnologia [no sector do vesturio] deve primar pela sustentabilidade, defende.

O futuro da tecnologia O CEO da Jeanologia destaca a grande evoluo da indstria dos jeans. Nos ltimos 10 anos, trs tecnologias mudaram completamente as possibilidades e a forma como produzimos os nossos jeans, aponta. Essas tcnicas, revela, so o laser, o ozono e o eFlow, que permitem restringir os impactos ambientais do sector.

O uso da tecnologia a laser na criao de um denim de aspeto usado foi divulgado em 1999, em Itlia. Atualmente, de acordo com a empresa espanhola, cerca de 25% da produo de jeans globais utiliza esta tecnologia e dever atingir os 50% nos prximos dois anos.

A tecnologia Light Scraper da Jeanologia, lanada em fevereiro, confere diferentes efeitos a um tecido de denim atravs do simples pressionar de um boto e pode reduzir o tempo de lanamento do produto no mercado em cerca de quatro semanas. Esta tecnologia incorpora uma lixa virtual que substitui o processo manual, causadora de tendinite crnica, problemas musculares e dificuldades respiratrias nos trabalhadores, que ainda extensamente usado na sia.

O Light Scraper ser um marco na indstria txtil, sublinha Silla. A sua utilizao permitir alcanar uma produo totalmente automatizada, eficiente, ecolgica e tica, sem perder a autenticidade e aparncia natural das peas de vesturio.

A tecnologia G2 Dynamic Ozone permite o branqueamento de jeans sem recurso a qumicos. Criada na dcada de 1990, foi adotada pela indstria de denim apenas em 2005 e utilizada em 5% da produo de jeans. Esta tecnologia permite ultrapassar os obstculos frequentemente associados s tcnicas de branqueamento mediante a utilizao de ozono. A aplicao de ozono tornar se massiva e a forma como produzimos jeans ir mudar, antecipa o CEO da Jeanologia.

A terceira, e maior revoluo, defende Silla, o eFlow. Este processo transforma ar atmosfrico em nanobolhas. Os qumicos e a gua distribuem se naturalmente na superfcie das bolhas, formando uma camada de nanobolhas. O eFlow atua como um veculo de transmisso das nanobolhas para o tecido ou pea de vesturio atravs de um mtodo definido como mais otimizado e eficiente, que utiliza uma quantidade nfima de gua.

A Jeanologia desenvolveu esta tcnica h trs anos e atualmente aplicada em 3% dos processos de produo de jeans. Sabemos que podemos aplicar qualquer propriedade pea sem utilizar muita gua. Acredito que a tecnologia ir evoluir no futuro e outras empresas iro investir nela e integr la [nos seus processos]. O nosso sonho de eliminar a utilizao de gua ir tornar se uma realidade. Isto no o futuro,
embroidered logo polo shirts Industria Textil e do Vestu
o presente, refere Silla.

A empresa italiana Tonello Technologies desenvolveu, tambm, mecanismos de eficincia energtica e de poupana de gua a aplicar na lavagem de jeans. Flavio Tonello, diretor administrativo da organizao, afirma que o sistema de lavagem ECOfree combina as vantagens da tecnologia de ozono com considerveis poupanas em termos de gua, energia e qumicos.

As peas de vesturio so tratadas com ozono, em detrimento do uso de qumicos prejudiciais, que de seguida neutralizado, permitindo o tratamento manual das peas por parte dos operadores, anulando a exposio a substncias nocivas. Este processo permite a poupana de 50% a 80% de gua e energia face ao processo tradicional.

A perspetiva do consumidor Embora uma parte significativa desta tecnologia tenha como foco o benefcio do fabricante, uma empresa investiu no desenvolvimento de uma tcnica inovadora que pretende responder s necessidades do consumidor. A Polygiene AB concebeu uma tecnologia de controlo de odor que limite a necessidade de lavagem do produto aos casos de sujidade visvel.

Todos procuram poupar gua durante o processo de produo de denim, reconhece Ronald Gladon, diretor de marketing e vendas da empresa sueca na regio do Benelux. Ns procuramos poupar do lado do consumidor porque um tero do consumo de gua do ciclo de vida de um produto ocorre na produo e dois teros do desperdcio de gua ocorrem do lado do consumidor, explica.

O efeito de proteo contra o odor garantido no decorrer do ciclo de vida normal do produto e a tecnologia neutraliza o odor impedindo a propagao de bactrias e fungos causadores. A tcnica Polygiene certificada pela Bluesign e integra a lista de produtos aprovados pelo OekoTex.

Atualmente, a tecnologia est a ser utilizada por marcas como Adidas, Patagonia, Jack Wolfskin e Hugo Boss e a empresa sueca espera agora atrair outras marcas de moda.

[A sua implementao] no denim difcil devido aos tratamentos utilizados na criao dos diferentes efeitos. J realizmos vrios testes para a Lee, e uma marca holandesa, a Mud Jeans, comeou a usar Polygiene, revela Gladon. A empresa est tambm em contacto com a G Star, Jesus, Diesel Japo e Denham, e foi recentemente abordada pela Levi Strauss nos EUA.

O Japo um mercado em crescimento, assim como os EUA. Temos estado em contacto com a Abercrombie Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren e a Victoria’s Secret. Temos tambm um contrato com a Calvin Klein, acrescenta.

Incorporar a sustentabilidade necessrio produzir peas de vesturio sem afetar o planeta e as pessoas, defende Enrique Silla. A nica forma de o fazer atravs da tecnologia, destaca.

O CEO da Jeanologia acredita que no espao de cinco anos a indstria txtil e do vesturio ir integrar robs. Vamos transformar completamente a indstria com recurso inovao. Isto significa eliminar a mo humana do processo de fabricao de jeans e usar o crebro humano em sua vez, explica. Existem muitas coisas que podemos fazer usando a tecnologia. necessrio pensar sobre como a tecnologia pode transformar os nossos produtos e como podemos usar a tecnologia no s para melhor criar um produto, mas tambm como ser mais criativo. Esta a nossa viso,
embroidered logo polo shirts Industria Textil e do Vestu

polo ralph lauren purple label Indian textile firms eye global brands

the polo towers Indian textile firms eye global brands

Companies chalked out massive expansion plans to build size and to become more competitive.

And at a time when most weavers and garment manufacturers have been in the news for raising money and expanding capacities, home textile players have been catching attention for a different reason buying foreign brands. These are the first such acquisitions by the Indian home textiles industry.

India’s largest terry towel producer and exporter and Asia’s fourth largest terry towel player, acquired 85 per cent stake in CHT Holdings, the holding company of UK’s largest and number one terry towel brand Christy, also the world’s oldest towel company.

The acquisition, announced earlier this month cost Rs 132 crore (Rs 1.32 billion). GHCL a domestic soda ash major with no major presence in textiles followed suit and announced two acquisitions in the last six months for about Rs 450 crore (Rs 4.5 billion).

After buying the third largest US home textiles player, Dan River, in December 2005, the company bought UK’s largest home textile retailer, Rosebys last month.

India’s exports to these markets are also growing at a scorching pace terry towel exports to the US grew at 26 per cent and bed sheets at 35 40 per cent in calendar year 2006.

Sunil Khandelwal, CFO, , has an answer. “Indian players have created capacities. Now it’s time to create markets,” he says.

“As we move to the higher end of the market, there is less competition. Our strategy is to attain higher market share in the branded business,” adds Rajesh Mandawewala, joint managing director, and chairman of Christy.

“Our company has become the world’s first fully integrated home textiles company that has a presence from spinning to retailing with strong brands and distribution set up,” adds Nikhil Sen, senior general manager, corporate finance and strategy, GHCL. It goes without saying that branded products fetch higher margins.

In a nutshell, these acquisitions will help the companies create a foothold in the brand conscious markets such as the US and EU, which are otherwise difficult to get into.

So far, Asian companies have gained from a surge in sales to developed markets primarily driven by shutting down of capacities in those markets.

However, since these companies are into the commodity business of manufacturing products for leading brands, expanding margins beyond a point would be difficult. But with branding and retailing, companies can hope to improve their margins substantially.

Says Sonal Shrivastav, analyst at Religare, “Indian companies are doing the right thing by moving up the value chain as the highest value addition is at the retail level. And if companies are integrated, it will boost margins.”Welspun is currently into the mid range of the terry towel market and supplies to a balanced mix of mass merchandisers, specialty and fashion stores and well established designer brands such as J C Penney, Kohl’s, Target, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Umbro, Bed Bath Beyond and Macy’s.

The company at present does not have a brand of its own in the global home textiles market though it has license to market the Nautica brand in India and Tommy Hilfiger in the US and Canada.

With exports accounting for 90 per cent of the total turnover, Welspun entered the domestic retail business last year through its brand Spaces and Welspun Home Mart under the aegis of Welspun Retail Limited.

With the acquisition of the premium brand Christy, 20 per cent of the company’s consolidated sales would come from branded products by FY07.

Says Priya Ayyar of IDBI capital, “Welspun’s move is a big positive for the company especially in terms of access to the high end premium segment and the quality conscious European market.”

The company will also be able to sell Christy brands in the domestic market through its more than 50 Spaces outlets. “Our company would benefit from Christy’s strong design and development skills, distribution set up and technical know how,” says Mandawewala.
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womens polo shirts on sale including store closings and lay offs

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Iconic apparel company Ralph Lauren has been in a years long rut, delivering sinking profits and lackluster sales in a shopping environment that has been scrambled by the rise of fast fashion and new e commerce players.

On Tuesday, chief executive Stefan Larsson a new hire who joined the retailer after turning Old Navy into a clothing powerhouse unveiled to investors his sweeping plan for fixing the business. Larsson’s strategy calls for shakeups in virtually every corner of the nearly 50 year old company: There are plans to shutter 50 underperforming stores, or about 10 percent of the fleet. The business will be restructured to save up to $220 million in annualized costs, and about 1,000 jobs will be eliminated.

Executives also will move to reduce the lead time it takes to produce clothing and to put more emphasis on three of the company’s sprawling line up of fashion labels. And they’ll work to rein in bloated inventory, which has often resulted in full price merchandise having to be funneled to its outlet stores and sold for less.

“Continuing with this vicious cycle is going to hurt the brand,” Larsson said at a meeting with investors.

Under its new plan, the Ralph Lauren company will put particular emphasis on evolving and shoring up three of its labels, including its eponymous high end line; its casual men’s label, Polo Ralph Lauren; and a women’s line, Lauren Ralph Lauren. That means other parts of the business, including labels such as Polo Sport,
womens polo shirts on sale including store closings and lay offs
Chaps, Denim Supply and Club Monaco, as well as categories such as home furnishings and fragrance, won’t be a particularly big focus.

In the three core brands, the focus will be on getting the product right. Today, executives said, some 30 percent of items in its high end line account for 70 percent of sales. Translation: There is a large of quantity of unproductive merchandise in its line up, and it is going to work to trim the fat. And getting the product right will mean rethinking the supply chain, in part by working to trim their average lead time for producing clothes from 15 months to nine months.

The recent struggles at Ralph Lauren are deeply entwined with troubles in the department store category. Ralph Lauren depends heavily on those outlets for its sales, and the likes of Macy’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s have each seen their sales take a serious hit in recent months. Larsson stressed that he’s still committed to selling through the retailers, even as the company looks for ways to tweak Ralph Lauren’s offering.

“On wholesale, I believe that wholesale will stand strong if you look five, 10 years ahead. What wholesale has to do as a channel is become more exciting,” Larsson said.
womens polo shirts on sale including store closings and lay offs

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SHANIKO A magnetic field seems to radiate from Jeanne Carver as she scrambles through rocks and sage on the Imperial Stock Ranch. Hundreds of sheep scamper the other direction as Carver nears, following an ancient impulse to flee.

A hundred yards away on the high desert terrain, a statuesque model raises her chin to an early morning sun. It’s time for her close up. With the light just so and Carver and the sheep serving as a wooly backdrop, this is golden hour for a fashion photographer, two assistants, a hair stylist, a makeup expert, a fashion designer and her assistant.

Balancing the down and dirty routines of sheep ranching with the air brushed world of high fashion has become something of the norm at Imperial Stock Ranch. A decade and a half of herding sheep and reinventing the business has brought this 35,000 acre ranch in rural eastern Oregon to a date with the Winter Olympics next month in Sochi, Russia and, on this January morning, to the second day of a photo shoot in an effort to create a catalog.

This fall, the “Imperial Collection by Anna Cohen” is expected to be available on the racks of a handful of high end retailers. The wool fabric has been grown on the ranch and the ranch has financed its processing, spinning, dying and weaving. Entering the apparel industry directly, even on a small scale, is a risk filled venture for an operation that relies on beef, wheat and hay sales for more than two thirds of its income.

Jeanne Carver hopes the collection will be another step in the evolution and ultimately the survival of the ranch at a time when many American farmers are moving on or selling out. Innovation, she says, is as important in agribusiness as in other industries people might associate more readily with technology and change.

“If you’re not constantly adapting and changing course,” she says, “you will never survive.”

The ranch began earning a reputation for adaptation in the early 1990s. Dan Carver, who owns and operates the ranch with wife Jeanne, sought the advice of government farmland managers about a different method of grazing cattle. The plan rotating the herd from one ranchland quadrant to another has over the past 20 years earned Imperial a reputation for sustainability and environmental protection.

The herd rotating practice allowed unused land to recover and vegetation to thrive. Through the Buck Hollow Watershed Enhancement, the ranch also helped reduce erosion and restore a steelhead run in a creek that courses through the property.

Earning more money for the ranch, Dan Carver readily admits, was his chief motivation. But profit coupled with other benefits has made him a sustainable agriculture advocate and a sought after speaker on the subject.

Those practices, however, could not have prepared Dan or Jeanne Carver for a life altering phone call in 1999.

Number of sheep, by state, 2012

SOURCE: Oregon Department of Agriculture

As they typically did in the spring, they called a regional processor to arrange delivery of that season’s wool harvest and hear the latest raw commodity price. There is no price, they were told.

It’s not that the Carvers hadn’t seen the warning signs. Between 1996 and 2000, more than 25,000 sheep producers went out of business in the United States.

In Oregon, more than 2 million sheep grazed in 1920, a figure that dropped to 1 million by 1945, 541,000 by 1970 and 210,000 by 2000 where it has stabilized, more or less, in the last decade.

The Carvers faced a wrenching choice.

“Do we stop raising sheep,” Jeanne Carver says, “or do we do it another way?”

Jeanne Carver, who is at least spiritual if not evangelical in her reverence for sheep and all they provide to humans, wanted to try another way.

“You gotta love ’em,” she says. “They ask for nothing and give you everything.”

Almost immediately after that 1999 phone call, the former collegiate hurdler hit the ground running to develop value added product lines for the ranch’s wool. The idea was to stop providing a commodity and instead develop a finished product think bottles of wine rather than grapes.

By the next year, she’d started Imperial Yarn locating partners across the country to process, spin and dye Imperial’s ranch wool for the specialized craft market.

In addition, the ranch financed the production of small runs of Imperial branded consumer goods caps, wraps and sweaters for sale in boutique stores, including Portland’s The Real Mother Goose.

By the middle of the decade, it appeared sheep ranching might just survive on Imperial Stock Ranch. Tens of thousands of sheep would no longer roam as they had a century ago when the ranch, under previous ownership, was among the largest in the country. But Dan and Jeanne Carver had developed a viable added value wool products business.

At the suggestion of Oregon Environmental Council officials, fans of Imperial’s sustainable ranching practices, the Carvers met in 2004 with John Emrick, then chief executive of Norm Thompson Outfitters in Hillsboro. Emrick listened intently to Imperial’s story of survival in sheep farming.

At the meeting’s conclusion, the Carvers and Emrick agreed on the parameters of wool and fabric supply for a Norm Thompson clothing line.

Emrick asked Dan Carver what he thought would be an appropriate amount of money that Norm Thompson should advance for the first year’s production.
polo boots for big kids Imperial Stock Ranch ready to enter apparel field