usc water polo roster ‘Naked at Lunch’ gives funny

american flag polo shirt ‘Naked at Lunch’ gives funny

And yet, there’s no denying that some people still get nekkid for social reasons, and Smith had to know why. Interviewing a nudist didn’t offer enough answers so he shed clothes and inhibitions and visited nude resorts in California and France, sunbathed on a free beach in Florida, and took a cruise ship “nakation.” Smith went nude grocery shopping, talked with the mayor of San Francisco, and learned how nudist magazines in the ’50s helped Playboy magazine. He was surprised that he liked nude hiking. And he discovered this: When naked, we’re really all the same. The disparity lies in time. They made me laugh out loud more than once; the problem is that I can’t tell you about them, since most aren’t fit to repeat in a family newspaper. That leads me to one of the negatives: This book’s profaneness can sometimes descend into juvenility. That goes double in the repetition that often occurs as Smith seems to marvel at his unusual surroundings. Funny, but giggly: It’s a fine line, but less of the latter would have suited me better.
usc water polo roster 'Naked at Lunch' gives funny