kids polo boots George Tsaftarides of Canton has been a tailor for more than 50 years

ramada marco polo George Tsaftarides of Canton has been a tailor for more than 50 years

story of George Tsaftarides’ life is woven with his love of fabrics and the friends he has made during his more than 50 year career of tailoring.

“He is an olde world artisan in the 21st Century,” said Steve Poulos of Canton. “He does everything with such detail. I love his work. I have gotten several suits from him. He does work for me when we get a very difficult tailoring job to be done. His work is excellent.”

Poulos owns Cleaners/Elmest Inc. so when his seamstress cannot fix a customer’s problem, he knows Tsaftarides will. Tailor

Tsaftarides, who with his wife Jill, lives in Canton and own George’s Men’s Ladies’ Wear in the glass tower across from the Belden Village Mall, started learning his trade as an apprentice when he was 16 in Kastoria, Greece. came here in 1960,” he said. “I learned to speak English watching “The Three Stooges.'”

Tsaftarides learned to his trade at the hands of another tailor in Greece who taught him nearly everything. The rest of his knowledge has come from working with fabrics like the year he spent working with furs before coming to America.

His plunge into the tailoring world came because of a red headed seamstress.

“Right next to the tailor shop was a seamstress who had red hair. A friend of mine used to tease and told me I should talk to her and take her out,” Tsaftarides said. was nothing else to do in the village during the winter months, so I became an apprentice.”

As for the seamstress, he said, “We never even talked to each other. “We never even looked at each other.”

Tsaftarides opened his first business in Canton at 23. He’s now in his 70s, giving him more than five decades of experience. his field, is one of the great tailors. He could go anywhere in the country and he would be a great tailor. He can take a piece of clothing totally apart and reconstruct it, be it leather, fabric or anything,” said Richard Schwartz, a customer. of Hills Dales, met Tsaftarides after deciding to get serious about a heart healthy diet and losing a significant amount of weight. of my suits and pants that I have collected over the years from the places I have been had to be altered,” said Schwartz. “He did absolutely wondrous things. He always asks me,
kids polo boots George Tsaftarides of Canton has been a tailor for more than 50 years
‘Did a man make this?’ and I say yes. He says, ‘Then a man can fix it, Richard.” to America

When Tsaftarides arrived in Stark County he worked for Tommy Orlando, a local tailor, for a year before going to Vicary’s and Harvard men’s stores. was an excellent tailor,” said Tsaftarides, who eventually opened his own tailoring business on Cleveland Avenue NW.

“I was doing really well making custom suits at that time,” he said. He eventually had to give up his trade for awhile because of clothing dust allergy.

“I wasn’t allowed to be next to wool clothing,” he said. “In 1972, I decided to move to Florida where I worked in construction 10 years but decided to go back into clothing.”

He met a doctor who advised him to check the filters in the building where he was and found they were thick with debris. His allergies were cured, but he made his way back to Canton when his father became ill in 2001.

He relocated his business to Jackson Township nine years ago. custom made, I show my customers samples and bolts of fabrics in the back,” he said. “I also customize ready made suits (he does women’s clothing too). I don’t care what needs done I can make it look like it was tailored.”

“I love that guy,” said Conley. “Over the years, I have gotten quite a few suits from him. He has even tailored some shirts for me, so when it came time for my wedding, I knew exactly who to go to. He lets me pick what I want, then he tailors everything to fit perfectly. We had eight groomsmen, myself, and others. I think he made easily 12 suits for the wedding in (last) September. It is nice to have somebody local who is that passionate about what he does.
kids polo boots George Tsaftarides of Canton has been a tailor for more than 50 years