grey polo hat Get outdoors during winter

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During the one non rainy, reasonable temperature day last week, I instructed my children to “go outside and get some Vitamin D.”

I’m pretty sure our oldest was outside before I started my sentence. Our middle child put on her shoes and ran outside to her bicycle. The 4 year old stood there staring at me. He said, “I already took my vitamin, I don’t have to go outside.” I hope I’m not the only parent that gives confusing instructions to my children!

Even during the middle of winter, we can find fun outdoor activities to do. It is easy to get “winter blues” or “cabin fever” when your family is stuck inside. Of course, children and adults need to dress appropriately for the weather. Besides a hat, pair of gloves and a good jacket, layering your clothes is a great way to stay warm.

My children leave on their pajamas as their first layer when they plan to play outside in cold temperatures. They add jeans and a sweatshirt with a sensible jacket, and they are ready to conquer the wind and cold. If you plan to exercise or be active when you are outside, it is best to wear layers.

One favorite activity for my family is having a scavenger hunt. One of the most fun parts is creating a list of items in nature that must be found. For preschoolers, simply draw a picture of the items that need to be found. Some examples that my family have used are a red leaf, stick in the shape of an alphabet letter, an acorn, a bird feather and a smooth rock. Each participant gets the list and a bag for collection. Whoever returns to the house first with all the correct things wins a prize. Sometimes we work in teams and other times the kids want to do the work alone.

For older kids, you can make the game more difficult. If everyone has a cell phone or camera, the scavenger items can be permanent and a picture must be taken. This would be fun in identifying trees or animal tracks.

Hosting a scavenger hunt is a great way to get exercise and increase creative skills. It also allows nature to be the playground.

Another traditional winter activity is having a bonfire. My children love to have friends over to build a bonfire and cook hotdogs and S’mores. Your fire doesn’t have to be roaring. A small fire pit works perfect on a chilly night. Kids can help collect and stack wood for a fire.

On a sunny winter day, it is fun to have a picnic outside. We bundle up and sit on a quilt to enjoy the sunshine. Drinking hot chocolate adds to the enjoyment. Recently we took a short hike at Chewacla State Park. It was great to get out of the house for a few hours and have a little exercise.

During the winter months, it is tempting to stay inside. I encourage you to venture outdoors and soak up a little sunshine. I promise you will feel better!
grey polo hat Get outdoors during winter