polo watch Finding the right fit for clothing

polo t shirts women Finding the right fit for clothing

What are the new online sites to help me find the right clothing, particularly jeans?

A: For those who don’t want to step inside a dressing room, there are plenty of options now to help customers find the right fit in jeans and other fashions.

The pioneer has been catalog retailer Lands’ End Inc., which began offering custom made apparel in 2001, starting out with chinos and in 2002 with jeans; custom made clothing has since expanded to items like men’s dress shirts and men’s tailored pants. Meanwhile, Lands’ End continues to tweak the interactive mannequin it launched on its Web site in 1998, a technology from My Virtual Model Inc. that allows customers to try on clothes virtually.

But over the past six months, the number of opportunities has expanded.

They’re all capitalizing on women’s constant struggle with fit. Online apparel sales reached $9.6 billion last year, but are only 5 percent of the total apparel market, according to Forrester Research.

It works this way: Customers answer questions about their body types, style preferences and size, such as “What’s your seat shape?” and “How would you describe your thighs?”

That information is then passed through Zafu’s proprietary algorithms to develop a personal profile, which is matched to a data base of 100 brands to make recommendations.

To buy, women click onto the link and are directed to the online store or they can print out a copy and take it to a store.
polo watch Finding the right fit for clothing