fina water polo Fire claims family’s home

boston college water polo Fire claims family’s home

A family of five is without a home after a devastating house fire Wednesday night north of the city.

been a rough night and rough day trying to figure out what to do now, Elwood Richards, who owned the home on Spooner Road, told the Whig Standard Thursday afternoon. kind of gut wrenching right now, just trying to piece together places to stay, get some clothes together and stuff like that. All was well until Jake told his grandfather he could smell smoke coming from one of the bedrooms. Richards opened the door to the bedroom and it was flooded with a thick cloud of smoke.

Too far gone to do anything, the family including dogs Louie, Chewy and Misty evacuated with just the clothes on their backs. While Richards and Ashlyn quickly slipped on some rubber boots, Jamie Lee and Shawn were barefoot. Two budgie birds also made it out of the home but they had suffocated in their cage.

Jamie Lee called 911 immediately and Kingston Fire and Rescue were on scene within 10 minutes, but Richards said it was too late. He lived there since the spring of 1998.

was nothing they could do, Richards said. wasn worth somebody getting injured going in there. Fire and Rescue fire inspector Clinton Debroy said crews from four stations responded to the scene. When they arrived,
fina water polo Fire claims family's home
the home was engulfed but firefighters were able to quickly knock down the fire.

Richards, who works in a field crew with Leslie M. Higginson Surveying, said initial investigations indicate the fire was likely electrical, starting at a plug that powered a television in the bedroom. Damage is estimated at $250,000, but Richards no longer had insurance.

just finished paying my mortgage and my fire insurance was on with the mortgage, Richards said. [the mortgage] ended, they cut the insurance that the part that really hurts. who was still wearing the same clothes on Thursday as he escaped with Wednesday night, said the family may be staying at a motel, but if not, they head to their cottage.
fina water polo Fire claims family's home