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The Detroit Pistons have reportedly made Avery Bradley available in trade discussions as the trade deadline approaches, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Bradley, who played for the Boston Celtics for seven years before being dealt to Detroit this offseason in exchange for Marcus Morris, will be a free agent after this season. Per Wojnarowski’s report, the Pistons are concerned they might lose Bradley for nothing after a lackluster season. Detroit started the year well but has fallen off a cliff recently, dropping their last eight games,
polo boxer 'made available'
and they are now several games out of the playoff race.

Bradley will likely have many interested suitors in on the trade market. A lock down on ball defender, he is also making 38.1 percent of his 3 pointers this season. That type of two way ability could make him attractive to contenders looking for postseason help around the deadline. Wojnarowski noted Bradley could command a big salary next year, but he might run into a dry free agent market there won’t be many buyers with money to throw around next season, especially for a slightly undersized shooting guard whose on/off defensive numbers have been disappointing given his reputation for a few years now.

Ex Celtics have had a tough 2017 18 season. Bradley hasn’t been a great fit in Detroit, while Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas have both struggled significantly with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even the draft assets Boston flipped haven’t worked out particularly well for their new teams the Brooklyn Nets pick the Cavaliers acquired for Kyrie Irving is currently eighth in the league, and Markelle Fultz’s shot continues to look broken in Philadelphia.
polo boxer 'made available'