polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair

veuve cliquot polo Brutal murders were result of affair

The bloody and brutal murders of two men whose bodies were found dumped in a Bradford country lane was the tragic culmination of a tangled web of infidelity and betrayal.

Minicab driver Mohammed Zubair fercociously battered his wife’s lover Ahmedin Khyel and his friend Imran Khan to death in his living room while the back door stood open and children played in the street, it is alleged.

The unsuspecting visitors, sitting on the sofa with their shoes politely removed, stood no chance when Zubair “exploded like a pressure cooker,” repeatedly raining blows on their heads with a claw hammer at his home in Heath Terrace, Barkerend, Bradford, it is said.

His anger had been building for several days after he found his wife’s phone and discovered she had resumed an affair with Mr Khyel, a father of seven.

The 35 year old electrician was said to have been in love with 27 year old Kainat Bibi, naming his business after his beloved “Kenny”.

Tahir Khan QC, for the Crown, said the affair went on for years. Bibi had stayed at Mr Khyel’s home in London and she told his wife, Noor, that she would marry him.

Mr Khyel and Bibi had sex at her home when Zubair and his mother, Arab Sultana, 64, were out.

“These two lovers were clearly playing a dangerous game,” Mr Khan said.

A friend of Imran Khan, who shared a house with him in Gloucester Avenue, Fagley, Bradford, disliked Mr Khyel, saying the man from London,
polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair
with glasses and an artifical eye, was “a womaniser”. He suspected him of bringing a woman back to the house for sex after finding a long black hair in his bed.

In contrast, he described builder’s labourer Mr Khan, a 27 year old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, as “a thorough gentleman.” On the day he was murdered, Mr Khan had a letter rejecting his appeal to stay in the UK.

In the days before the killings, Zubair was confiding in fellow Tyersal Private Hire driver, Sabir Hussain, about his frustration and fury that his wife had resumed her affair with “the London man”.

Hussain, the father of three young daughters, advised him to divorce his unfaithful wife and get a new one.

On May 10 last year, Zubair’s rage came to a head when he saw Mr Khyel’s blue Nissan Almera parked near his home.

“For Ahmedin Khyel to be anywhere near his lover’s house while her husband was around might be viewed as foolhardy at the very least, if not suicidal,” Mr Khan told the jury.

Zubair sent Hussain to see what “the London man” looked like. He reported that he was a big man much bigger than Zubair with slicked back hair and a boxer’s nose.

Zubair wanted to block in Mr Khyel’s car and confront him about why he had done this to him.

But he drove off, leaving Zubair fuming that he had missed his chance.

Soon afterwards, Zubair found up to nine missed calls from home on his phone. He was told the man was coming to his house in ten to 15 minutes.

CCTV caught Mr Khyel and Mr Khan walking on Barkerend Road towards Heath Terrace shortly after 8.20pm. A friend saw them laughing together. Police believe that half an hour later, both were dead.

Zubair and Hussain went into 126 Heath Terrace through the back door. Hussain told the jury he was anxious to get to work but needed to use the toilet.

Zubair instructed his wife to take their daughter upstairs. He then appeared in a back room with a hammer and two dumb bell bars “in case there was trouble”.

Zubair is believed to have loaded the bodies into his Volkswagen Transporter minicab that night and dumped them in New Lane, near Tong village, where they were found by a passing motorist shortly after 10pm.

The next day, his mother paid 600 for plane tickets to Pakistan and, hours later, Zubair was out of the country.

Post mortem examinations showed that both victims died from severe head injuries. Fragments of skull had been driven into their brains.

Significant efforts had been made to remove blood stains from the walls, furniture and ceiling at Heath Terrace but a forensic examination found both men’s blood at the murder scene.
polo chukka boot Brutal murders were result of affair