us polo Dick’s Sporting Goods asks Pittsfield Township for right to sell guns at new store

notre dame polo shirt Dick’s Sporting Goods asks Pittsfield Township for right to sell guns at new store

Weeks away from an official store opening, the Dick Sporting Goods in the Waters Place Shopping Center has submitted a request to the Pittsfield Township Planning Commission to carry and sell firearms.

The national chain applied for a controlled use permit on Aug. 18, and there will be a public hearing to consider the request at the planning commission meeting on Thursday. A photo from June shows the Dick’s Sporting Goods construction project in the Waters Place Shopping Center. The store should open sometime in October.

No controlled use within a 500 foot radius of a residentially zoned property, but this can be waived if the applicant submits a validated petition signed by at least 51 percent of persons owning or residing in that area.

No controlled use allowed within 500 feet of a nursery, primary or secondary school or day care facility.

The request by Dick Sporting Goods appears to adhere to the regulations as long as a petition can be obtained from the adjoining residential neighbors, according to township documents. The nearby Meijer store to the west of Dick does not sell firearms.

The request comes about a year after MC Sports received approval to sell firearms in the Briarwood Mall.

The store, located in the former Linens Things building, signed a lease to occupy the 35,000 square foot space in March. It is in the same complex as Kohl Best Buy and Borders, which is set to close for good on Thursday.

The national chain underwent a construction project in the past few months to increase the building footprint by 7,000 square feet. The front facade was also torn down and redone to make it look like a typical Dick store, with large brick columns and the standard blue Dick Sporting Goods sign.

Tom Goldberg, an owner of the Waters Place Shopping Center, said in a previous report that the store should be open by October.

The company could not be reached for comment regarding an official opening date.

Ricebrnr I really love reading your comments,
us polo Dick's Sporting Goods asks Pittsfield Township for right to sell guns at new store
because We have alot of the same views. I too wish there was a closer AFFORDABLE range nearby. My family too frequents Wolverine, or the club my dad belongs to Wayne County Raccoon hunters Club.(outdoor private). Dexter Millcreek is crazy expensive, Washtenaw Sportsman Club wants you to pay a million dollars for a membership, and Firing line is owned by westland cops that are complete a holes.(the workers were on their knees picking up my shells under my feet as i shot, and they will hound you about your shooting time). Top gun is always wayy to busy, and you get too much of the professional feel with their collared shirts. Wolverine is layed back, affordable, and the guys there are friendly.

I really approve of this Dicks having firearms. If they dont, i will not shop there. Plain and simple.

Well, I am well travelled and even lived in the D (oooh scary place right, lolol) with all the reports of ppl openly carrying their guns, I would say it just an odd feeling. Chillin out with ur kids and passing by someone walking out of the store with a gun (whatever type a shot gun will blow ur head off) hmmmm. Go hunting or whatever, just don bring/buy ur gun 2 the mall lol especially with all the kids playing in the kids area etc. I am not scared, just nervous of the possibilities I am just sayin trouble can come with the territory. Everyone who buys a gun does not have the sense to go along with ownership.

Clean ammo generally references no/low lead ammunition.

In the action of firing the open lead at the base of the projectile might atomize or vaporize somewhat.

By using ammo the range may save some money on their lead mitigation/filtration systems as well as clean up in general.

This is a good reason to shoot outdoors when possible and always be aware of the hazard after you shoot.

This means,
us polo Dick's Sporting Goods asks Pittsfield Township for right to sell guns at new store
no phones and or touching mouth/face until after you washed your hands thoroughly and to change cloths as soon as you can lest you track lead all over your house. Especially true if you have kids.