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Hear, hear about the NFL protests, not to mention those who are unable to speak pay the biggest price for doing so. I can tell you how relieved I am to see you a stalward D Land poster still, despite having been touched by sloth a bit in the past few years. I enjoy reading your entries as much as anyone and always click through as soon as I see you updated. Bravo for staying. Such a great entry about your grandfather. great memories.

I always thought the argument that beauty is NOT subjective to be rather compelling. Think about it: we animals. Like all animals, we have a drive to pass along our genetic code to a progeny who will do the same. To do that we need a mate, and numerous studies (some of which I just made up!) show that physical markers indicating health and reproductive viability are the literal basis of “attraction”. And those markers are generally the same across all human societies; things like facial symmetry, “golden ratio”, youth, flat stomach, hipster scruff. The good news for us, ah, “aesthetically challenged” phenotypes is that, as humans, we also evolved to use things like tasers and roofies. Equalizers like that ensure that ANY of us can get laid. So take heart, and smile in those mirrors from now on. You fox!Dating IS rocket science! It true! Agh!!

That true, and I certainly understand. When I myself am on the receiving end of an “I told you so”, it provokes a pretty strong visceral reaction sometimes. Even if I know it warranted. Thanks for the note 🙂

As to the last entry I figure so long as we know who we are, and what we want, and we don get the two confused. we have all we need. No one is guaranteed an arrival at that future place. We have to become someone we can live with today,
purple polo shirt DiaryLand members area
because tomorrow is not promised.