pga tour polo DIY Sandals From Old Flip Flops

marco polo hongkong hotel DIY Sandals From Old Flip Flops

1. What did you make?

I wanted a pair of simple, comfy summer shoes; I had a pair of old flip flops that were fraying and had pokey sequins. My mom had a bag of cloths we were about to donate so I had a nice selection of old t shirts to choose from for the straps.2. However, when I was laying the straps on my feet, I found that having a single wide strap going up the top of my foot was more flattering than the traditional V shaped design.3. Where did you make it?

I was all set up in my living room, readyto finish themin one go,
pga tour polo DIY Sandals From Old Flip Flops
but at 11 pm, I decided to leave it for the next day. Getting my dfingers unstuckwas a close second. The most rewarding part was the fancy smanchy five strand braid which was actually really easy and came out really well. If I were to do this again, I would start out with new, or at least cleaned, flip flops. the bottoms of the ones I worked with were kinda dusty and icky. I would also make my own soles out of leather so that the shoes look more streamlined and gladiator like.

So let’s begin!

In a nut shell:

(knot glue) [ (flip flops theplastic straps)+ old t shirt (cut braid) ]= comfy strappy braided sandals

Materials and Tools Needed:

old t shirt

flip flopsscissors for fabric

Step 1: Make the Straps1. Cut out along the width of the t shirt to make 5 strips about the width of your pinky nail.
pga tour polo DIY Sandals From Old Flip Flops