marco polo for kids Donald Trump plans to make Doral ‘finest golf resort’

slime water polo Donald Trump plans to make Doral ‘finest golf resort’

Inside the opulent clubhouse, Donald Trump has just finished his usual Saturday round on his flagship golf course, the first of 11 in his collection, which now includes Doral Resort and Spa in Miami, site of the WGC Cadillac Championship that tees off Thursday. He intends to remake the Blue Monster and surroundings, as scuffed as an old pair of shoes, into “the finest golf resort in the country.”

Trump, 65, is a habitual hyperbolizer. His properties and projects are “the best,” “the most spectacular,” “rated the highest” and “measured by impeccable standards.” But, in person, he doesn’t speak with the bombast of The Donald,
marco polo for kids Donald Trump plans to make Doral 'finest golf resort'
the persona he cultivates for public consumption. His lower lip doesn’t protrude with that trumped up air of superiority. His face is open, ruddy, not painted with the waxworks tan you see on TV. He’s friendly, funny. He’s tall with a sturdy build, and was a good football and baseball player in his youth.

He stops to compliment groundskeepers and give them a tip. But he’ll also point out if a croton needs to be trimmed or a rock moved. Trump spent $40 million converting flat pineland into a lush oasis, moving three million cubic yards of dirt to sculpt rolling hills and the highest point in Palm Beach County at the No. 18 tee box. One thousand royal palms were planted. Trump adores waterfalls; there is a six story one at No. 17. Jim Fazio designed the course, ranked No. 1 in Florida. Gil Hanse will redesign Doral.

Then he drives me and one of his playing partners in his Rolls Royce Phantom across the Intracoastal to Mar a Lago, the extravagantly lavish mansion built in 1927 by cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post that had been boarded up for 12 years before he restored it. This is his seaside castle, where he lives with third wife Melania and their young son Barron when they’re in Florida. When he decided it was too big as a home in 1995, he made it into a private club, where membership costs $150,000 (reduced from $200,
marco polo for kids Donald Trump plans to make Doral 'finest golf resort'
000 due to the recession and Bernie Madoff scandal).