glen at polo park doctors warn women about accepting beauty as pain

polo crest cologne doctors warn women about accepting beauty as pain

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 20, 2016) They’re sexy, stylish or just apart of your work wardrobe. But there are some extreme dangers linked to wearing high heels. You might look good but your feet are screaming on the inside.

“They’re gonna hurt. You gotta break them in and all these things. You know when you purchase them they’re going to hurt your feet,” said shoe lover, Corinne Sevenish.

“Things like morton’s neuroma are a pinched nerve between the toes which are certainly aggravated by heels because your foot is being compressed side to side and there’s more pressure on the ball of the foot,” said Dr. DeHeer.

Dr. DeHeer is treating Corinne with a series of injections, trying to avoid surgery. But the condition has progressed and ending her days of wearing high heels for good.

“The only thing that was working was tennis shoes. And so that’s what I was picturing. Going to a wedding and being at the front in a pair of Nike tennis shoes,” Sevenish said.

Dr. DeHeer says the higher the heel, the more damage you’re causing due to pressure on the ball of the foot. But he says make sure your shoes are the right size and wear heels if you know you’ll be sitting like out to dinner.

“Foot pain is not normal. If the shoes are hurting your feet you are certainly doing damage to your feet,” Dr. DeHeer said.

And for Corinne her tennis shoes are the new normal.

“For me like wearing the cute shoes made me like, it made the whole thing. It made me feel grown up and pretty.”

More than 70% of women say high heels hurt their feet, even sending some of them to the emergency room. Dr. DeHeers best advice is to choose your shoes based on how long you’ll have to stand or walk and keep a pair of flat shoes handy to change into to give your feet a break.
glen at polo park doctors warn women about accepting beauty as pain