polo emblem Hair of the dog lines the lakes

marco polo network Hair of the dog lines the lakes

Here are a few readers’ ideas about what happens to all the dog hair shed in Spokane area lakes.

“Didn’t you know?” wrote Keri Whittekiend. “There is actually a drain at the bottom of those lakes with a really big, dog hairy, clog in them. If you pulled it out the lakes would drain like a tub.”

Then there was this from Caryl Lawton. “You’ve never heard of a ‘lake bed’ or ‘river bed’? You don’t think they are made up entirely of discarded down and feathers, do you? It’s the dog hair that gives them substance.”

Slice answer: “Regarding why some people wear long socks with long shorts,” wrote Craig Moore. “It’s part of the summer uniform for dads of pre teens and teens. I also like to add sandals and a T shirt or polo shirt. It doesn’t matter if anything matches. After all,
polo emblem Hair of the dog lines the lakes
the purpose is to be comfortable while embarrassing the kids.”

How to note the upcoming anniversary of Nixon’s resignation: Doug Burr said he will have a cold beer or two, “While wondering how today’s manic American political culture would handle a real crisis such as Watergate.”

Johnny Erp said he might note the occasion by bombing Cambodia.

Slice answer: “I grew up in a family of 10 children and one bathroom,” wrote Nancy Abel.

There was a lot of pounding on the door. Eventually the lock broke.

“My mother refused to put another lock on the door. From then on, we all had to prop a chair up against the door in order to seek our privacy.”

Today’s Slice question: If you were to launch yourself toward a swimming pool in the unmistakable arc of a cannonball dive, what would go through the minds of nearby onlookers as you were about to hit the water?
polo emblem Hair of the dog lines the lakes