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An Arsenal reader has had enough of Hector Bellerin, while Chelsea fans sense blood ahead of their tie with Man Utd at the weekend, all in Your Says of the Day.

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There was a time I really rated this guy and touted him to be the best right back in the world. Ever since then, he’s gone onto prove me wrong and made himself into one of the worst right backs in the world.

There was an instance at the NLD, where Lamela slyly kicked him after the foul was called and the whistle blew.

The guy was so afraid of him and to get in his face. This is a NLD we’re talking about, a decade ago not one player of ours would let their players wind us up like that and get right in their faces.

He also criticised the channel a lot for their lack of support. Now I agree when he says he shouldn’t listen to that channel, because apart from one or two almost everyone on there is deluded and fickle and think they’re some sort of celebrity just because they’re on that channel.

But the most important question is, why is he even talking about that channel. Why does he even have time to do that. This guy focuses half his time on social media, fashion and Arsenal fan tv. I think he’s lost focus.

I wouldn’t even think he’d get into the barcelona team right now they wouldn’t even want him.

Bellerin is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with Arsenal Football Club at the moment.

The players don’t give a toss what happens on the pitch and that’s because they’ve got a weak old man in charge of them.

It’s Arsenal in name only. It needs players who want to die for the shirt and a manager who won’t accept mediocrity. Sadly, we have neither at the moment.

The more i watch of this fella, the more I’m convinced how pathetic he is. No passion, no desire. A headless chicken running around the pitch.

He spends more time doing modelling then concentrating towards football, and apparently he’s gotten a lot of praise for slagging off AFTV, why the hell does he have time to keep getting involved with that nonsensical platform where every week the same fan chances their view.

I’ve never seen a player go more backwards in my life, he should be sacked.

To be honest DT on arsenal fan tv is actually spot on regarding Hector. He practises crosses on the warmup and goes inside on 98% of the times during the game so he cant cross. The defenders dont even have to cover the wing when he is playing.

I actually saw Wenger scream at them to go wide and he still did not do it. So when he states he only listens to the manager its not true and I don think he is the only one who don Wenger has lost the faith of the players but to be honest many of the players are shit so I don think a new manager can address that without kicking them out.


It’s come to the point where i was desperately wanting to see the other team win today, because our football all round has been so bad we don’t deserve to be anywhere where we are. This manager had one job, to defend and counter and thrash them.

Instead, this defence got battered even before they realised the game had started. I’ve been telling week in week out, that this is he worst Arsenal team I’ve ever seen, in every department.

Just an observation on the game, apart from the obvious poor performances from certain players, Maitland niles is another player who won’t make it I feel. We’ve all wanted to see him in a midfield position, but misplaces passes poor attitude. In fact, today in football they don’t even give that first chance.

I know lads, it just when that second goal went in I burst out laughing, we are a joke, an embarassment, the players and the especially the manager. They gave the fans nothing want this season over with but we have more humiliation to face yet, starting at the weekend and don think City result in the FA Cup means we wont get spanked because we will

Yes we should beat Ostersund but for those who has actually seen this team play before knows that they can play. I mean they have beaten Galatassaray, Hertha Berlin for example. They actually should have beaten us as well over this tie had they not had too much respect for us in the first half at home.

To think that you just have to put your shoes out against them shows the mentality at our club. It also showed that Welbeck, Iwobi, Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Maitland Niles, Ospina and Elneny should play their trade elsewhere. The young ones should go out on loan to learn how to play before we give them a new chance. The others like Welbeck, Ospina and Elneny should leave in the summer.

On the plus side, Herrera will be injured. Mourinho has to find another player to man mark Hazard. getting the ball to Willian and Hazard in an advanced area could be the key to unlocking them. play Morata in the first hour and replace him after the hour mark. swap Fabregas for Luiz or Drinkwater. then we will be fine. my team for that match is 3 4 2 1. Courtois, Azpi Christensen Rudiger, Moses Luiz/Drinkwater Kante Alonso, Willian Hazard, Morata.
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