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‘Mattress Mack’ swiftly turned furniture stores into shelters from stormHOUSTON Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale tears open a sack of mixed candy and spills the little chocolate bars, lollipops and other treats onto a table at the front of his sprawling furniture store.

Free candy is just one of the many things McIngvale, 66, has offered for nearly 40 years to entice customers into his Gallery Furniture stores. And it’s one small sign that something resembling normalcy is returning to parts of this city even as hundreds of flood victims still stand in line in his parking lot to pick up water bottles, cleaning supplies and donated shoes.

McIngvale grew up in Dallas and attended Bishop Lynch High School. But he has become an icon in Houston for his brash but endearing style. His TV commercials have featured him jumping up and down, waving wads of cash and promising to SAVE YOU MONEY! In some ads, he’s wearing a mattress suit. There’s proof on YouTube.

But in the last two weeks, Mattress Mack, the canny businessman, has become Shelter Mack, the beloved philanthropist. Not only did he open his doors to hundreds left homeless by the storm, he sent out his furniture trucks to rescue them. Children, parents, grandparents. Entire families, including pets. Then he fed them and let them sleep on mattresses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They slept on king beds, they slept on sofas, they slept on recliners, wherever they could get comfortable.

“Think a slumber party on steroids,” he said.

The floodAfter the storm made landfall Friday evening, Aug. 25, McIngvale stayed overnight at his flagship store on Interstate 45, about 10 miles north of downtown. He went home that Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning to attend Mass, like he does every Sunday, at Assumption Catholic Church. He never made it. The streets were flooded. By the time he got to his I 45 store that afternoon, people were calling and emailing him for help.

He posted a video that night on his Facebook page telling people they could find shelter at two of his three furniture stores. He even gave out his personal cellphone number.

He sent his furniture trucks out into the night to rescue people stranded on street corners, 7 Elevens and fire stations. One truck, with about a half dozen people inside, stalled out in deep water.

One of his managers, Anthony Lebedzinski, went out in another truck to retrieve the evacuees and almost drowned. As Lebedzinski waded through the oily water, feeling with his feet for a path, he suddenly fell into an open manhole. As he was being sucked down, his hands and arms caught his fall on the edge of the hole, and he managed to pull himself free. He thinks he could have been pulled all the way into the San Jacinto River.

“It wasn’t my time,” said the 36 year old Lebedzinski, who like nearly everyone at the furniture store hasn’t taken a day off since the storm hit. Mack the Motivator told him: “It was a one in a million shot and you came out on top.”

For about a week after the storm, McIngvale’s stores were filled with hundreds of people whose homes were flooded, along with some National Guard troops. He wasn’t worried about people sleeping on the plastic covered mattresses, telling folks “that’s what they’re made for.”

Before long, he was also getting the word out that people needed cleaning supplies, diapers and other practical goods. Donations have arrived by the truckload.

On Monday evening, one truck pulled up from California. “It’s not just Texans helping Texans, the whole country is helping us out,” Lebedzinski said.

18 hour daysMcIngvale rarely stands still. Though now stoop shouldered, gray haired and at an age when many people retire, he’s been working 18 hour days. A self described control freak, he’s out in the parking lot every day,
puritan polo shirts Helping save lives
in his white ballcap, purple polo shirt, black pants and sneakers. One minute, he’s directing traffic. The next, he’s posing for a picture with a woman whose parents bought their furniture from him. Now, she said she needs help with cleaning supplies. “Thank you, Mr. McIngvale,” she said, shaking his hand.

He walks past a long line of people waiting for cleaning supplies and points out the volunteers sorting the donations in his 100,000 square foot warehouse. One is Bobbie White, who slows McIngvale down long enough to tell him that her parents won a bedroom suite in 1988 in one of his raffles. “It was worth $3,800 back then,” she said. “Imagine how much it would cost today.”

A minute later, he runs into a young man who came to volunteer and ended up a full time hire. Ariel Rodriguez, 25, said his parents had bought McIngvale’s furniture over the years, so he decided to lend a hand. McIngvale took an instant liking to Rodriguez. “He’s great with people, really good.”

Then McIngvale is back at the front entrance, putting out the candy, checking his phone for messages, barking orders to his employees, shaking another hand.

He seems to know nearly everyone who comes through the door. He yells goodbye to a man leaving. “See him? He’s crying,” McIngvale says. “He’s lost everything.”

It’s that attention to detail and customers’ needs that has helped make him successful enough that when the Houston Rockets were for sale, his name surfaced as a potential buyer. Last week, the Rockets announced that Tilman Fertitta, a billionaire businessman, had bought the club, pending approval by the NBA’s Board of Governors.

“I was a long shot,” McIngvale said.

From Dallas to HoustonFrom the outset, McIngvale was a bit of a long shot. Born in Mississippi, his family moved to Dallas near Mesquite. “I’m an old East Dallas boy and proud of it, too,” he said.

After graduating from Bishop Lynch, he played football for two years at University of Texas in Austin. He rode the bench when Darrell Royal’s teams won a national championship and competed for another. “I was a great football player with only two problems,” he said, deadpanning: “I was too small and too slow.”

McIngvale lettered for North Texas as a linebacker in 1972 and 1973 under Rod Rust and Hayden Fry, and although he left before graduating, he later became a key booster for the school’s athletic program. McIngvale donated $1 million toward the construction of the Mean Green Athletic Center, which opened in 2005 and was a key early step toward the building of Apogee Stadium.

McIngvale says he got into the furniture business “because I needed a job.” He worked for two years at Century Furniture in Dallas and then decided to move to Houston where his brother lived.

He invested $5,000 of his own money and that of his girlfriend, Linda, who told him she would move to Houston only if they got married. He agreed, and they were married in 1981, the year he opened up his store. They have three children and adopted another.

His famous catchphrase originated about two years later when he decided to make his first commercial. After many takes, McIngvale grew frustrated. He finally pulled some cash out of his pocket, waved it in front of the camera and yelled: “Gallery Furniture saves you money.”

The phrase caught on and business has been good ever since.

He’s done charity work over the years. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, he put a sign outside his store that said, “Louisiana residents sleep here free.” Several hundred stayed for a few days.

He thinks it’s important as a parent to leave a legacy of service and volunteerism for his children and grandchildren.
puritan polo shirts Helping save lives

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mens golf polos Helping men dress for Victoria’s D

It is easy for women to find white outfits but it can be challenging for men. They’ve been looking everywhere from thrift stores to high end shops. Some are buying, others are renting. Styles run from formal to casual wear to novelty.

Shoppers have been picking up white shirts for the event at Phil Nyren Menswear and Womenswear, on Yates Street. Other white items include denims and ties. There’s not much call for white jackets for men, Nyren said.

But men holding off on jackets might want to reconsider just think of film stars such as Sean Connery wearing a white dinner jacket as James Bond in Goldfinger, or Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in Casablanca.

Gregory Schadt, manager of Moores Clothing for Men at Uptown shopping centre on Blanshard Street, said customers started making preparations a few weeks ago. “We’ve had tonnes of rentals for this upcoming event.”

Moores sells and rents clothing. It costs roughly $150, including shoes, to rent a white tux, he said.

Purchased items include white hats, shirts, ties, suspenders, and belts. “We have quite a few items that could work for that event.”

Sid Ezedine, owner of Capital City Tuxedo on Courtney Street, has seen a boom in business thanks to Dner en Blanc. “It’s kind of a nice, exciting thing that happens in town and a lot of people go to it.”

Again, customers can buy or rent. Last year, the store sold out of its white shoes for men. Three men who attended last year’s Dner en Blanc have again lined up white outfits to rent. Capital City has a large stock on hand, prepared for last minute customers, he said.

Jordan Stout, buyer/manager of Still Life For Him on Johnson Street, said this time of year they always have basic white pieces in stock,
marco polo bagel Helping men dress for Victoria's D
such as dress and sport shirts, denims, and shoes.

Tobyn Sowden, co owner of Red Brick Media and leader of a table of 25 couples at the event, will be wearing white shoes and a shirt from Value Village.

This year, 1,200 tickets ($35 each and a membership costing $5) have been sold to Dner en Blanc in Victoria, up from 800 last year, said Aidan Henry, owner of Brink Events and Victoria organization committee chairman. He is putting the event on with The Social Concierge of Vancouver.

During the four hours of the party, “You’re forgetting about everything that is going on in life and you’re just able to enjoy amazing food, beverages, music with good friends and family in an elegant setting,” Henry said.

“It’s just this giant, secret pop up picnic party.”

Participants meet in five locations; when the party location is announced, they either bus or walk to the site. They take their own tables, linens and decorations, all white, of course. They can either bring their own food or arrange in advance from a selection offered by the London Chef.

Tyson Villeneuve, of The Social Concierge and Western Canadian Dner en Blanc organizer, said Vancouver’s Aug. 21 Dner en Blanc is expecting 3,200 people.

There’s a tourism aspect to these events. Victoria’s event is attracting visitors from Calgary and Vancouver,
marco polo bagel Helping men dress for Victoria's D
he said.

custom embroidered polos Help in Finding 3 Missing Teen Sisters

ou polo Help in Finding 3 Missing Teen Sisters

Glendale police are asking for the public’s help in finding three missing teenage sisters.

The Lubrin sisters Ashley, left, Joyce, center, and Kealani have been missing since Friday, police said.

The girls were last seen Friday morning or afternoon at their home in the 800 block of East Chevy Chase Drive, according to a statement issued by the Glendale Police Department.

Joyce Lubrin, 16, is 4 feet 11 inches, 120 pounds. She is “7 months pregnant and suffers from mental retardation, ADHD, PTSD and depression,” according to the statement. She was last seen wearing a white tank top, blue hooded sweatshirt and grey jacket.

Kealani Lubrin, 15, is 5 feet 1 inch, 115 pounds. She was last seen wearing a flowered tube top, blue denim shorts, white sweater and black shoes.

Ashley Lubrin, 13, is 5 feet 4 inches, 140 pounds. She was last seen wearing a red polo shirt, blue denim shorts and a blue Dodgers hat. It is not known if Ashley, who suffers from asthma, has an inhaler with her.
custom embroidered polos Help in Finding 3 Missing Teen Sisters

hilfiger polo Heels are part of hoops coaches game plan

travels of marco polo Heels are part of hoops coaches game plan

The leopard print booties with 4 inch heels and a shiny zipper stand out among blue and white high top sneakers.

It a timeout during a women college basketball game at Petersen Events Center in Oakland. Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw sports the animal print footwear as she instructs her players on the next play.

“I feel comfortable in heels,” says McGraw, who is known for her footwear, especially animal prints, and her coaching prowess. Her team is No. 2 in the weekly Associated Press College Basketball poll.

“They are part of my uniform. I am a role model for these young women, so it is important for me to dress well, and wearing high heels is an important part of that,” she says.

“We want to look professional,” says the opposing coach, University of Pittsburgh Suzie McConnell Serio. “Just because we are basketball coaches doesn mean we shouldn get dressed up.”

Adding some height is one reason McConnell Serio wears heels. On this night, she went with patent leather pumps.

“And I am not superstitious about which shoes to wear to which games. I choose my footwear based on my outfit,” she says. “Sometimes, after games, my feet are killing me. But I don think about that during a game. Everything you do is based on success from how you perform on the court to how you look while you are performing on the court.”

Most college coaches wear heels while pacing up and down in front of their benches, and use the heels to make noise stomping on the court.

“You just get used to wearing heels,” says Penn State coach Coquese Washington. “I try to find comfortable shoes, and I tell my players ‘These are 40 minute heels, so no overtime. I think of it as going to work and putting my best foot forward. It game day. It about looking professional. And you feel good when you look good.”

Washington cautions that coaches need to be aware of where they are on the court so they don trip or get their foot caught with players and assistant coaches sitting on the bench.

McGraw broke a heel in a game against UC Santa Barbara in the first round of the 2005 NCAA tournament in Fresno, Calif. It had to be repaired with duct tape and colored in with a black Sharpie marker. Washington snapped a heel once stomping her foot at a Big Ten Conference Tournament game after a questionable call by an official. The trainer had to do some shoe surgery at halftime, which required lots of glue.

“I can actually run in heels,” McGraw says. “And I can chase people on the court in heels if I have to. Shoes make the outfit and, plus, I am not that tall, so wearing heels makes me look tall anyway.”

But even tall women want to stand out, says Georgia Tech graduate assistant coach Nisha Adams.

“The heels make the outfit look better,” says Adams, whose black pumps add 5 inches to her already 6 foot 2 frame. “I am pretty coordinated, so I don have trouble wearing heels on the court.”

Neither does Valley High School girls basketball head coach Mindy White.

“I like to look professional when I coach, and I am still young. I am in my 20s, so I like to bust out my 5 inch heels,” says White, a registered nurse who wears scrubs and flat shoes to her day job. “I believe women in any profession, whether you are coaching or working in an office, get confidence from wearing high heels. It is also good for our players to see women who dress professionally. It gives them someone to look up to and to know that we take what we are doing seriously, that we look the part.”

She says one of her favorite designers is Jessica Simpson. Other popular brands among coaches include Nine West, Gucci and Guess.

“I do think you have to spend a little more on shoes you will be wearing when you coach, so your feet won hurt at the end of the game,” White says.

There can be dangers associated with high heels, says Dr. Jane E. Andersen, a podiatrist at Chapel Hill Foot and Ankle Associates in North Carolina, including foot problems like blisters and calluses.

“They are in danger of spraining an ankle because they are moving up and down the sideline on the court,” Andersen says. “They also might be lunging forward and they can fall because the floor might be slippery from sweat. They also could injure their Achilles (tendons).”

But, she adds, most are probably experienced wearing high heels and know what they are doing. “Most of them are or were good athletes, so they are in shape and can get away with it.”

There are shoes that are made to be worn for a short period of time versus others that can be worn longer, Andersen points out.

“Coaches want to make sure they have shoes that are comfortable for the entire game time,” she says. “They might want to keep the heel height at 2 inches or less, make sure it is thicker and has a generous toe box area.”

Dr. Vonda Wright, orthopedic surgeon at UPMC Center for Sports Medicine and a stiletto wearer agrees that coaches need to be cautious. High heels are not great for a woman bio mechanics and can cause a shift in body weight that can put a lot of pressure on the front of the legs, she says.

“Coaches need to make sure their calves are strengthened and they have a strong core,” Wright says. “I bet coaches wear heels because it makes them look more confident and they have a better self image and they perform better. Heels make a woman feel strong and powerful. And coaches are powerful women.

“People might wonder why women wear expensive heels, but look at the male coaches, they wear $1,000 suits and often toss their jackets,” she says. “A sweatsuit doesn portray the image these women want. They raise the bar with their fashion style in wearing high heels.”

Wearing heels is classy, says Lisa Fairman, head coach at Belle Vernon Area High School.

“People do notice, especially my players,” Fairman says. “Sometimes, I just buy cool shoes and am not sure if I will wear them coaching, but when I find an outfit they look good with, I put them on, including leopard print, silver and gold shoes. Sometimes people will say, ‘Who would buy a leopard print shoe? And I say, ‘I would. “
hilfiger polo Heels are part of hoops coaches game plan

nike polo shirts for men Hector Bellerin is

water polo fight Hector Bellerin is

An Arsenal reader has had enough of Hector Bellerin, while Chelsea fans sense blood ahead of their tie with Man Utd at the weekend, all in Your Says of the Day.

You can join the debate right here.

There was a time I really rated this guy and touted him to be the best right back in the world. Ever since then, he’s gone onto prove me wrong and made himself into one of the worst right backs in the world.

There was an instance at the NLD, where Lamela slyly kicked him after the foul was called and the whistle blew.

The guy was so afraid of him and to get in his face. This is a NLD we’re talking about, a decade ago not one player of ours would let their players wind us up like that and get right in their faces.

He also criticised the channel a lot for their lack of support. Now I agree when he says he shouldn’t listen to that channel, because apart from one or two almost everyone on there is deluded and fickle and think they’re some sort of celebrity just because they’re on that channel.

But the most important question is, why is he even talking about that channel. Why does he even have time to do that. This guy focuses half his time on social media, fashion and Arsenal fan tv. I think he’s lost focus.

I wouldn’t even think he’d get into the barcelona team right now they wouldn’t even want him.

Bellerin is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with Arsenal Football Club at the moment.

The players don’t give a toss what happens on the pitch and that’s because they’ve got a weak old man in charge of them.

It’s Arsenal in name only. It needs players who want to die for the shirt and a manager who won’t accept mediocrity. Sadly, we have neither at the moment.

The more i watch of this fella, the more I’m convinced how pathetic he is. No passion, no desire. A headless chicken running around the pitch.

He spends more time doing modelling then concentrating towards football, and apparently he’s gotten a lot of praise for slagging off AFTV, why the hell does he have time to keep getting involved with that nonsensical platform where every week the same fan chances their view.

I’ve never seen a player go more backwards in my life, he should be sacked.

To be honest DT on arsenal fan tv is actually spot on regarding Hector. He practises crosses on the warmup and goes inside on 98% of the times during the game so he cant cross. The defenders dont even have to cover the wing when he is playing.

I actually saw Wenger scream at them to go wide and he still did not do it. So when he states he only listens to the manager its not true and I don think he is the only one who don Wenger has lost the faith of the players but to be honest many of the players are shit so I don think a new manager can address that without kicking them out.


It’s come to the point where i was desperately wanting to see the other team win today, because our football all round has been so bad we don’t deserve to be anywhere where we are. This manager had one job, to defend and counter and thrash them.

Instead, this defence got battered even before they realised the game had started. I’ve been telling week in week out, that this is he worst Arsenal team I’ve ever seen, in every department.

Just an observation on the game, apart from the obvious poor performances from certain players, Maitland niles is another player who won’t make it I feel. We’ve all wanted to see him in a midfield position, but misplaces passes poor attitude. In fact, today in football they don’t even give that first chance.

I know lads, it just when that second goal went in I burst out laughing, we are a joke, an embarassment, the players and the especially the manager. They gave the fans nothing want this season over with but we have more humiliation to face yet, starting at the weekend and don think City result in the FA Cup means we wont get spanked because we will

Yes we should beat Ostersund but for those who has actually seen this team play before knows that they can play. I mean they have beaten Galatassaray, Hertha Berlin for example. They actually should have beaten us as well over this tie had they not had too much respect for us in the first half at home.

To think that you just have to put your shoes out against them shows the mentality at our club. It also showed that Welbeck, Iwobi, Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Maitland Niles, Ospina and Elneny should play their trade elsewhere. The young ones should go out on loan to learn how to play before we give them a new chance. The others like Welbeck, Ospina and Elneny should leave in the summer.

On the plus side, Herrera will be injured. Mourinho has to find another player to man mark Hazard. getting the ball to Willian and Hazard in an advanced area could be the key to unlocking them. play Morata in the first hour and replace him after the hour mark. swap Fabregas for Luiz or Drinkwater. then we will be fine. my team for that match is 3 4 2 1. Courtois, Azpi Christensen Rudiger, Moses Luiz/Drinkwater Kante Alonso, Willian Hazard, Morata.
nike polo shirts for men Hector Bellerin is

ralph lauren polos for men Healthy Eating

marco polo travel Healthy Eating

Related Articles The Best Time of Year to Buy Blood Oranges Do Tangerines Have as Much Vitamin C as Oranges? Marmalade Vs. Jam: Which Is Healthier? Losing Weight With Blood Oranges

Blood and navel oranges are both citrus fruits. They can be used similarly in desserts, as a snack or as an ingredient in a salad or recipe. However, these two types of oranges are significantly different in appearance, taste and nutritional values. Even their places of origin are disparate; Citrus Pages online reports naval oranges are thought to originally be from Brazil, while blood oranges were first reported in the Mediterranean basin.

Appearance Navel oranges received their name thanks to a protrusion on the skin that looks somewhat like a human navel. This is actually another, secondary, embryo inside the fruit. The blood orange does not possess this feature, and the skin in general is thinner than that of the thick skinned navel. The fruit flesh of the blood orange is usually pink or red in color, hence its name. The juice of the blood orange is also red, unlike the orange colored juice of the navel fruit.

Flavor and Uses Blood oranges possess a distinctive flavor compared to other sweet oranges like navels. This citrus variety is considered less acidic in taste than the navel and often contains overtones of berries such as raspberry or strawberry. The blood orange is considered an eating and juicing orange, while the navel is more of an eating orange. Its sweet taste can turn somewhat bitter when its juice is exposed to air.

Nutritional Values All types of oranges are fat free or very low in fat, cholesterol free, sodium free and high in fiber. All oranges contain varying levels of vitamins,
ralph lauren polos for men Healthy Eating
minerals and antioxidants, such as vitamin A, calcium, niacin and folate. They are especially high in vitamin C. However, blood oranges contain up to 40 percent more of this important vitamin than navels and other sweet oranges.

Flavenoids Blood oranges contain much higher levels of the flavenoid pigment anthocyanin than do navel oranges, and it is this pigment that gives blood oranges their unusual color. Anthocyanins are effective disease fighting antioxidants when consumed as part of your diet. Flavenoids are used by the body to help prevent health issues such as blood vessel ruptures, oxygen damage to cells and inflammation throughout your body. These substances also help enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C. Both types of oranges are a healthy treat, but on the nutrition front, blood oranges may be your better bet.

References (4) World’s Healthiest Foods: OrangesProduce Oasis: Blood OrangesCitrus Pages: Blood OrangesTrue Star Health: Encyclopedia of Health Oranges

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ralph lauren polos for men Healthy Eating

pocket polo shirts HEADStrong Foundation benefits from Essex Tech boys lax game vs

lakewood ranch polo club HEADStrong Foundation benefits from Essex Tech boys lax game vs

DANVERS Goals were hard to come by Saturday night.

Just when it appeared as though the game might be headed to overtime, visiting Northeast Regional scored a late one to edge Essex Tech, 6 5.

The two teams played the game for the HEADStrong Foundation, a nonprofit that helps raise funds for those suffering from cancer. Nearly $1,800 was raised for the cause.

Lime green was the color of the day, with coaches wearing bright T shirts with the color, while several players on both teams donned lime green socks. Hawks attackman Brandon Swaczyk went one step further, wearing lime green shoes and netting on his stick to match.

Essex Tech (now 6 7)had some good chances to tie it up in the final two minutes. Their best bid came on a scramble for a loose ball in the Knights’ crease, but before anyone from the home team could jam it home, Northeast goalie Jack McIntyre raked the ball away from his crease.

The Hawks called a timeout to settle things down,
pocket polo shirts HEADStrong Foundation benefits from Essex Tech boys lax game vs
but as a steady rain fell they were unable to get another good shot on net before time expired.

After the two teams shook hands, players went to the middle of the field for a team picture of both the Blue (Essex Tech) and Gold (Northeast).

“This was a tough one to lose. Goals were certainly hard to come by all game,” said Hawks coach Jeff Comeau.

“All year long we’ve had a good team effort, and this one was no different. Midfielder Hunter Lane (assist) gave us a big spark all game and pushed the pace in transition. Gino Bonaventura and Jake Heath were solid on defense, too.”

The Knights (4 4) took an early lead, but the Hawks scored three unanswered goals in the third quarter to knot it up at 5 5. It remained tied until late in the final quarter when Anthony Vozzella fired a long shot past Essex Tech goalie Ryan McGregor for what proved to be the game winner. It came two seconds after the Hawks had killed off a penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Swaczyk scored a pretty goal with just over a minute gone when he scooped up a ground ball and raced in alone for a quick 1 0 lead. But Knights captain John Keats answered with the next three scores before Essex Tech captain Tom Anderson took a pass from Swaczyk and beat McIntyre to cut the deficit to 3 2 at the end of the first quarter.

The only goal in the next 12 minutes was by Vozzella, giving Northeast a 4 2 lead at the half. McGregor made a huge save on Mike Mangino in the final 10 seconds of the second quarter to keep his team close.

Keats notched his fourth of the game with four minutes gone in the third quarter, but the Hawks went on a run by scoring the next three goals to knot it up. Anderson had two in the span of two minutes for the hat trick before Brendan Ahern fired in a long shot to make it 5 5. McIntyre robbed Swaczyk in the final minute of the quarter to keep the game tied.

Penalties killed some of that momentum as ET was called for infractions three times in the final 12 minutes.

“(Long stick middie) Will Connolly had a strong game. He and Hunter allowed us to go on that run in the third quarter to get back in the game,” said Comeau. “That Kent is a great player for them. We played him in tight all game, but he was able to get away.”
pocket polo shirts HEADStrong Foundation benefits from Essex Tech boys lax game vs

us polo assn shirts for men He’s Puzzled About What Tie Goes With Shirt

polo stays He’s Puzzled About What Tie Goes With Shirt

The Color Purple: He’s Puzzled About What Tie Goes With ShirtPERSONAL STYLE THE FASHION ADVISER

February 12, 1998By Jean Patteson of The Sentinel Staff

QUESTION: I was given a purple dress shirt by my new girlfriend. She keeps urging me to wear the shirt, and I keep delaying. The truth is, I haven’t a clue what color tie to wear with it, but I don’t want to appear fashion impaired by admitting that I’m clueless. What color would you suggest?

ANSWER: Purple is a popular color in mens wear at present, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a tie to go with your shirt. There are many shades of purple, however, so take the shirt with you when you go shopping for a tie to help you match the shades. Also, don’t be shy to ask the sales staff for their help and opinions.

Now for those color suggestions. If your shirt is:

Solid purple. Choose a tie that is a shade darker or lighter than the shirt and has a different texture or finish. For example, if the shirt is smooth and matte, look for a tie with shiny finish or nubby texture.

Mostly purple. Try a tie with a purple background, patterned in a contrasting color or colors.

A touch of purple. This may be the easiest choice. He is an easy going man, but his wife is a stickler for what’s proper.” The men and women in my office are real uptight about wearing the wrong thing and upsetting her. A: First of all, if your boss’s wife is such a stickler for what’s proper then she should know that a hostess should aim to make her guests feel at ease, no matter what they are wearing. If you and your colleagues make every effort to look nice, you should have no reason to feel uptight. So relax and enjoy the party.

But back to Florida casual.” Because Florida is an exceptionally casual place, and because a barbecue is a particularly informal kind of party, I would interpret the invitation to mean that it is OK to wear the most informal kind of dress jeans, shorts, T shirts, denim skirts, sarongs, sundresses, sandals, boots,
us polo assn shirts for men He's Puzzled About What Tie Goes With Shirt
boat shoes and so on.

Just make sure the jeans aren’t faded or torn, the T shirts don’t have risque slogans, the shorts and skirts aren’t too short, the sundresses too bare, or the shoes too worn. This is essentially a business event, after all.

If you prefer to play it safe, forget the jeans and sundresses. I suggest the men wear walk shorts or khakis, polo or sport shirts, and dressy casual shoes such as loafers. It doubtless would make a good impression on your hostess if they were to throw on a blazer or sport coat which they could remove after their arrival if your boss is jacketless.

Walk shorts and casual pants also would work for the women, as would casual but modest skirts and dresses, plus sandals or flat slip ons. Of course, keep the weather in mind.

And no one need shy away from bright colors and bold patterns. Those are always appropriate in the Sunshine State.


Lost: Orlando reader Louise Watson is looking for women’s trousers with a long rise. Catherine Huber of Orlando is trying to find blush by Coty in light pink. Freida Sessions of Gainesville cannot locate Revlon’s Daily Diet nail grow cream. Another reader is looking for bras with removable pads by Carnival. And Orlando reader Sally Gray is looking for Dorothy Gray Cold Cream.

Found: Good news for Robyn Martin, who was looking for Bobbi Brown cosmetics in the Orlando area. They are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Florida Mall. The Orlando reader who wanted a dome shaped case suitable for displaying a railroad pocket watch can find one at Gray’s Jewelry, 1915 Edgewater Drive, Orlando; at Aldo’s Fine Jewelry, 5331 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando; from the Miles Kimball catalog, 1 800 546 2255; from Potpourri catalog, 1 800 388 7798; or from S. La Rose Suppliers, (910) 621 1936. The reader looking for women’s nylon briefs by Myone can find them at Beall’s stores.
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marco polo s ship He knew the feet of Londoners better than anyone

ralph lauren polo for cheap He knew the feet of Londoners better than anyone

He knew people and he knew their feet.

That combination made Maurice Seigel not only a successful businessman, but also one loved by family, friends and thousands upon thousands of customers.

just seemed to understand people, fellow downtown icon Fred Kingsmill said. was an institution. longtime owner of the family downtown shoe store, died Thursday, leaving behind memories of a different era of London and a deeply grieving family.

was an absolutely great dad, his son, Jeff Seigel, said. always came first. His standard line was, family not for sale, but the rest is negotiable. in 1925, Maurice Seigel took over the family shoe store at 129 Dundas St. in 1954. To that store, he added a landmark warehouse at Clarence and York streets and settled in for decades of putting shoes on people feet.

Farmers, factory workers, businesspeople Seigel had shoes for everyone in one of the most competitive retail markets around.

In downtown heydays of the 1970s and 1980s, there were 16 shoe stores in a block and a half, Jeff Seigel remembers.

Seigel shoes drew customers from far and wide.

gave a lot of service for a very low price and he insisted on quality. He always treated people the same, no matter where they came from. had an amazing grasp of his product and his customer, said Kingsmill, himself no slouch in the retail world after years of running the family department store.

always knew you were going to find what you needed. He had amazing organizational skills and a loyal staff, Kingsmill said.

was constantly there. I don ever remember going into that store without being aware of him. father managed to balance family life and the busy store, partly, his son said with a laugh, by making sure his children worked there while growing up.

always had time for family. father loved to fish and once caught so much perch in Goderich, he left full bags of the fish on his friends front porches.

Seigel donated hundreds of pairs of shoes to the annual Hadassah Bazaar, and made sure immigrants moving to London got proper footwear, his son said.

Closing the downtown store in 1998 was a difficult decision, but his father realized the market had changed for shoes.

After retiring, main concern was making sure his wife was taken care of, working around the house, Jeff Seigel said.

In a testament to his father love of family and need to work hard, Jeff Seigel went in to his own shoe store on Saturday; he needed to take his mind off his father death: family is taking it very, very hard. I am having a very hard time with it. leaves behind his three sons, five grandchildren, one great grandchild and his wife, Shirley, three months shy of their 64th anniversary.
marco polo s ship He knew the feet of Londoners better than anyone

patriotic polo shirt Hazy with bright spots

polo snow boots Hazy with bright spots

Fashion designers have their own unknown variable: the fickle consumer. Style insiders can push this look or that, but what catches on as a trend is really up to the people who wear it.

Complicating things further this year is that fashion houses basically made their “predictions” for spring 2002 before the catastrophic events of Sept. 11, which left even the most devoted fashionista questioning her passion’s frivolity.

Also, many spring lines already had included touches of Americana, which are more important than ever and the Olympics next month in Salt Lake City will fuel an appreciation for red, white and blue even more. As the months go by, the patriotic colors also begin to show up in a slightly more edgy combination such as blue, white and pink.

Julian cites the men’s Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica lines and their rugby and polo shirts, shown in early September before the women’s runway shows, as examples of the “new” traditional sensibility. For suits, the double breasted and seersucker of yesteryear are new again.

“It’s ‘laundered and lived in’ when it comes to fabrics and finishes, which has a better consumer connection,” observes Julian. “Designers are coming closer to what consumers want. . It’s economic reality and a business reality that they can’t create things that will go straight to a sample sale.”

, editor in chief of , took note of the oversize clothes on the runway, including the “three sizes too big” tops at

“It’s a direct reflection of our times. It’s a cocoon; it’s cozy.”

Julian agrees that the emphasis this season will be on shirts, blouses and other tops, which can be more affordable than other separates and made visually interesting with wraps and ruffles.

Another trend, according to Bailey, is very feminine looks. “It’s a ’70s hippie feel.”

She advises anyone who bought a blouse especially a peasant blouse with frills or embroidery at the end of last summer to hold on to it. Pair it with a simple A line skirt or slim pants for a modern silhouette, she suggests. The story here is proportion, she explains.

The reverse look also works, Bailey adds, with a flowy skirt, a big belt and a simple jacket although it will be softer and less structured than in years past.

“The return of the blazer is so helpful to women’s wardrobes!”

(And the return of flat shoes is so helpful to women’s feet.)

Julian expects the real “fashion” touches to come in the form of accessories, “a more acceptable indulgence” in an uncertain world and an uncertain economy.

Mule boat shoes, Adidas sneakers, Gucci’s sleek sunglasses, two tone shoes for men and women, and Grecian boots a were among the outstanding supporting cast members on the runways, he says. Julian also gives kudos to the novelty of ‘s happy monkey T shirts and accessories, Mossimo’s surfer inspired looks and Tommy Bahama’s “one long weekend” island garb.

But Bailey warns not to expect this understated look to last too long. She says brightly colored shoes and handbags will allow women to enjoy the fun of fashion again.

“Historically in times of war, it’s very neutral. We saw that on the (European) runways with beige makeup, not drawing attention. But as we come through our grieving . women want to be positive. They want to dance and be desired.”

She compares what she expects to be the popular summer looks of bright red lipsticks, purple and the highest stacked heels to the glamorous New Look by after World War II.

In the early 1940s, clothes were simple and puritan and greatly affected by the rationing of fabric. After the war, women quickly embraced beauty, femininity and womanly shapes, Bailey explains. “Fashion moves very quickly and can adapt to society.”

And, she adds, it’s OK if women want both cozy and comforting clothes while they’re with their families by the hearth and very feminine “party girl” clothes that make them feel and act beautiful when they go out.
patriotic polo shirt Hazy with bright spots