conquest polo boots Should you sell your old stuff or donate it

polo colors Should you sell your old stuff or donate it

With kids back to school in their new threads and the fall garage sale season quickly approaching, now is the time when moms and dads seem to be shedding their homes of piles of clutter.

What to do with all the leftovers, however, has always been a tough decision. Some will pack up the old stuff and take it to Goodwill, Salvation Army or Red Racks. Others will try to sell a few choice items and likely trash a few others.

“All ‘Frozen’ related toys and clothes are being purchased as soon as they hit the shelves,” she says. “If your items are part of the current trend, you will be able to sell them quickly. Chances are, if your child wanted the items, other children will too.”

That doesn’t just go for Disney characters. Items featuring superheroes, popular musicians or anything with broad pop culture appeal is likely to sell. The same goes for sports and college memorabilia especially items that have a local connection.

“If it’s football season, anything Chiefs will do well,” says Julie Schock, manager for Spotted Dog Consignment in St. Joseph.

But brand appeal isn’t the only driver for used goods, Mrs. Schock says. Often, the condition of an item is what matters most.

“Sure, we love to have bigger brands. Who doesn’t like to see Polo Ralph Lauren and stuff like that? But in our case, as long as it’s clean, gently used and in like new condition, it seems to do pretty well.”

As long it’s still in style and season, Mrs. Schock says that any piece of clothing purchased in the last two years should sell at a consignment store or a garage sale. She says that small appliances and costume jewelry also sell relatively quickly at the Spotted Dog.

Ms. Thompson adds that there’s a market for toys and baby clothes that have only been used by one child. The same goes for any item that remains tagged or in its original packaging.

Both suggest donating items that are out of style or were not gently used. Mrs. Schock says that in most cases, a piece of clothing that’s more than five years old or heavily worn should be donated to a thrift store. Ms. Thompson agrees, saying these items still have value to some folks and shouldn’t merely be thrown away.

“If your daughter’s dance shoes are a little worn down or your son’s jeans have a small hole from excessive use, you will likely make no money through selling these items,” Ms. Thompson says. “However, if you donate these items, someone else may appreciate them.”

There are only two cases in which clothing or old household goods should be trashed, Ms. Thompson says. The first is if it’s broken or unusable. No one is shopping Goodwill for torn socks, headless Barbie dolls or toy cars that are missing their wheels. When these things reach “the point of no return,” she says it’s best to throw them out.
conquest polo boots Should you sell your old stuff or donate it