water polo guys Neighbors Remember Sardis

rl polos Neighbors Remember Sardis

SALINE COUNTY, Ark. A landmark shoe tree is now a thing of the past in one Central community.

A sea of shoes, lying outside a storage unit along Sardis Road.

“I probably threw up about 15 myself,” says Ken Chaloner, a long time Sardis resident. One pair say “Just married,” each pair telling it own unique story.

“Well I heard a few of them,” says Michael Eckhardt, who lives across the street.

Micheal Eckhardt has lived across from the site of the former shoe tree for two years.”I took my whole shoe box and I didn want them so I threw them up there,” says Eckhardt.

Just like many in the small Saline County town, throwing a shoe,
water polo guys Neighbors Remember Sardis
is a right of passage. “We just driving down the road and sitting in the back of the truck and had our shoes out, ” says Ken Chaloner, “and throw it up, it gone.”

But to many it still a mystery of how the shoe tree got it name.”The first one I heard was that this shoe tree, whenever people would graduate from Bryant or Sheridan, they come out here, and throw their shoes out like back in the 50 says Eckhardt. “Then I heard that someone just randomly threw their shoes up there.”

Despite the rumors and how it all got started, Chaloner says, “It really just given people hope.”

Now all that left is a stump with one pair of shoes. “I hope they keep something alive here to make it known this was the spot,” says Eckhardt. With dozens more up the road,
water polo guys Neighbors Remember Sardis
still waiting for a new home.