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Michael C said: It looks like totalst to me. Did you know they’ve ran a computer out of a shoe box? Who gives ast about case quality.

I’m saying that the actual material of a case matters very little you’re not going to damage any parts because of your ‘case quality’. The purpose of a case is to hold parts in place and protect them. I do not see any point in spending even $150 on a case I think it’s plain stupid actually.

Every case I’ve ever owned has only cost me anywhere from $60 to $90 and has worked wonderfully. As long as the case looks nice, has places where you can put fans, fits all parts without hastle then it’s probably a decent case. I have a Coolermaster 330 Elite which cost me $65 and it’s the best case I’ve ever had.

Quality with anything else BUT the case, yes, matters. I’ve seen someone run a socket 939 pc out of shoebox and it all worked great. Then he cut a slit just under the front of the shoe between the uppers and the sole and used it as a DVD drive. Good job you not in charge of Thermaltake or the like m8, as the majority of PC users on here and around the world would completely disagree. My Thermaltake Mozart case cost me 130 at the time of purchase. There was a
sports polo shirts New Lan Li Case