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VANCOUVER, British Columbia SIGGRAPH Aug. 12, 2014 NVIDIA today unveiled its next generation of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs providing new tools and technologies to meet the visual computing needs of the world leading designers, artists and scientists.

The new lineup delivers an enterprise grade visual computing platform with up to twice the application performance and data handling capability of the previous generation. It reflects NVIDIA extensive work with leading customers across industries to gain greater insight into their growing requirements to work with more complex models and higher resolution images; to incorporate cloud based resources; and to access work remotely, often on mobile devices.

next generation of Quadro GPUs not only dramatically increases graphics and compute performance to handle huge data sets. It extends the concept of visual computing from a graphics card in a workstation to a connected environment, said Jeff Brown, vice president of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. new Quadro lineup lets users interact with their designs or data locally on a workstation, remotely on a mobile device or in tandem with cloud based services. Quadro GPUs are already the overwhelming choice of leading creative and design professionals, who depend on it for their most important work. For the past six years running, every film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects was made with Quadro technology. And Quadro is the choice of essentially every automotive designer worldwide.

increased efficiency to new workflow models, the results we’ve achieved with the latest Quadro GPUs are fundamental to our future, said Steve MacPherson, chief technology officer at Framestore. world leading brands and studios trust Framestore because of our history of creativity and successful delivery, which depends on a technology infrastructure and talent base that has no boundaries in terms of realizing a creative vision. NVIDIA Quadro is an essential component to helping us keep our edge, and gives us the reassurance of knowing the graphics technology our artists rely on has been developed specifically for professional users with the highest standards of reliability and compatibility. of New Quadro GPUs

The new generation of Quadro GPUs the K5200, K4200, K2200, K620 and K420 enables users to:

with data sets or designs up to twice the size handled by previous generations.

interact with graphics applications from a Quadro based workstation from essentially any device, including PCs, Macs and tablets.

major applications such as Adobe CC, Autodesk Design Suite and Dassault Systmes SOLIDWORKS 2014 on average 40 percent faster than with previous Quadro cards.

effortlessly from local GPU rendering to cloud based offerings using NVIDIA Iray rendering.

data, the cloud and mobile connectivity represent the most important issues that enterprises are facing today. New approaches such as those NVIDIA is taking will be required for businesses to effectively manage these converging trends.

Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research

significant proportion of PSA design and production engineering workforce operates remotely at any one time. Working with the power of the NVIDIA Quadro K2200, our teams can access the performance and stability they need from anywhere in the world. This will greatly streamline collaborative processes like vehicle assembly reviews, enabling our engineers to take tomorrow’s most innovative new vehicles into production more quickly and efficiently.

Alain Gonzalez, expert in graphics technology and 3D imaging, PSA Peugeot Citron

next gen NVIDIA Quadro GPU allows for fast and efficient editing. It already been put to the test in the offline edit of Gone Girl the latest blockbuster feature edited entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Adobe video tools and the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs give filmmakers the creative power they need to render large amounts of data in the film and post production industry.

Simon Williams, director of strategic alliances, Adobe

workstation systems deliver outstanding performance and reliability, helping our customers meet the increasing demands of today data intensive and resource exhaustive workloads. NVIDIA truly understands the features our customers need the most to produce their most creative and inspired work. The new line of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs provides the performance and features our users require.

Andy Rhodes, executive director and general manager, Dell Precision workstations worldwide

and rich visual fidelity, when developing everything from running shoes to race cars, is an HP workstation user mandate. NVIDIA new Quadro line of products with advanced photorealistic rendering and flexible multi GPU configurations gives users the ultimate creative freedom.

Jim Zafarana, vice president and general manager, Commercial Solutions Business Unit, HP

always excited to work with NVIDIA to deliver the most cutting edge solutions to our customers. NVIDIA understands how our users interact, create and collaborate. NVIDIA Quadro graphics and Tesla compute cards combined with ThinkStation P Series workstations empower our customers to push the limits of what is possible. With up to double the speed and memory and seamless connectivity to cloud based services, the new Quadro lineup delivers the capabilities our users require most.
pocket polo shirts New NVIDIA Quadro GPUs Arrive