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I sick of typing whenever i need to create another space. Do i need to do that for blogspot I sick of asking another friend to help me do any editing when i need any to be done. Besides, i think i have offended a friend with what i said. I kinda knew it myself but i was feeling sucky that day and pride prevented me from apologising. Yeap, i know what i wrote sucks and i erhz. i . erhz. it kinda hard for me to do that you know when pride is drownin me over here. Hope she will get over it as soon as possible. Take care.

I going to log off now. I think i will try to start a blogspot account. Thanks for reading my blog, everyone of you, although i know it bullcrap but it motivated me to go on.

Goodbye for now. Why like that of the thing i do not like to see is Christians flaming others for not observing the rules of the bible. I being very careful with my words here as i do not hate Christians or whatsoever as some of my pretty good friends are Christians.

You know how some would say “God didn want us .” “God would do this if you . ” “God this and that”. In other words reasoning with the word of God or . some would even say preaching. I just don like it when they preach with words like “fucking burn you in hell”, “eat shit” , “strike you with lightning” (and i thought only zeus does that).

Why can they practice more tolerance for other religions like Buddhism (i not saying Buddhism is all good)Why must they force their religion on others (I know it got spreading the gospel. like you have good news and you would like to share it with as many as possible) Buy can you be a little more sensitive towards to what you say to other people

By the way, i might be wrong to even say these people are Christians. They might be something else. tuesdays

After taking MT, i realise i have a lot of spare time up my sleeves. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are FREE DAYS. Did i forget to include my weekends as well That right! Don be too envious, after all this is my final year to slack like shit.

Today we talk about the . discrimination procrastination or free will What do you guys want to hear

I guess i going to talk about free will. Is there truly free will Do we really have the freedom to act in the capacity we deem fit Is freedom for real or are we all constrained in this big crystal globe free to do whatever we are so long as we do not go out of the globe. (I can already vividly imagine some of you picking up this crystal globe, giving it a hard shake to watch the snow flakes scattering all over).

If we truly had the freedom to choose what we want to do, would we all be better off Would it mean stripping away all punishments for the guilty on the account that they were merely acting on free will Does free will also mean utopia

Wanna know what i feel I think free will exists when you are acting for others. not for yourself. For the sake of everyone and not for selfish reasons. You are free to do whatever it takes to make others happy. On decisions which affect yourself, you are suppose to let the “acting for others” take precedence. Meaning to say, if it doesn affect the happiness of others, you are free to do what you want and how you want.

This again brings us back to the fact that we live for others, not for oneself.

With that, i conclude my entry. Gay Love i continue with my entry, i would like to emphasize that i am not a GAY. Don jump into conclusions k, imagine. Ralph would make a lousy gay with his cannot be bothered attitude. Some girls actually say that i a MCP, a loser and ugly. (no, that not true, i just being EXTREMELY humble)

Okay, back to the entry. Recently i read this rather interesting and “astonishing” blog which changed my perception. I have to admit that before reading that particularly blog, i was among the guilty ones that they have singled out. Yes, when i see gay couples out in the street holding hands, i would whisper to my friend and point. Now i feel really mean for doing so. WhyAfter reading the entries, i truly believe that love exists everywhere, yes. even in gay couples. After reading how much they had to go through as a couple made me realised how much society bias, parental pressure and loss of friendship they had to endure just because they happen to “different”. Are they really different Do they really deserve such attention from the public for doing things like holding the hands of their loved ones

Now before i go on and on about protecting their rights or dignity i ask myself “would i be able to practice what i preach Would i be able to not make such a commotion when i see a gay couple out in the streets After reading their blog, i most certainly do intend to try not to succumb to finger pointing.

Now moving on to the topic of nature vs nurture. I believe that gays are born gays. It something out of their control because i believe that nobody would want to go through such pressures of being gay in this conservative society. I sure if given a choice, no one would want to go through what these 2 are going through now. We should all practice tolerence on others who are different from us, especially in this multi racial society we live in. Tolerence means accepting others who do not share the same views, ideas and opinions. Therefore it is okay if some of you who reads this say “this is bullcrap!”. I do not expect all of you to change your perception after reading this cos . hey, i took 1 whole day before my perception took a shift. (1 whole day reading the blog and thinking about it)

If you read further, you might observe many flaming comments as well as comments of encouragement for their bravery. Personally i think it a good thing that they posted such a blog because it made me changed my perception. I believe that moving on, they will be able to change many like myself into acceptance as well as tolerance of their kind.
women water polo ralph chen