polo style strapless shirts not welcome at work

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The answer is flip flops, according to a survey commissioned by the Adecco Group, which bills itself as the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. (“It’s unfortunate you lost your thumb in the packing machine, Tom, but our records indicate you did not watch the safety video on June 30, so the company is completely free of liability and we are countersuing for the cost of hosing out the packing machine” is not something the good folks at Adecco would consider an HR solution.)

Miniskirts come next on the list of workplace sartorial sins followed by strapless tops.

Reuters was first to report on this blockbuster summer workplace survey, scooping The Associated Press and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., despite rumors that Murdoch’s crew hacked the phones of everyone who has worn flip flops in the past 20 years.

As an expert on matters related to the workplace, having been asked to leave several in my younger days, I believe the on the job aversion to flip flops, miniskirts and strapless tops can be situational. Let’s consider three typical scenarios.

“But you’re sitting here in a strapless top, a miniskirt and flip flops. Flip flops, for heaven’s sake. Not on my watch, young man. Look,
polo style strapless shirts not welcome at work
Richardson, I’ve got a nice pair of earth tone sandals that will go perfect with that outfit here in my desk drawer. Don’t ever let me catch you in those flip flops again, or we’ll be seeking an HR solution.”

Scenario 2, a more accepting workplace.

“Roy, get the forklift and move those pallets over to Skeeter in warehouse eight, then you and Roscoe take a look at the transmission on his truck. Something ain’t right.”

“What do you mean? It’s a pantsuit, sensible shoes and understated jewelry. Hillary Clinton wore the same thing to the G 8 summit. This is perfect for the workplace.”

“Yeah, but we’re called ‘The Miniskirt, Strapless Top, Flip Flop Gentleman’s Club.’ We serve a very specific clientele. The guys who come in here, they have certain expectations, such as miniskirts, strapless tops and flip flops. With all due respect, your attire is inappropriate for this workplace.”
polo style strapless shirts not welcome at work