nike polos on sale Used kids’ clothes cut cost of back

cwpa water polo Used kids’ clothes cut cost of back

Even in a recovering economy, buying used still makes sense. “Even though the economy is revitalized, not everyone feels that way. People have to save for retirement, kids’ college or even their vacation,” said Adele Meyer, executive director of The Association of Resale Professionals, based near Detroit, Mich. “When people are looking for ways to save, resale is way up there,” Meyer said.

You can request a free shipping bag, which is sent to your home along with a pre paid shipping label. You stuff it with “good condition” items you want to sell and it’s picked up free by FedEx or UPS. For every item accepted, ThredUP pays consumers in cash or store credit up to 40 percent of the resale value, not the original price. If you want your items returned, there’s a $12.99 fee. Otherwise, items the retailer doesn’t accept are donated to charities or nonprofits like Teach for America.

Claudia Buck is the Personal Finance columnist and business editor at The Sacramento Bee. She’s worked at The Bee since 2005. She serves on the journalism advisory board of her alma mater, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.
nike polos on sale Used kids' clothes cut cost of back